Oh I AM a LEO Woman

Basically it is true what you say I love to tease and my sex drive is very strong!!! I do love to play and am as stubborn as a bull but love so love adventures!!! Plus I get bored easy so we are going to have to do something...;)

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Leo woman and partners
by: Anonymous

I am very much a Leo woman and have a very high sex drive.

I love to tease tease tease in the bedroom before I'm willing to give it up as - the teasing just builds up so much excitement and before you know it's a frenzy!

I like to also dominate in the bedroom but I hate a lazy lover - he needs to almost be challenging me to take control. I always win though. I think any man who is lucky enough to be with a Leo lady, compliment her (sincerely though as she will see straight through any lies) and you will have an unforgettable experience!!!

Muck it up though and you've lost out big time - by the time you've thought about it and realised how lucky you were to have that Leo lady, it'll be too late and she'll have moved on. This scenario has happened to me on a few occasions and thats when you'll see the cold harsh side of leo. When it's too late she will look upon you as though you never existed!!

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