Leo women like a challenge

I'm a Leo woman and I like a challenge. I tend to be drawn to more unemotional and aloof guys like an Aries or Gemini. This could be related to my Lioness sign I do like to chase a little actually a lot! But then I back off and see if they take the bait like a lion rattling her tail in the grassland :-)

Its fun. I'm less emotional too then the water signs like cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. But when I get angry watch out its full force temper tantrum! Don't like to be taken for a fool and respect is key to us leos as well! :-) rrraweer haha

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be yourself
by: Anonymous

I'm a Leo and certainly not easy to catch either! I'm not attracted to outward appearance of a man or his looks, but his heart, morals and values!
What would it take to have me eating out of the palm of your hand, Just be yourself, and be true and honest!

same issue . . .
by: Anonymous

i have a thing for flirty yet emotionally detatched gemini guys . . . they consistantly keep me guessing. i love that, but i dont like the lack of attention i recieve. i have an ego and geminis just dont do anything for it.

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