About Leos, and Leos with other signs

by Leo

I'm a Leo woman, and I do snuggle with beautiful people. However, I don't sex everyone that compliments me. I do like relationships, but the person must be powerful in the community, workplace, profession - I like the challenge and the pride.

I'm a lesbian, and it's difficult to find perfect females, and awkwardly enough, I was compatible with Pisces, Libra, and Taurus.

Pisces - if you like Pisces, don't rush things or be blunt. Speak with your body, make eye contact, and let things flow naturally. Don't force anything, and be nice to them, they are amazing people.

Libras - blabber a lot, you can be upfront with them, they can be your best friend, but don't trust them with secrets, very good in bed.

Taurus - very complicated since both have big ego issues, but it can really work out. I was madly in love with a Taurus, and I did the cutest things like put a rose in her purse, and write her small notes saying she's beautiful. also text messaging saying "have an amazing day at work". Taurus women are strong individuals and know what they want, and don't change easily. Accept their flaws, and appreciate their beauty and work ethics. Things will roll smoothly.

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