Leo women with Libra men

by India

Well I must say ( OK ) you hammered that we are shy at first but you get over that with age, due to the fact that we are born leaders and people are always behind us! for us to guide or just to talk ( oh how we love to help people) we must be careful some think this is a weakness but they soon find out how wrong they are! life is fun , and boy can we spend money yes our and other peoples so yes it true we love the finer things in life I'm dating a libra and I think he's going to pop the question I just wonder if I'm ready to give up my freedom ( WOW) BEING A REAL leo!!!!

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ha ha ha
by: Shawna

that is so rite!!! this libra guy wants to ask me out!!! Do you really want to give up your freedom, but libra men are to die for sometimes (= CONGRATES IF YOU SAY "YES"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH AND I AM A LEO YYYAAAYYY US

you know
by: Ms.Leo

OK then you know where I'm coming from! yes He's a very sweet guy , very understanding at first, but they all are like that in the beginning ,yes ( we know that ) , He's very insecure , I believe this is due to past relationships , that's too bad , I'm a Leo women love being me, I'm not the jealous type ! , he caring, very. i just wonder is this going to be forever? so when you say a libra man is to die for? I wonder if your libra have a twin? (smile ) India Ms. Leo

No twin (=
by: Anonymous

LOL no he don't have a twin!!! But do you libra man always want to be around you because my libra man does and it gets annoying!!!! Oh yeah girl Leos women are not the jealous types (= if we want that man then we will get him and that is why I love being a LEO!!!! I really know it will be forever because if you both understand each other and know each other well enough then it will work!! I believe that your relationship will prosper as life goes on!!!! As they say it takes time!!! But I'm so jealous of you LOL!!! Your getting or going to get married, I wish I can get that as time moves along for me!!!! How long have yeah been togather?!!

i love libra men
by: mz.leo

im so in love with libra men they r so freakin sexy 2 me

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