Aries Woman in Love w/a Scorpio Male...HELP!

by Michele
(Va Beach)

I'm an Aries woman who is love with a Scorpio man. I've known him for 4 years, we started off as friends and eventually became lovers also. I have slowly been falling in love with this man and wrote him a long letter and told him I love true Scorpio fashion he says he feels the same way but hasn't said the exact words that he loves me. He tells me he has plans for me but states refuses to tell me, says patience is the key with him and that I don't get what I want from him when I want it.

What do I do? Does this man really care for me? I love him and refuse to be w/o him but he tells me so little in the way he feels about me except that I'm special to him and that I'll always be special to him forever. Please help! I want to know what to do to get and keep my scorpio...again I can't and refuse to live w/o him.

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To: Aries Woman in Love with a scorpio man
by: Anonymous

hi Michelle,
I'm a scorpio man and for us is difficult to express deep emotion because of the fear of being hurt.If i am at the beggining of a relationship then i would wait until i can be 100% sure that i can trust that person.When he said he got plans for you i can assure you that you are already in his mind he thinks of you all the time and he likes you alot.The words 'i have plans for you' means exactly that..I do EXACTLY the samoe and I use the same words ..let me tell you we do say that ONLY to ppl we care about and want to be with..He wants to surprise you to make you happy to impress you beyond your expectation ..and he will..he wants to do that because he wants to prove to you that he is the only one who can love you better..i know that because i do exactly the same as scorpios when we feel lots of attraction and connection with our lover..If he makes plans it means your are already in his heart and mind.Now just to put abit a pressure on him, not to much, ask him how long you should wait till u will find out whats his plan..He will give you a time range when to expect the plan to unfold..wait and give him the pleasure to see you happy..nothing else makes happier a scorpio than when he sees his lover being emotionally overwhelmed of joy...Hope you understand that he already started to love you.alot.

by: Lizzie

Your situation sounds nearly identical to mine. My Scorpio man loves me but is extremely reticent to express it, especially verbally. Reading him is simply impossible. As a direct and honest Aries, I find this confusing, infuriating, and senseless. He often leaves me desperately trying to figure out what I've done to push him away, and when all else fails, it results in me having an explosive, scary outburst, driving him further. He tells me he loves me in almost every way but actually saying it, which might be what hurts most.
Stubborn as I am, he broke me (Scorpios are truly irresistible) and I regretfully admitted my real feelings first, but I was truly shocked when the sentiments were not exactly returned. He told me he needed me in his life above all others, that I keep him sane, and other sweet but terribly vague things like that. I've reached a point where I no longer know how to handle the situation. On one hand, his mysterious, almost seemingly aloof nature is beginning to severely dampen my fiery spirit and damage my obstinacy. However, he also knows how to ignite me like no other before him, and never do I burn brighter or hotter than when he decides to light me up.
It's an extremely tough and draining situation, and I wish I could offer more advice and less sympathy, but good luck, and don't give up easily on someone you can't go a day without thinking about!

Here's What to Do
by: Anonymous

As a Scorpio, if I tell a woman that I have plans for her, I'm not talking about a cute little date. I think I speak for all Scorpios when I say that it means a lot more.

Let's start with, you're never going to completely see into a Scorpio's mind. I'm dating an Aries girl now and I've already told her in plain English, "of all things in my life, my thoughts are the only truly private things that I have".

Expression of love for me is to make my woman smile. I'm a little different and might say "I love you" but typically, I'm going to find ways to show it instead of saying it. Actions speak louder than words. This is especially true because it's important to feel the connection than to talk about it. I might buy a small gift that's related to a story she told, or do a small favor for her. Ultimately I want to hold her close and show her my love that way.

Be patient! Respect and love your Scorpio and keep your passion and he will continue to think that you're special forever. You get what you give. So give 100% to your Scorpio because he doesn't want to give anything less than 100% to you.

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