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Is It Normal For A Leo Woman To Find An Aquarius Dude Much More Attractive? 
Not all things I read about myself in astrology are true--like the part about being Leo's being jealous. We don't always like materialistic things because …

Love from Leo girls :) 
I am a Leo gal, 8 months into a relationship with a saggitarus, Now, I don't lead this relationship, nor does he. In fact, we are very in tuned together, …

Are you a Leo woman? ...or have you dated one?  
Yes, I have dated a Leo girl & this really stood out to me: "She likes to spend money on physical things which can be noticed! Flashy clothes, expensive …

Leo women like being talked nasty to? 
I'm a leo and i like being called names by my boyfriend - lil slut and stuff like that in bed... is that normal for a Leo? He's a Capricorn because I've …

At a loss for words 
If this isn't me ALL DAY... I have looked on other websites and found different things that I wasnt sure of, or that HALF WAY related to me, but this one, …

I am a Leo women... 
You have me down to a tee in this article. Yes, I am very stubborn, but at the same time I am generous and loyal. I related with the one post where the …

What's with the drama? 
I am a Cancer and my Leo girlfriend is a very passionate lover and fun to be with. My problem is the drama. The preceived gaps of absolute devotion. …

Leo woman not always what they claim - personality 
I'm a leo woman, almost 32. Very youthful looking according to everyone, fun loving, I would clasify myself as a great mother, and I'm successful in my …

Leo woman on the cancer cusp 
I find myself difficult. Astrology often puts in on the cusp, but I fit the leo wayyyy too strong. July 24, 1950. Married an aguarius, he hated my style …

Love Leo Women 
I absolutely love Leo women, which is odd for an Aquarius man. These women are passionate, fierce, warm, loving, beautiful, magnetic, and exhilarating. …

Can a Leo be shy? 
Everything I've read about Leo's suggests they are outgoing, bold, confident and charismatic. I'm a Leo woman and I've found the above to be true in some …

Leo Women beware 
If you are a Leo woman beware of the Pisces man.. they will adore you but it is so easy as a strong willed Leo to run right over them...they are very …

Leo women enjoy being admired 
I'm a Leo woman and this article is correct. I love the romance and extravagance of life. Love to be cuddled and cared for but most of all admired. We …

Leo woman article 
wow, this article is really nice, 99% of it is correct about me

Leo women and sex 
Dating a leo girl. She is up to anything. Sex is like OH MY FREAKING G!!! she yells, she is very in tune with her body and what she wants. She is NOT SHY …

Leo woman and cheating men 
We MAY forgive you, but it will take a lot to make it up to us. You must be on your best behavior. We can forgive but it is so hard for us to forget. In …

Im a leo women and cant seem to get a date 
Well I am a leo women all the way. People are always coming up to me and telling me that I'm beautiful, but when I'm out men are always staring at me but …

Leo girlfriend flirting 
My Leo girl loves to flirt on the internet i don't know if she is cheating or what

Leo women Mmmm yes?  
I ADORE being me, vain as it seems -- but we must have something to smile about. Sure.. we have our moments, but that's us all over! never think we're …

Leo lady forgive and forget 
I am a true leo at heart with the exception of never holding a grudge. I can forgive but never forget, I will be loyal to you as long as you are loyal …

Leo lady 
All this is really true i am a leo woman and im just like that. Were one of a kind and im not a jealous type just like to see people happy.

I am a Leo woman 
This page is veryyy legit. Everything I read, I was like "I relate, I relate, I relate". Everything's so trueee. Kudos :)

Leo women are too forgiving! 
One thing I don't like is exactly the one with not being able to hold grudges. I hate myself for not being able to hate. When I love someone, I always …

Leo women with Libra men 
Well I must say ( OK ) you hammered that we are shy at first but you get over that with age, due to the fact that we are born leaders and people are …

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Leo woman article feedback 
I am indeed a leo woman, and pretty much everything on this site is quite true. (: listen to the facts.

Leo lady here 
I am a Leo woman. I fit the bill completely. We LOVE glory and praise, and our egos and pride are enormous. Giving her sincere comments is a really …

I'm a Leo Woman 
Yes, I do have a big heart and I am one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, but DON'T get me mad! That's a side of me I don't like, but it's in my …

About Leos, and Leos with other signs 
I'm a Leo woman, and I do snuggle with beautiful people. However, I don't sex everyone that compliments me. I do like relationships, but the person must …

How to seduce any leo woman. 
Well being leos we have a feline nature. Be sure to pet your lion regularly. I don't require excess bs but a sincere compliment never hurts. I in particular …

Oh I AM a LEO Woman 
Basically it is true what you say I love to tease and my sex drive is very strong!!! I do love to play and am as stubborn as a bull but love so love adventures!!! …

Leo woman help 
I'm a Leo women and i'm pretty shy and most of the description describes me do you know anyway i can break out of my shyness?

Leo woman looking for true love 
I'm an Leo woman, I've been with a capricorn man, scorpio man and a virgo man. My relationship to them won't last longer than i want to. It's either i …

Leo woman affair with Scorpio man 
I'm a Leo woman married to an insecure Aries, which has caused a lot of bitterness on my end of the relationship. I've recently met a Scorpio man, he knows …

Leo woman are not posessive 
I am a leo woman and i am anything but possessive or jealous of that matter.... i do like to feel secure though in love. I tend to have a lot of self confidence …

Leo women like a challenge 
I'm a Leo woman and I like a challenge. I tend to be drawn to more unemotional and aloof guys like an Aries or Gemini. This could be related to my Lioness …

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