I'm a Leo Woman

by Stephanie
(Los Angeles)

Yes, I do have a big heart and I am one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, but DON'T get me mad! That's a side of me I don't like, but it's in my nature and I just have to accept it. Other than that, I'm very giving, loyal, spontaneous and creative.

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Same here...
by: Anonymous

I'm a leo woman and generosity is my best trait, loyalty and I'm actually all heart but my problem is when I'm mad, I become something that I don't know, a beast. My ears will burn, my whole body shakes and I just cannot talk and I really don't like this side of my personality but sometimes people dig for it.

leo woman speaks on our tantrums
by: born leo

I am a natural leo, I am very loyal, loving, and my heart is overly warm, however if hurt I have been known to let my rawer be heard. However, I am realizing that I can lose people near and dear to me through these "tantrums". Since I am a "born leader" and intelligent I am learning that if someone I love hurts me or makes me upset they didn't do it "hurt me deeply" it could be a misunderstanding, and after all leo's are ruled by their heart, and at the end of the day I rather bask in the warmth of my loved ones then bask in coldness alone. We all can learn from our own mistakes, and it is up to me, as well as anyone, no matter what our sign is to control ourselves. Before you lose someone important to you, think. Also, it is true, if you show respect to us, ask for our advice, and even if you are sort of annoyed with us, and say things in a loving tone, (not a mocking one), you will have any lion on a leash, and we probably won't even realize it. And if we throw a tantrum, and fire back in a respectful tone, and a diplomatic one, we will probably grovel at your feet.

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