What's with the drama?

by Glenn

I am a Cancer and my Leo girlfriend is a very passionate lover and fun to be with. My problem is the drama. The preceived gaps of absolute devotion. The extreme need to be assured she is the only possible lover for you. The tendency to romantize love and hold her parner to that romantic ideal. The tendency to relate her lover's shortcomings as indications that he does not love her enough.

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Leo Woman / Cancer Man
by: Anonymous

I'm a Leo woman and I dated a cancer man well actually he's in and out of my life...He is so confusing and goes into his shell, I'm not sure if he wants to be with me or not...I know I have to be careful when I talk to him because he's super sensitive and will go in his shell for weeks and then come out as if nothing happens....I know he cares about me and find me extremely attractive and I have told him that I loved him...he has told me about my temper tantrums and of course he is very moody so we do know what we are working with...It's just very difficult for me as a Leo as I like to be reassured and pampered which he does sometimes but the mood swings kills me...I'm extremely faithful to him even when he disappears for days at a time...I'm trying to stick with him because I love him but sometimes I don't think he cares...CONFUSED LEO GIRL

WOW, I thought I was reading about ME!
by: Anonymous2

You just described exactly what happened to me but we are no longer together. I am a Leo woman who was also very much in love with a Cancer man and had extremely similar experiences. I eventually ended the relationship because I had to accept the fact that I could never ultimately be happy with someone who constantly crawled into a shell. That just can't be normal. I know that he was very much in love with me based on my personal experience with him. However, I also know that I would be so unhappy if that is who I ended up marrying. The highs and lows are extremely unhealthy. You may want to check out borderline personality disorder. I found it very interesting.

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