Leo tattoos

Leo tattoo suggestions are a common request in our mail, so we put together this guide.

For smaller tattoos you may want to consider just the Leo symbol, or for larger ones you may want the Leo lion. Often stars, moons etc are added, but those are just for artistic effect and don't have an astrological significance.

There isn't a right or wrong way to design these, and you may want to consider any combination of the lion and/or symbol, in whichever style you prefer. We have an article showing some example styles for Leo here: The Leo symbol

Unique Leo tattoos

If you want a unique Leo tattoo tailored just to you, one way would be to list some or all of your planet placements in glyph form.

Leo tattoo Leo tattoo Leo tattoo Leo tattoo Leo tattoo Leo tattoo
Leo tattoo Leo tattoo Leo tattoo Leo tattoo Leo tattoo Leo tattoo

From left to right this example would read sun in Leo, Jupiter in Leo, neptune in Leo, saturn in Leo, uranus in Leo, mercury in Leo.

Note, Leo Leo tattoo is used here for every house placement to make it easier to follow, whereas your actual list would have only the first two glyphs (sun in leo) for sure, and assorted house symbols replacing the remaining Leo. It's very rare to have everything in the same house, though not impossible.

The symbols in this example are deliberately spaced well apart, but you may want the real thing to flow together more compactly. Also, in this example, mars, venus, the moon and several other key planets are left out, for no other reason than to demonstrate they can be if a more compact tattoo is desired.

Any reputable astrologer could create this list for you and work with you to tailor it to include as many or as few aspects of your personality as you want to display.

Here's the same example list in a square format:

Leo tattoo Leo tattoo Leo tattoo Leo tattoo
Leo tattoo Leo tattoo Leo tattoo Leo tattoo
Leo tattoo Leo tattoo Leo tattoo Leo tattoo

and again, this time in a vertical list format:

Leo tattoo Leo tattoo
Leo tattoo Leo tattoo
Leo tattoo Leo tattoo
Leo tattoo Leo tattoo
Leo tattoo Leo tattoo
Leo tattoo Leo tattoo

Variations on this could include having your spouse or childs birth represented.

Note that there are multiple styles available for many glyphs. See our article on the Leo symbol for examples of this.

For some professional printable Leo designs Tattoo Me Now and Chopper Tattoo each have large galleries and designs available for download, which you can print out and take to your local tattoo artist.

Obtaining the symbols for your unique Leo tattoo

First off, you may want to point out to your Astrologer that you want the symbols for a tattoo, and ask they double check everything. Otherwise, your unique Leo tattoo may be uniquely wrong. As there's a lot which can go wrong in this process it would be irresponsible to suggest it without some words of warning, so below are some notes on what to expect and what to be wary of:

The astrologer will most likely charge you for a natal report (the simplest which enables the relevant info for this style of unique Leo tattoo to be extracted). Note the results are highly sensitive to errors in time or location of birth (which you'll supply to the astrologer), so make sure you obtain this information from a reliable source, ideally a birth certificate.

Most astrologers use computer software to calculate planet placements. The more expensive software is generally excellent whereas the cheaper equivalents often have errors in lookup tables, algorithms and location databases.

Similarly there's a lot of room for user error in the process. Cheaper tools often need the time of birth to be manually converted to a common time zone (such as GMT) specified by the software. This may sound foolproof, however we've encountered some obscene errors with this. For example Greenwich-England being listed as GMT-5 (if Greenwich is offset by 5 hours for it's own time, the rest of the world has no hope!) Similarly, the user can easily fail or forget to account for daylight savings differences between time zones etc.

The final area of common errors is in calculating the longitude and latitude position of birth incorrectly. The lazy way to do this is to use a location database to type in the closest town name. Cheaper software typically only lists major towns which in rural locations can be hundreds of miles away. In some instances they've been known to even have the wrong country (the US and UK share a remarkable number of town names for example). If you're particularly diligent you may want to look up the longitude and latitude yourself, using a tool such as Google Earth. Most astrologers are happy to accept those co-ordinates instead, as it saves them some work.

For the above reasons this task is something best trusted to a professional astrologer, rather than a friend or hobbyist. You can get the symbols for just yourself as part of our Understand yourself package, or for yourself and your partner as part of our personal relationship readings.

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