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I'm a Leo women and i'm pretty shy and most of the description describes me do you know anyway i can break out of my shyness?

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by: David

Most commonly with Leos shyness is caused by a virgo moon, but there are also plenty of other possible reasons. The first step to fixing it would be to identify the cause, and from there it's pretty easy - typically just involves taking baby steps and gradually challenging yourself to get a little bolder gradually. May sound terrifying at first but most people find it turns into a fun game if the 'steps' are small enough.

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by: fellow leo woman

find somebody (friend, bf, family, whoever) to pet your ego. once you are completely convinced that you are fabulous, you should have no problem. im a leo woman too and i also have a shy streak. My friends know me well enough to give me verbal boosts whenever im feeling meek and i always get back to my shining "in your face" leo self :) good luck

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