Aries girl in love with Scorpio guy, what do I do?

by Kim

I'm in serious need of help and I dont know what to do. I am falling in love with a scorpio male I met at work, a guy I have known for a few months by now. He is amazing, intelligent and kind, but since he is also a friend of my brother I dont know if he sees me as anything but the "little sister". What worse is, is that in about two months he´s going to work somewhere else and I wont even be able to see him anymore. For some people this might not seem like a big problem, but even though I am 21 years old I have only been in love once before and I gave up on that love, so I have absolutley no idea on what to do now. Im just feeling really lost and before he leaves I desperatley want to catch his attention, or at least try to make him see my feelings.

Truth be told Im the kind of person who feels every feeling with body and soul, and its a little scary how quick and intense this attraction of mine has become. I cant sleep. Every time I try to listen to music I somehow start to relate the songs - no matter what they are about - to him. I smile like an idiot every time he comes to mind and act like a fool around him, which kind of disturbs me since Im not used to behaving like a lovesick child and honestly, it hurts my pride. But mostly it disturbs me since I dont want him to think less of me when I talk a little too much cause I´m nervous or smile a little too easily whenever he´s around. I just really want him to see me, to notice me. I just dont know how. And the fact that he smiles a lot and laugh at my jokes doesnt make it any easier on my heart, since I start to imagine things only to be sad as I realise that he´s probobly like that with everyone.

So what do I do? What does a scorpio guy fall for, what do they want in a girl? Im not going to change who I am - thats utterly impossible, Im way to stubborn - but if I knew what they like and find attractive about a girl I could at least see if I possess any of those traits and if I have a chance. If not, Im afraid I´ll chicken out before telling him anything and end up regretting it badly.

So please, please, anyone with an idea of what I could do - Help me! :(

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Your Plight
by: Anonymous

I don't know what to tell you about the fact that he's leaving. Personally, as a Scorpio, I would say I wouldn't be thinking about such concepts.

If you really want to catch his attention. Talk to him about something you love (besides him). Something you're passionate about. The thing that makes me notice a woman more than anything is that Fire in her. While the lovesick child is cute, you need to take a breath and work through it, it won't help you. Now obviously, every person is different and we're talking about a general principle, but all the fellow Scorpios I've met are all suckers for passion. If you love biology, linguistics, or paper airplanes, tell him. We love to know.

Good luck

Be mystery
by: Bei

Well.. actually the things said that in here are pretty accurate. I do agree with the previous post saying that they do love people who are very passion on something. However, you CANNOT I mean CANNOT let them know you are into them. You can do read the post in "Scorpio man is avoiding me, why"? post and we all talking about it.. Before you want to be in a relationship with Scorpio guy, it would be good idea to read that post. So you prepare yourself if something happened in similar situation, you need to give scorpio space. Anways,.. that is if you both are together...

So go back to how to attract his attention... one thing is good that he laughed at your silly joke. He is already paying attention to you. They do like happy people because all scorpio has a dark side.. but some scorpio has less dark side... those are good scorpio. Look at their eyes while you talk to them. hm.. that is all I can think of for now.. I hope this help. Is he going to come back? If not, long distance relationship is hard....

Good Luck Aries girl!


You're on the right track ;)
by: Scorpgirl

Hello Miss Aries,

I've had my handfull of Scorpio men in my life, plus I happen to be a Scorp girl myself and the advice I can give you is the following:

#1. Keep on making him laugh (that is a big PLUS for you)
#2. You must control your puppy love face & behaviour. Scorps like a good challenge and if they know they have you without effort... they won't appreciate you.
#3. Focus on your own power and strength to show him you're dedicated and passionate.
#4. Talk to him about your passions, whatever it may be. To Scorps passion is NECESSARY in life and bottom line - in the bedroom. We need passion to wake up our creativity.
#5. You have nothing to worry about: Aries & Scorpio make a HOT HOT HOT combo!!

I'm sure you will get him if you just control the desperation a bit ;)

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