Help seducing a Scorpio woman

I'm a aquarian male 24 I like a scorpio female. She's amazing to me like everything about her..I don't know how to take it to the next level I've been careful not to enter the friends zone but I need to do something quick

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by: Anonymous

Follow the advice of David, the author of this website: share with this Scorpio woman your enthusiasm about some subject. Scorpio women like typically "guy" interests, too: fixing cars, sports, etc.

In my experience, Scorpio's like uniqueness, someone who's different, though not different just to be different. They also like taboo subjects, and interacting with people most people would consider kind of dangerous, especially dangerous people who are also, say, smart, creative, or admirable is some way,too.

Perfect for you! Acquarius is the rebel of the zodiac. Acquarians are different, emotionally cool, and have great intellects. Scorpio's may not be rebels, but they are independent (even loners sometimes), intense but often outwardly cool and self-contained, plus they are analytical and investigative, too.

Capitalize on those overlapping inclinations to build rapport.

by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio woman and I to have an aquarius boy, What I want him to do is to get some balls and make more decissions in our relationship while being harder to get. It would drive me crazy but it's sooo hot. That and if you talk deeply about what you believe in she'll melt for you. I don't know how close you two are, but you don't want to be to desperate about being with her because one second she'll like you and you'll think you have her around your finger, the next she'll be gone and won't come back.

scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

Im a scorpio woman :-)
To seduce her you have to do something out of the ordinary that will send shivers up and down her spine. like toe sucking, this guy did that to me and totally took me off guard I was shaking like mad lol. She enjoys being kissed softly on her neck
Saying that your willing to go down on her is also a bonus especially if you do it well.
No woman can resist that.
Also she is kind and giving and very thoughtful. If your a decent guy who really loves her she will stay with you and please you in everyway imaginable.

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