Scorpio woman orgasm

My scorpion girlfriend doesn't orgasm with penetration... how can she achieve this and what would be a solution? Is it a Scorpio thing at all?

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what even
by: Anonymous

What's your sign? Try being a little more sensual.

by: Anonymous

Im a scorpio women and i think it is a scorpio thing, because i thought there was something wrong until i spoke to other scorpios. You need to stimulate her more with forplay and make her take control and maybe if you the type of guy that worries about her needs then please her oraly

by: Anonymous

I agree. It has taken years of learning my body and where I need to be psychologically in order to climax from intercourse. Foreplay is important but don't put her to sleep with the same thing for too long. Mix it up and pay attention to her body language. Remember to be passionate and mildly assertive until she wants to take over. I like to be both dom and submissive and nothing is sexier than a man giving up his power for a little bit!

Scorpio orgasm
by: Anonymous

Use a massager on her it does the job for sure, for real and quick.

Scorpio orgasms
by: Anonymous

Toys, Scorpio's love them and probably have one in their pocket. Also Tantric Sex is very much a turn on to them. It's important to take control of Scorpio's sometimes in bed. As much as they like to control the relationship, they also like to relinguish the control for a time in bed. I found it very unique to talk long and dirty to a Scorpio. These folks need stimulation and if your talented enough to combine both verbal and physical stimulation at the same time. They're hooked and you can bet on that. My Scorpio man is so visably magnetic it's frightening. His eyes could melt a mountain and when we make love. I swear I go someplace etheral. We cling to each other and seem to never get enough. But beware don't become stagnant in the love making department. They bore easily. No, you don't have to be a sex therapist,but you do have to be inventive and very, very deep. Also, show no fear and let a Scorpio that ONLY they can satitfy you in bed. Hook. Line. Sinker, He's yours.

by: underage

I think it's scorpio thing. Because whenever I *cough*masturbate*cough* I never reach orgasm.
I think something kinky could make her orgasm. Use many variety sex toy, so that she doesn't get bored.
Dirty talk too. It's can make her stimulated.
And lastly, let your dirty fantasies run wild! I'm sure she don't mind. Hehehe

by: Anonymous

I don`t think it`s a scorpio thing. I`m a scorpio woman & have never had problems climaxing. With the right kissing, I can even have an orgasm. With penetration, I sometimes have 2 or 3 orgasms.

scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

Im a scorpio woman and never been pleased i hate it i have never had an orgasam they could go down on me for hours and stimulate me but i wont reach my climax i do like the feeling of it but i would like to have an orgasam i was only closed to getting one but nope it didnt happen it fucken suxs i guess i like it agressive to a point that my partner doesnt i hate when they try to be romantic and i dont like to cuddle after sex

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