Im a leo women and cant seem to get a date

by mari
(san diego,ca)

Well I am a leo women all the way. People are always coming up to me and telling me that I'm beautiful, but when I'm out men are always staring at me but never come up to me. Then the ones that do come up to me are not my type so I'm stuck trying to turn them down nicely, or I find out that men want to come up to me but I'm too intimidating for them so they just want to look from a far. What's a girl to do?

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Study HIS Sign!
by: Anonymous

While I like the previous response, it still leaves us Leo women with the same problem ~ men too intimidated to approach... at least, the ones WE want. I have the same problem. The current man (a friend) I'm interested in is a hard nut to crack and won't make a move - I think he's scared of rejection. I studied this Cancer man's qualities and what he wants in a woman and am beginning my campaign. Looks like it's going to be a long haul...

Then make a move for him to act on.
by: Goatman (JT)

Maybe you appear to be too perfect for the guys that are staring at you. I'm a Capricorn and we are very reserved, but if you open the door we will run through and keep it going. Not to say all the guys you run into a Capis, but if you find one of the guys staring at you attractive then signal him to approach you or approach him. There nothing sexier than a confident women that knows what she wants and gets it. Have lots of fun and be safe.

Hey, I'm an Aries, Interested?
by: Anonymous

Well, I'm a guy. Really, 'Cry & Kick them in the balls!' Like that's going to win friends & influence people! What a great way to inspire confidence! ... You just have to be gentle with men and; at the same time be very forward in a gentle way. Don't be coy. Don't be aggressive. But, be clear that you are interested. Very unfeminine I guess, but you just have to. And never ,ever, tell him he's a nice guy! That's just as good as asking him "to be friends". You may find yourself asking him if you'd like to get coffee and you may have to do so more than once. Don't even bother with innuendos!

Men are very intimidated by really good looking women. Yet, we want gorgeous women. It's just natural: The desire and the paradox.

by: Anonymous

You need to be aggressive, you are a Leo after all. Just go for it, forget about "gender roles" and when you find someone you like, don't be shy.

As you said, the guys that come up to you aren't the ones you want. You don't want aggressive guys, this is obvious. You want guys who will respect, admire, and care about you deeply. Thus, you need to be the aggressor here, it is really that simple.

leo woman:-)
by: sangeetha ramesh

Reading the above comment frm the aquarian.... I'd say HA! Leo n aquaries think very diff n fyi v ll never get along.... Dear mari I am a leo woman with the exact same problem.... Guys only stare at me but never come up n talk to me especially the ones I like.... I am beautiful n guys often tell my frnds that they fine me attractive.... One of the main qualities I look for in a man is bravery n if a guy is too scared to aproach me I wouldn't want him.... I prefer a guy who is bold n confidant.... Just be patient n wait for the right time n an attractive arien male ll just sweep u off ur feet n that my frnd ll be the begining of a life long romance.... :-)

men to scared to approach
by: suzi

I have the same problem, apparently men find me intimidating. But I say if they are not confident to approach me then they are not worth my time.

same same n thank good for Aries men
by: Anonymous

I'm only 25 n attractive woman, all the men that i like never come to me, at the beginning i tough may be am ugly or fat or any stupid thing that i could think about it, and only the guys that i didn't like where the only ones who come to talk to me. The thing is that i meet this Aries guy... who come to me one night n told me ( u know whats ur problems? your to sexy so men get scary of that because they don't want a NO as an answer. But i dont care because u will not say not to me ) i was like what?? :) to much confident n to wild. we still dating n is very exotic we are like kids.

The scales of Harmony, more simple Libra
by: Mark

As libra i can tell that lionesses are attracted to us 100%. She loves the gentle touch and erotic movements of Libra guys. They never do the first move, because they want to feel that masculine wave of emotions approaching to them, Its sexy for them. No aggression no complication, just be on track. Look at her eyes and feel each moment, and dance for her. They will meet you half way. Never doubt your emotions, never ever criticize, there are millions other ways to get what you need, If you are skilled enough it is a divine experience to have this burning creature all over you in bed, haha

So lucky i have one on leash...

What am I missing? All constructive advice would be appreciated! Please :)
by: Anonymous

I'm a leo woman. Confident, intelligent, caring, funny and have tons of friends. I'm very approachable and often approach people on my own. I am not snoody or over confident. I like to enjoy people and have a nice time; hoping to create friendships along the way. Many people confide to me their deepest secrets within minutes of meeting them. I guess they feel comfortable around me and feel I'm trustworthy, which I am. However, I seem to attract the oddest types of men. I used to take comfort, knowing that whomever I've met, I was able to make them feel like they've known me forever. After that, most people felt the the need to spill their deepest secrets to me. I always kept them and chose to never remember or repeat them to anyone. (I don't want or need that kind of brain compacity.) But, some men find me intimidating, or unattractive or whatever. We always have a great time with much in common, but when it comes to the afterwards....they act scared and uninterested. Leaving me to feel like I've done something wrong. I honestly thought a man of these days would appreciate a woman who knows herself, can take of herself and be a "partner", rather that a whiny, damsel in distress who doesn't have a brain or can't contribute anything to a relationship. AM I TOTALLY WRONG? Someone help me out here.

Leo woman
by: Anonymous

Omw! This is so true...i'm a leo woman myself and wherever i go there'd be hot guys that i really like but they won't come up to me. Most often it is the uninteresting ones who come up to me and express their love for me/ tell me that i'm beautiful. And most guys say that they are afraid to approach me coz they are afraid of being rejected. This has always made me wonder about my looks, i know i'm quiet and shy sometimes but appearantly i don't smile often. So that could be one of the reasons why they fail to approach me. i know it feels akward for us girls to go up to a guy and ish and maybe it's even seen as being shallow or wrong. Everyone sees it differently. This other time this guy was starring at me the whole night and once he asked a friend for my contact, i rejected but i got over the starring and walked up to him. This might have blown him away or something but it somehow made me feel better and get over being shy.

No love
by: Anonymous

I am a 32yr old Leo woman, and honestly I have been having the same issue...Without being or trying to come across as VAIN.. I know that I am beautiful..and that has been almost a curse. I am recently single due to my x CHEATING. I waited 3mos before even going out. Now that I have, wish I didn't..I get lot's of looks and stares..That is all. Ive heard that "Im 2 much" meaning I cant and wont put up with "bullshit" in ANY FORM...I know what I'm worth, but I guess nobody else does.I dont and wont date married or involved men.Im VERY independent..I don't walk talk or dress like a "hoe"..but can look extra sexxy anyway. Im an excellent friend,mother,cook,and do my best to "be a good person" and I get NO PLAY when I step out.A man even came up to me and said "so your just to pretty for anybody huh? W T lady in training lol

by: Anonymous

I'm a Leo woman 46 years old. Leo women do not chase men. It's not in our stars to chase men. Generally, Leo women don't have to chase men. I too have gone through dry spells without dating throughout my life due to my unwillingness to chase a man. However, I know myself well enough to know, a man I would have to chase would never hold my interest. He would be a waste of my time. It's a sign of weakness. I'd rather spend my time with family and friends than with a weak man. I just have no respect for a man who I find weak. That first impression is everything and never goes away. You men out there who have that fear of rejection simply need to face your fear and approach the woman already!

The other point I'd like to make is, initially a man is flattered, complimented and gets an ego boost from a women who approaches him. He may even date her for a while out of this flattery. Once the novelty wears off, ladies you will find yourself alone. But let's face it girls, men are hunters. Unless your goal is short term fun, chasing the man never works. As I said earlier men are hunters. They have to do the hunt. It must be challenging for them. Once thy capture their prey, they will take great pride in that and you will have made yourself quite the prize for him to want to keep forever. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

Re: Leo women don't chase men.
by: Jane

^ I so agree with your post! My husband is a Leo (I'm a Scorpio) and he says that he only ever valued any relationship where he was the pursuer. He said he'd date woman that came after him but he was never willing to go the extra mile with someone he didn't pursue on his own. Let the men be hunters, ladies.

The Chase
by: Desperado

From past experience with Leo females I have to say that there is a risk with the 'never chase' mentality. Some people mistake the 'never chase' mentality with selfishness.

Remember, there are many beautiful and successful women out there for men to chase.

If you feel drawn to a suitor, make sure you are sweet, kind, thoughtful, appreciative and generous in return. Don't make the mistake of sitting back and expecting him to do all the work. Otherwise he will happily chase someone else who makes more of an effort.

im a leo woman in the same situation
by: Anonymous

I have been told i am "strikingly beautiful", yet no one asks me out!! I am reluctant to make the first move as i done all that when I was younger, and being so sensitive got hurt! the guy I like is a Leo, very handsome but has a girlfriend!! what a life!!

So confused
by: Anonymous

Hie, m a leo woman born 4th aug 92... I have d same problem.. My friends tel me m vry attractive.. Also at work plce or wen eva m outdoor.. Men have to gve me a 2nd look.. But very rarely will a guy approach me.. This makes me wonder and feel am too ugly.. Cause m a bit healthy with not so great body... But i have sharp feature of a leo like hazel eyes.. Tanned skin..ect... At this point i lik a virgo guy who is so hot with the perfect body.. He wants to date me but nothing of a serious kind... I donot lik gettin into temporary shit.. Off lately i completly stoped talkin to him as he said he has a problem talkin to girls who r pretty... He shares alot with me and says he loves me but this statement of his made me feel very ugly since he is comfortable talking to me and since then i didnt text or call him as he kickd my ego hard... Is it just ma ego or do others feel the same about their looks... Please do comment

made the first move to get my cacer, im leo
by: Anonymous

dont loose faith gal, he is terrified youll reject him, or u too good for him, he wants u bad, but ull have to make the first move, his waiting, i fell inlove with cancerian, i just wanted him to want me, observe his body language, the way he speaks gently to u,figidts nervously, gazes in your eyes, hell rather loose out then be rejected by u, start by touching or holding his hand, if he doesnt let go, thats a guarantee, he wants u too, kiss and hug him, he will respond! good luck

by: Ania

I'm a Leo the guy im always waiting for never come up to always the ones i don't like mesothey not enough for me i want so much from a guy, their is this guy always staring at me sometimes i be staring at him to but he never talk like that he always talking texting with other girls around me like seriously u're staring at me and u're not talking me loke what the hell. I like him though. I don't know what to do

Leo woman no respond
by: Anonymous

OK this Leo girl I had a conflict with or beef a while back I messaged on twitter, saying I was wrong but she did not respond or read my message, I don;t if he saw it or not, but I will try again, what going on here how can can I reach her, should I continue

from another leo woman
by: Anonymous

I'm a leo woman too and I have noticed that men would look at me a lot and never approach me. Maybe you should stop turning so many guys away. Give someone a chance you maybe surprised to find that you will like someone after you get to know them. Good Luck!

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