Great advice on flirting with Scorpios!

I'm a 20 year old Scorpio woman. One day I was at lunch, and a friend-of-a-friend just sat down at my table and we started talking. I remember stampered around alot -- which made me feel really sexy (not that it takes much), but we started talking about our likes. Turns out we're both a bit on the nerdy side. He started explaining to me the different types of marsupials. I was so intrigued, not by the kangaroos, but because he was so animated. A couple of weeks go by, we talking, and we meet up one night. We looking at the stars, I commented on how pretty they were, and he started telling me the stories of the constellations. Again, he was so into it, I just watched him, I loved it...

I cut him off with our first kiss...

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by: Anonymous

i never had to seduce a Scorpio man believe it or not all my mates so far have been scorpios and the relationships have been good and is good... they
always come to me and im always intrigued, its something about them...

Pisces Man
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces man and have never had a Scorpio woman. I've heard all the stories about a scorpio woman and it sounds like a dream or fantasy! Are Scorpio women really that incredible!!! Scorpio women sound like they would make me rip my heart out, kneel, bow my head and beg to be her's!!!!!!

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