Leo woman on the cancer cusp

by Gwen

I find myself difficult. Astrology often puts in on the cusp, but I fit the leo wayyyy too strong. July 24, 1950. Married an aguarius, he hated my style and tried to sexually control me. Really wanted me to experience heavy stuff that I Found would tear our already dysfunctional family apart. In love with my pisces friend, he is sooo great and attentive, drinks a lot with a lot of baggage..He will not divorce his wife, knowing that marriage helps me uphold my dignity and respect I deserve. This is a long distance relationship...going on 13 years. Now I am liking my high school crush...September 4, 1949..passion in love making....still married and I don't think he will divorce his wife but he says he is unhappy. I really like him because he works and lives in the area. We talk often on the phone and he visits. Thing is no one wants me or will marry me WHY?

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