Leo women and sex

by Marcus
(San Jose, CA)

Dating a leo girl. She is up to anything. Sex is like OH MY FREAKING G!!! she yells, she is very in tune with her body and what she wants. She is NOT SHY to tell when how and where she wants it. Very rough exterior but they are very gentle and romantic.

However, it is on her terms NOT MINE hahahaha. Which I am ok with that. Her walk, her hair, her talk, her moves say sexuality. She gets LOTS of attention. She might not be the prettiest chick but her sexual appeal draws you to her. I love my leo girl, when I have her by my side, she makes me feel like royalty.

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cute =]
by: another leo girl

Awwwww.... thats really cute =]

Leo Girl Brats
by: Anonymous

Thats the only thing LEO Girls are good for....SEX and nothing else

Lioness Addicted Aries
by: Anonymous

the only woman i'll make children with is a Lioness:)

to the lioness adicted aries lol
by: leo girl

I am a leo woman n really wanna know y r u so adicted....

gemini hooked on leo
by: Anonymous

I love leo women the sex with them is thebomb.com. I love to please her & cater to her. No other woman inspires me like a leo woman

love to be a leo
by: Anonymous

yeah.. i agree with all that have written here

by: Anonymous

is it really that good? i mean sex with a leo woman...

Leo Woman!
by: Anonymous

I am a leo female and I can assure you that any man that I choose to be with (though I am particular in who I choose) will want for nothing in the bedroom. I have been celebate for quite some time and when I get married my husband had better be ready!! He will have to make up for all the time that I have been celebate!! He is in trouble (smile)!!!!!!!!!! Only problem ,is that I have not met him yet, but I can wait.
I am glad that I was born a Leo!

Believe the hype!!
by: Anonymous

As a leo woman myself, i've made sure every man I took to bed will remember me for life! Yes, we will do anything and everything , we aim to please...bj's, anal, you name it we will do it, we are a bit dramatic, yeah loud in the bedroom, but we also do it to make the man we r with feel good about himself, the best reward for me after sex is hearing a man say "damn i've never been with someone like you in bed before" lol yes it is true, so if you ever get a chance to be in bed with one enjoy it whole it lasts..

What we like
by: Leo woman

We aim to please the people we love. And that includes going all out on sex. We want playful, fun, excitement. We want passion and connection, meaning we want lots of steamy sex lol. When our partner is happy that's a major ego boost for us. But the thing is, we're also picky. We carefully choose who we trust so good luck with that!

We are very good lovers and the best love makers
by: Anonymous

I am a leo women I fall in love with a gemini man a friend I work with.The first time we make love was like very disappointed.Cos we did it in style.I couldn't tell him. According to him he was the best.I starting to love him so much it wasn't easy to let him go.And every time we make love I lead him and he loved it.I am very shy when he asking me out of our enjoyable moment' but I never talk about it,cos it the leo women secret to satisfy her man.With my high sex drive and his strength its always a pleasure to make love

leo woman
by: love being a leo! ROAR!!

Leo's love sex and everything related to sexuality. Their passionate and great romantics. After all we are lions and v hav great taste.

by: Anonymous

Bla Bla Bla I hate their showing off their sick jealousy I can be only good friend with them strong friendship but unfortunately they are stubborn and I'm more stubborn than them plus they have males character and because I'm straight I won't have set with another male hehe in time they do attract me but after first argument I feel like killing them so for me it's better to be only friend with them other wise I might commit a crime

OH there is some thing noticeable about them "butt", and some of times books but all depends on the year and they were born in :>

Sex is never enough:-)
by: Anonymous

I'm a Leo and let me tell you'll.., I love sex!!! It seems that I can't have enough. Leo's are wild when it comes to bed. And speaking of myself, we are not pleased with only one orgasm. We love multiple orgasms in order to be satisfied.

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