Scorpio man only wants me for webcam sex

by Laura
(london, UK)

I have been chatting to a Scorpio man for a year now, we have been on-off as we are both busy career people. Nevertheless, whenever we reconnect, even after 2 month break, he jumps straight to the webcam sex, where he expects me to strip for him and he shows me his hardness online while in the office. Depending on my mood i will circum otherwise i dont or i refuse and express my disappointment in him. He never asks where I was all the time, neither do i ask him. The bottom line is we discussed the emotional side, and we are both very attracted to each other. I get nervous because there's things he is into that I am not. I make this clear to him every time, but he'll try and try again. We have never met in person as we live in different countries. He was suppose to come few months ago to see me, it never happened and i didn't ask him again. He assures me his not married and his love is for me and only me 100%. I don't know if i cant trust him and believe the things he says to me, if all he wants is webcam sex :( I almost always avoid him after a session of webcaming too. He can disappear himself for days on end, so i do the same. I am confident and i let him tak ethe lead/control, but tell him off when i dont appreciate something he's requesting or wants me to do. I dont do anal sex and he's always on about it, also cumming in my mouth, I have never experienced these things. I was married for 12 years, single mom and my husband didn't do this to me. He knows all of this of course. Is he playing with me and how would i know if i can trust what he says?

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scorp women
by: Anonymous

yes hun i am a scorpio women i know my men well, he is using u as a sex object nothing more, he wants you to fulfill his fantasy and at the same time he's keeping you in belief that he want's more with you.. he's a pervert and nothing more get rid of him. if he want's you he would have been made it to see you i know i am a scorpio women if i love some one i will make it first priority to see them ASAP. scorpio man is the same in this behavior. good luck

Don't be fooled by lusty Scorpio - look for the love in him
by: Anonymous

Sounds familiar. Telephone sex, web-cam sex, real sex in bed or outdoors ... all great fun and passionate. BUT - Scorpio men are capable of deep respect and love for the right woman, and when they find their lady, won't make demands that upset - I know, as I have a wonderful, kind, considerate, passionate and fun Scorpio man. I think this guy is just taking advantage - try looking for someone that suits you better and lives nearby.

I think I may know him.....
by: Anonymous

Can I ask does he live in the states and does his name begin with R?.......

Sex object
by: Anonymous

Yes I agree with the first commentor... He is totally using you as a sex object. My Scorpio fiancé tried to do that to me when we first met. He tried to get me in bed before he even took me on a date! We talked on the phone after our intial meeting for about a week before I saw him again. I went to his place and I think he really thought I was gonna give him Don't get me wrong everything about him is sexy- his voice, his body, the looks he gives, his lips, his scent, the way he walks, talks, dresses,...everything is sexy and he's used to women throwing themselves at him but that night I shut him down and told him exactly what I wanted. I let him know up front I was not interested in casual sex or dating. I became a challenge to him. When I finally did give into all his sexiness the sex was mind blowing. Now we're getting married and have a three year old. Btw I'm a Libra but nobody understands him the way I do.

scorpio man
by: Anonymous

I have a scorpio boyfriend. When they are in love with you or into you, they will care about you a great deal. Even if something they really want, if you say you don't like it, they won't force you to do it. Scorpio man is pretty loyal. They are very passionate also.

From the content you said he keeps bringing up the topics you don't like. It shows how much he cares about you already. Very simple, I guess everyone else can tell he is using you for webcam sex. I wish you can find your true love. Don't waste time on someone like this. I am sure you will find someone cares about you, not just sex. It may take time to find one but, trust me, when you do find one, you will be glad that you don't waste time on someone like this. You will be much happier. You will not have doubt!

Scorpion in States name begin with "Y"
by: Laura UK

Hi to the lady asking if he is fromthe States, yes and Michigan to be exact! He's some CEO hence busy, I am too. He proposed marraige last November 2010. I refused him as it is absurd since we have not met in person yet.Even after this he did not suggest to come to the UK, but he wants to fly me to the US to see him. I still see him on msn and we have vague intermittent short chats. I have also told him I now got engaged and will be married in the summer(untrue). i asked him to not talk to me anymore. What is so absolutely ridiculous is that after telling him this, he requested I keep him on the side..looool what an asshole!!!Ha!
He is apparently now crying for me and will die for me and will do anything I say he must do.Huh!
I thank you all for your comments. I see right through him now.

to anonymous girl with guy "r"
by: Anonymous

Anonymous, does your guy's name start with "Ro..." and is he from a state that begins with an "N"? Just wondering.

My story
by: Anonymous

I am in the same situation. He used me to masterbate. At first he told me he was really interested in me and thar he wanted to be respectful. But a while ago he made me take my clothes off I can't believe I gave in even after I told him I didn't like any of those things. I don't know if they do that because they really like you or ig its just that they mess with our mind to get what they want. I am sticking to the thought if him using me as a fantasy. I am planning to stop talking to him. My love for him has turned to disgust. And I feel used.

I think this man is not a scorpio
by: Anonymous

This man is using many names and addresses. I knew someone from the dating site, exactly the same discription as you guys writing here, and he is hot, you surely fall for him with he's nice smile and handsome face and promises.

I think i know this man
by: Anonymous

I had the same experience with you. I meet this guy in one of the paid online dating site. At first he was respectful and playful also fun to talk. I liked him and fall in love with him, he's very sexy and handsome and he wants me to go to the states to visit him and want us to be together. What i didn't understand was, he always liked to talk about sex and never ask me anything about my likes, hobbies, family etc..he only talked about him. He masturbate when we talk about sex and even wanted me to see him doing that on cam. He wanted me get naked or atleast wear only my underwear and i didn't give in, we were chatting for 2 months and been so close or maybe he was acting like he was so inlove with me, but im confident and very open to tell him what i didn't like. I think this guy is using many alias and different states and taking advantage of those innocent girls on the site.After 2 months of chatting, now he's gone and sometimes when i saw him online,he chat with me in a short time and said he has somethings to do then gone again. I think we are talking to the same man.

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