Can a Leo be shy?

Everything I've read about Leo's suggests they are outgoing, bold, confident and charismatic. I'm a Leo woman and I've found the above to be true in some situations, but most of the time though I would describe myself as shy.

Does that mean I'm not a typical Leo? Can a Leo be shy?

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Yes, Leo's can be shy
by: David-admin

There are different reasons for shyness, however one common one is pride. The more focused you are on yourself in a situation, the more shy you will be.

In the case of Leo's it's not uncommon for them to be very focused on with making a good first impression with people, and yes this can manifest as shyness.

This particular trait is most common in people with a Leo sun and Virgo moon.

If you would like a more information on how to "Understand Yourself" there's an article on the menu to the right which goes into more detail.


by: Anonymous

You're definetly right about that, I have a leo sun, virgo moon

same here
by: Anonymous

i have a sun in leo, moon in sagi, and my rising is aquarius. however, my mercury, venus, and (i think) mars are all in virgo. this can make me a bit shyer, i think . . .

by: KayZ

It sucks to be a shy leo. I find that I'm really outgoing and confident around my family and close friends, though most times at school, around people I don't really know, I totally lose confidence. Bah!
I don't have a Virgo moon sign, but a Capricorns'.

Can a Leo be shy?
by: Nicky

Im confident, loves attention much BUT yes there are days when i get a shy injection! Im a singer and loves performing before an audience but it happened a few times now that when im at a gathering someone would say hey Nicky sing a song for us here! That can go but the more everyone pressure me to do so i get a shy attack! I came to figure out lately it has more to do with peoples expectations! Maybe my pride? Im more worried about not doing it right and not living up to their expectations... so i guess it makes me blush when they keep on nagging and in the back of my head of what it might come out at!!! OKay i guess its more about my Leo pride than lol

A shy Virgo
by: Anonymous

I just don't understand why am I shy, nervous,frighten around strange people in the public but not the family members as kin. I'm Virgo, every thing completes as human being-attractive. I have education, skills, and talented. I just don't understand why am I too shy. I don't like being shy. Do you know why and how to get rid off it? This happen to me from a childhood to an adult now. ):

Virgo cusp of Libra

Leo Cancer Scorpio
by: Aimee

Depending on the person. You can't just tell it off by their sun sign. It's not their complete profile. Yes i used to be shy and timid, but not anymore. My sun sign is Leo. My moon sign is Cancer. And my rising sign is Scorpio. So i have an outgoing and timid side. Plus i've meet many many MANY Cancers in my live that became my friend! And also have had a crush on two Cancer guys ;D

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