Do scorpio women get offended when you pay for dinner?

I had a friend, we went out twice and I paid both times, by my own choice and now she thinks we shouldn't see each other again? Is this why?

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Hope this helps
by: Anonymous

No, they don't. I am a Scorpio woman and I like to be wooed as much as any woman. Maybe look at sign compatability. We know what we want and if we don't see those things in the other person we are likly not continue down a road that has us going in a direction we don't want to go down. To truly undertand her I would just ask what is wrong. I would say do it through email as she will proably feel more comfortable divulging her secrets thought on the subject when your not face to face. Just be prepared for what she might say becasue we can be bruttally honest sometimes.

Definitely not - if they are interested in you
by: Anonymous

She is not interested in you "that way" and she feels bad, because you paying means you are interested. I am a scorpio woman and we are givers - it is hard to take from someone knowing that we don't intend to reciprocate in any way in the future. Not to say paying for dinner will get you in bed bc that could not be further from the truth. We are intuitive and we feel your emotions before you express them. She is likely trying to spare your feelings. I have been in a similar situation so i can definitely relate. Now if I am dating someone or interested in dating them I expect them to pay at least most of the time. For a scorpio it is all about those little signs that show them how much they mean to you, before they will let you in their world.

by: Scorpio girl

I love feeling feminine and am quite old fashioned about letting the man pay and always thanking him profusely for each gesture. BUT if I am not attracted to a guy, I won't let him pay. I might the first time if I haven't figured out if I am into him, but if I prefer to stay as friends I will make sure to "go dutch" and we both pay or simply break off the connection as I don't want to waste my time or his. You can't buy a Scorpio, and I am not saying you are trying to do that. But Scorpio's aren't really swayed by $$ and if there is no cerebral connection there, they are unlikely to let you woo them.

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