Leo girlfriend flirting

by michael harris
(houston tx)

My Leo girl loves to flirt on the internet i don't know if she is cheating or what

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small world
by: Anonymous

same here man wtf

Leo girl also :)
by: Brittany

I do the same thing. I can't help it, it makes me feel like im wanted, I guess it strokes my ego. But if I love someone I'll always be loyal whether im flirting or not, so I wouldn't worry much if I was you unless shes showing private pics or something.

by: Anonymous

Lol im a leo girl, and i do the same thing too, Its more of an attention thing, i doubt shes cheating :)

by: SexyLeoBitch

I'm a Leo lady. As crazy as it sounds, we don't like to cheat!!!! We flirt for attention, it never goes far. I'm speaking for myself. I never cheat, I just like the attention that get thrown to me. It's not even a insecure thing, it's like we get off on having people desire us.. It's to stroke our egos. But We're very loyal..need a secure man to deal with us

I agree
by: another leo girl

i agree on everything these girls said. Thats just our way to feel that we are still adored even if we are with someone. its an ego thing. BUT do not worry at all we leo girls dont cheat because we dont wanna be cheated on either. Once we love someone we truly love them and we are always gonna be inlove with the that person.

dont worry!!!
by: leo lady

hey boys, don't worry about your leo girls. we're totally loyal we just like attention. :( sorry!! dont be suspicious or jealous!

dont stress the small stuff

I am a Leo woman. I flirt with men all of the time, when im with someone, i do try hard not to flirt so much but i think its just part of my nature, i sometimes don't even know im flirting till someone points it out. would i ever cheat on my significant other? NOT A CHANCE! but the attention i receive from the opposite sex is kind of exciting. it boosts our egos and makes us happy, which when were happy our whole world needs to be happy so we will go out of our way to make it that way. dont stress the small stuff, she cares about you. we are loyal when we are in love. when she starts to become distant from you is when you should start to worry.

I feel ya.
by: Anonymous

I feel you man. Im a Scorpio with a Leo lady. I've been with her almost 8 months and Im madly in love with her. Sometimes I get the feeling that she be talkin to other guys behind my back. Me being a Scorpio I get VERY jealous and protective of her. Reading this made me think, what if im not giving her the attention she wants, so she gets it from somewhere else. Which like ...yeaa. :[[

Leo women
by: Anonymous

Don't worry! flirting is in Leo's nature.I quickly attract towards other women but when I love someone l loyal to one.One tip for you" don't leave her for long and give proper attention otherwise when she goes far away from you,you can't get it.

to the insecure guys
by: leonine princess

Chillax she just likes the attention.... Or mayb she's too good 4 u....lol fyi leos love themselves too much n r too self respecting to throw themselves at anyone so m pretty sure she's not cheating....

by: Peter

A relationship in which there is space, with a leo girl means shes fooling you. And she lies about that so easily. Be careful because they are very unloyal and unfaithful if they genuinely don't love you.

leo girls aren't cheaters
by: Leo Lady

Like all the other girls said, Leo girls like flirting because they need frequent ego boosts to feel attractive and happy, but they would never, ever cheat on you. We may be attention whores but we're very loyal to those we care about and if we stop caring we just end the relationship rather than cheat and sneak around. Good luck with your Leo girl!

same here
by: Anonymous

it is not a "small issue". when other guys smell a chance they dont give up, they think it is appropriate to call my girl at 2 a.m., hugging her like they are dating or something, etc. it is pure disrespect, and that brings tension. find another girl. find a better girl, there are loyal girls out there. (of course Leo girls DO cheat, it is all part of that "spontaneos" personality they are selling to you).

aaaah Leo's im feeling you!
by: Nicky

Oh my word i love attention just so much my light shine so bright when someone flashes me! So i met a friend of a friend and he flirts with me all the time. I loved the attention much but as soon as he started talking in a more intimate way i stopped him and told him to the point i have a guy and no one can take his place! So i totaly agree, admiration keeps us going but boys if you ever feel insecure bout us cheeting? relax we dont have the heart to play around we only love you alone! Well thats defnetly me*

July 23 88
by: Anonymous

I had a romance with a leo woman and about 4 weeks ago she was like i need my space on weekends. This was a longdistance over the internet romance.. well her sister dabbles 4 guys and was over her place one evening.. She was cyber voice cam shat with a cute guy that she says her sister likes yet .. he likes my ex anyway i logged on and she immediatly called me and said oh oh we arent you at work.. i was trying to get my broadband modem working..and and.. then disconnect i said are you sure..

all weekend nothing.. Monday at 3am i layed into her.. to get the truth.. after she made me feel so low.. and wrong. she broke up with me and then said oh i did talk to him for like 5 min and we couldnt connect properly.. about 1 week of trying hard back with her she almost came back.. she is dating a local nerdy guy and denies anything that she even lies about. And he called her while i was on chat conversation she muted me and was not coming back saying sorry.. I really love this woman yet is there any hope i was granted a taste of leo love.. for 2 months.. i am scorpio and know to much.. help someone should i ask for open sneaky relationship against her bf and other online romances...

Leo women are self centric
by: Anonymous

Its surprising how leo women all here proudly spak out about their nature - Flirt to seek attention that boasts their ego - So my dear Leo ladies how would you feel if your man does the same. Praise,appreciate,give compliment to other girls. Or in a broader way flirt with them to see if his words are still working on female world :)

Too insensitive and self centric. I would stay single if I was leo girl so I can boost my ego by flirting with everyone around lol

Same here man
by: Anonymous

Im an aries male and i have a leo girlfriend and oh my goodness she loves flirting! I broke up with her at one point because she didn't seem to understand how much i hated it and then shortly after we went back together. Only advice i can give to you guys with a leo girlfriend is be straight with her, tell her you dont like what she does and if it carries on break up with her. Now my leo girlfriend rejects hugs from any guys and never flirts around... or atleast infront of me that is...

leo women
by: taurus guy

Leo women are big flirts. It is hard to trust them. In the long run they reveal their selves to be fragile and they do cheat. They need attention because they lack self esteem. I wouldn't get in a relationship with one. They are a handful.

We are not cheaters .
by: Gigi

I'm a flirt also , but I never go far I like to giggle and smile & give them that look but idk we like attention we shine and bright it's our nature but whenever it is or happens I always tell my man I don't hide anything from him I'm trust worthy n honest .

For us leo, its not cheating. Its being friendly.
by: QuennieisaLeo

I am a leo girl and I flirt a lot with other men. Whether I'm in a relationship or not. ITS MAINLY FOR ATTENTION. WE LOVE ATTENTION. It uplifts us, making us loved, adored, appreciated and wanted. WE HATE CHEATING. But if our partner cheated on us, we might also cheat for revenge. Dont worry, just make us feel special, loved, appreciated, and wanted, we wont stray. You're girl must be bored of you,so she flirts with others.. cause thats what i also do.

Man up
by: Anonymous

Bottom line is this I'm engaged to a Leo girl and you have to address and check them on the spot after letting her know I don't like it and pointing out how jealous she got when I'm around girls that are friends she saw my perspective and realized it doesn't feel good to be taken so lightly. They may roar and say some spiteful things buts only because they are extremely sensitive and not as confident as they seem they put up a great front but they are truly loyal they just need a lot off love and attention and for the man they are with to be a man and stand up to them and for them. Have faith she will respect you more when you show her she must have a level of respect for you as you do her.

keep it real
by: Anonymous

lets keep it 100% yall leos are extremely jealous if your man was flirting online you would be hurt, pissed, and feel disrespected.

the answer
by: Leogirl

I m a leo girl. Of course, i love flirting. Ur girl is not cheating. That is her nature. U r now jealous? If u show this out she will hate this. But she also wants u to become jealous. Don't worry she will never cheat on u but what she wants u to remember is that she has lots of boys if u cheat her. ;) Leo never start cheating.

Leo Women Flirting
by: Elizabeth

Hi I am a Leo woman and yes, we love to flirt. We can't help it, it's in our nature. It makes up feel alive and wanted. But just because we flirt it doesn't mean we want to sleep with them. If a Leo woman is not in love there's a good chance she'll cheat just to feel loved and appreciated.

Leo girly here
by: Anonymous

Look, I'm a big time flirt! And just recently realized that the flirting is due to nothing less than "plain, low self esteem!" The need to find that attention is just a symtom of me having a low self esteem, and should not be something I say, Is just part of my personality!

Relax or u will lose her
by: Anonymous

I'm an Aries man an an stubborn scot. This is how Leo woman socializes with people. Being stubborn aires male means she will get all the bloody attention she needs. If she dose not get it well enough to meet her chauvinist ego. She will distance her self from her partner. This dose not mean she is cheating, if u r an Aries man like myself. We love to give attention, Men must learn to use this to their advantage, with Leo woman.Leo woman r vary vary loyal woman. full of energy that can be managed if the u know how to conduct their over inflated egos at time in constructed behaviour. Learn what respect is to your Leo woman, so she can feel comfortable being her natural self around u and others. Basically building a stoned foundation with your Leo woman. (Trust) If u men do not do this, she will leave u and hate u. And I mean hate!!. Be prepared for this lioness backed up by the sun's power,it will scratch and burn u to death. Fair warning now. Men r dealing with a lot of controlled natural energy from woman Leo's. If u r a guy that has a Leo woman for a partner, get a cat and learn to stroke your cat so it purrs, Leo's r the same way.

Leo is the most amazing match you can find
by: The Sagitarius lol

So what, if they are flurting with others hmm, it feels good to them to know that they are wanted, not just by you. That is selfish of you to do such a thing. She is not your property, she is an individual, and leos rival sags in terms of loyalty ((atleast me anyways, I am not a normal sag ))

SO get a grip, and instead of getting jealous, find unerstanding of why she does it which is simple hmm :) if you can not handle a lion then leave the jungle, because you are not good enough, and you dont deserve. Jealousy, is pathetic. she loves you end of story

We love flirting
by: leo queen

It's true, we love flirting and we love attention but when in a relationship, a leo woman will keep limits and still be faithful even if she flirts. She flirts online most likely to refrain from flirting with people she actually meets irl to avoid them getting the wrong idea.

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