Leo Women beware

by Becky
(Lincoln, NE)

If you are a Leo woman beware of the Pisces man.. they will adore you but it is so easy as a strong willed Leo to run right over them...they are very hard to read, but very kind, most likely to kind for their own good. If you want to be this this man, you better plan on being the social planner of the couple, but he will always go along with your plans. They hate to fight and they like lots of alone time. Be ready to really tune yourself down and be strong but not over powering. If you mess up with your man, you better own up to it and not lie...once you hurt them, it's hard for them to trust you again. I love their adoration as Leo's love that from their partners. I think it's hard for a Leo woman to be a Gemini.. they have sticky fingers, and one foot out the door all the time... Capricorns are not a good match either..they are just as dominante as us except they are demanding in a different way. Good luck out there!

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