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I'm a leo woman, almost 32. Very youthful looking according to everyone, fun loving, I would clasify myself as a great mother, and I'm successful in my business. I have a Leo sun sign, leo rising, leo in Mercury and leo in Jupiter. I wouldn't say I'm vain, but I do want people to see me a certain way. I'm certainly not obsessed with clothes although I make sure my children are always dressed very well. I hate doing my hair!

As for relationships, I'm in a stable almost 10 year relationship, not married, we have two kids and he has a son and a daughter from his first wife who live with us. I'm with a virgo, and I loved him wildly at first but for the past 7 years or so I'd have to say I'm very not in love with him, although I love him and have never been unfaithful physically. There have been crushes on other men and one affair of the heart which ran with an ex of mine over the entire course of my relationship with my Virgo.

I need more passion in my life! Sex is mundane even though I BEG for rougher and more exciting sex. He likes it, and likes me being interested but he just doesn't seem able to complete the act and I find my eyes roaving a bit more. Don't get me wrong, I would never cheat, that would just be disgusting to me, but I can't have sex with him anymore without fantasizing. Lately it's been about his cousin, who is an Aries and just the personification of perfection in my eyes.

But I resent them saying that Leo women are vain and stubborn, I'm fairly down to earth and understanding of people. And wonderful. lol.

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I understand your feelings
by: Anonymous

I totally understand your feelings. I wish somebody would have an answer. I am married to Aquarius for almost 10 yrs and have a child. We have known each other for since 1997 so long time. But sometimes I feel like I don't have that passion/strong feelings towards him anymore. I hate the thought of cheating on him but I need that spark. We are good sex partner but I feel like I am not completely attracted to him. :( I know it sounds bad bad bad.

Sooo True
by: Anonymous

Omg I'm so glad to read about a Leo woman that's so much life myself. I too am a Leo rising, Sun, mercury, and Jupiter, I'm also a Leo moon and Venus, I've been in long term relationships and would never stray, although I will look.
And it annoys me that ppl quickly say to please a Leo woman just give her constant praise and attention, uh NO we're not that easy or shallow and can see thru the eager to please B.S.

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