Attracted to Scorpio men

by Sherry

I always find myself extremely attracted to the Scorpio man and I'm not sure why. I am a Gemini woman but my ascending sign is Scorpio and my Neptune is also in Scorpio. My husband is a Pisces and although we get along great for the most part. I am one of those "rare" Gemini’s that do not cheat but a few months ago I hired a horse trainer to help me with my horse and I am finding myself extremely attracted to him as he is a single man. I try and fight this attraction that is inside me and feel guilty that I am feeling this way about him. Now mind you, I am 42yrs old and my husband is 28yrs old and the trainer is almost 44yrs old. I don't know how to control my emotions about him and do not like to feel this way about another man. When speaking to my trainer I am very professional and will not talk out of character. Can you please help me understand this?

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the Scorpio man
by: iiv

I have also been very attracted to a Scorpio man. I am a Libra with Scorpio rising and have Jupiter in Scorpio (I've never given much importance to this placement). Interestingly enough, while I was attracted to this man I was in a long-term relationship with a Pisces man.
On one hand, I believe the Scorpio man (who was 14 yrs older than me) was offering something that I subconsciously needed...should I call it power, surrendering to something greater than myself. And the sexuality of a female is surely a trap for this. On the other, I have noticed that I would feel similarly excited in a reversion of roles...but then again, I discovered a deeply rooted feeling of self inadequacy when I myself am in power.
It has been a lesson that took a couple of years to integrate. And I would say I am not over with it yet.

I'm a scorpio man
by: Jamie


Scorpios in general men & women tend to be very passionate powerful individuals especially in the bedroom. Scorpio men tend to be more of this, and they have this strange powerful magnetic pull over everything.

In my personal opinion I think a Scorpio is prone to better quantum understanding and quantum sorcery like abilities.
Whether they are aware of it or not.

Imagine a energy conductor...some conduct energy poorly and some conduct energy superbly based on said properties.

A Scorpio is allot more likely to conduct energy superbly.
Some people might think I'm digressing but I'm actually just explaining in more detail the forces your up against, think of it as information intelligence. Art of war even...know thy enemy or friend =] <3

If I had to choose my enemy I would damn well steer clear of a Scorpio but if I had to choose a friend or a partner I would choose a Scorpio.

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