How I seduced a Scorpio man

by Valleygirl

I had my eye on this Scorpio for a couple of months. He had a girlfriend who he was very attentive to, however, she basically just sat there unaffected. I watched him from afar. He was gorgeous and very much attracted to me as we kept glancing at one another. One night I ran into him and immediately strike up a conversation. I was very excited and we talked while he played pool. He said something to me and I smacked him on the but. He stood straight up and said "she just smacked my ass" to himself. He said, "let's go" and walked out of the place. I followed him about 10 seconds behind. He took me back to his place and the sex was great. I was with again two more times.

Then, all of a sudden, one night I try to leave with him and he told me he didn't feel up to it. I haven't seen him in three weeks. I think he may have gotten back with his ex. I don't know what to do. We were intense and I loved it. I am a Pisces and we are supposed to be a good match. He is 12 years younger than me, and maybe this is played a part. I don't know what to think. He's got my number and I'm not calling him.
I definitely got stung.

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He's back.
by: Valleygirl

Well, about one month later. He contacts me again.
I asked him what was up. He did get back with the
ex but he says it was the same old shit and they
broke up again. He wants to spend some time with me
now. What should I do? I really like him. I miss him.

by: Anonymous

Don't do it. Swim away and make him work. Scorps like the thrill of the chase. Let him know you aren't totally available to him.

by: Anonymous

make him crazy. Be mysterious, don't show him you're really into him. Not yet. Or rather, tell him to take it slow. He'll understand, I hope.

by: Anonymous

Just for the record, you didn't seduce a scorp male by any stretch of the imagination. The game was taken by him the second you slapped him on the ass. That move alone was his dominion over you, signed, sealed and waltzed into his lair and basically threw yourself at his mercy. He didn't have to work for it, he knew you were he cut straight to the punchline and got laid.

Scorps see this shit a mile away. Chances are 100% he manipulated the entire proverbial chessboard and had you moving into range without him having to do much but sit back and wait.

I agree to that
by: Charms

For I am a Scorpio women. And it's ALL about the thrill of the hunt! Don't loose that thought.

by: Anonymous

Sorry, but I must disagree with all the "thrill of the hunt" talk. I'm a Scorpio, too, and while flirting can be fun, the hunt has a tendency to irritate me.

Seduced now what?
by: Anonymous

He pursued me, I accepted, we had sex a few times and now it all stopped and neither one of us have questioned why the sex stopped. we work closely together and have gotten closer in the last few months. We get along really well, he trusts me and we laugh a lot together but haven't had sex in 2 months. I'm capricorn. what now? Wait? Seduce him again? Move on? Does he want to explore something deeper instead of sex? I want a relationship with him but cautious and afraid to express my feelings. Fear of rejection.

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