Leo women are too forgiving!

One thing I don't like is exactly the one with not being able to hold grudges. I hate myself for not being able to hate. When I love someone, I always find excuses for their behavior and then I forgive. However, one day I would get extremely tired and just end it.

I accept my faults way too easily. When feeling hurt, Leo girls should learn to protect themselves before they try to protect others. This is our biggest flaw and it damages our strength more than any outsider could.

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I agree
by: Anonymous

We do try to protect and help others before we could help ourselves!! But it's a good thing sometimes!! At least we are not one of those girls that goes on and on about boys problems! I'm a LEO WOMAN and I only protect the ones who really needs it :)

so true!
by: Anonymous

Me too!!

Sometimes we forgive even when the person doesn't derserve, get hurt, and that person doesn't even care. We definitely need to protect ourselves first--greatest lesson learned in my life!

leo's disappointed love life
by: Anonymous

i've been hurt so many times cause i forgive the guy to easily i've been trying to change it but i cant

by: Anonymous

So true..am a leo girl. My husband of 2 years cheated on me and he was getting bashed by friends and family. He was truly sorry, went to cousenling, but instead of protecting myself, I tried to protect him.

by: Anonymous

its, true leo woman are very forgiving in nature.. they can even forgive if there partner cheats on them..

Leo women are too forgiving
by: Anonymous

I think we are very forgiving but in some ways I think that's a thing. I simply just have no place for holding grudges or bitterness as it just drags me down. I was recently seeing a guy and he messed me about and I've forgiven him - I'm obviously not going to date him again but I feel like any negativity I felt that was upsetting me has gone and I feel happy again. Incidentally because of my reaction he has apologised profusely and know he'll come back but he had his chance and blew it.

i hate cheaters
by: Anonymous

Im a leo and ive been cheated on by my boyfriend a few times, he is a saggitarius, we have been going out for 3 years and i keep on forgiving him. the only thing is that i never forget, i keep bringing it up when we fight and he sais he "has changed" i dont trust him. I am very revengfull, i cheated on him once but only to get back at him.

by: Anonymous

yes i know exactly what u mean ..we sometimes forgive and forgive but we never forget..me as a Leo woman if i find that the person i have tried to be loyal to or protect is doing too much wrong i will eventually leave them to fend for themselves..but usually got hunt down someone else to offer the same protection too lol..guess it just my nature to be nurture and pamper someone that i can feel close to

Leo Lady
by: Anonymous

Leo's are generally generous to a fault on forgiving others even after these ppl has bad mouthed you or stab u in the back or even dumped with a lame excuse.
I just got dumped by a Pisces and with the help of my friends, i manage to get over my heartbreak in 5days. He broke up with me over the telephone call and dare not even video call me saying he needs time alone without any further explainations. Couple of days later heard he had another girl.
Rite now im feeling sorry for him for being confused and mean by posting all nonsense over his profile about me and yet i still send him the most sweetest email asking him to get well and hope he will get better soon. I was thinking i was being too soft but i believe in goodness begets goodness. Even with all the stories he told his friends about me, i will still hope for the best for him and his future.

same with me
by: Anonymous

i'd been dating a libra guy for 3yrs and wenever we had had fights he used to abuse me to a unthinkable extent. and everytime i used to forgive him. but my love waned. it became weaker by the day and one fine day i realised i do not love him anymore. and i initiated our break up. we broke up on 16th nov 2010 and he got committd to his classmate on 2nd december 2010.
i'm still single, have gotten over him. but i've forgiven him. coz, what goes around, comes around. for sure.

I agree
by: Anonymous

You're my soul sister today. I know what you mean. I'm a Leo and I've never been able to stay mad. It just feels like a waste if energy. I'm a happy person and I love people but I'm forgiving to a fault. I feel like I don't stand up for myself in certain situations

omg so true!!!!!
by: leo lady

we're a very forgiving group of people. there's this gemini guy that was flirting with me everyday, and then i found out that he had a girlfriend! ugh! but i didn't even get mad at him for not telling me. i shrugged it off and we still hang out. i was hurt, yes, but i got over it because, honestly, anger is exhausting. there are other girls who have gone through the same thing with this guy. one of them is a pisces and she's still pissed at him (so pisces of her!), even though its been around 4 months. as a leo, i just cant stay that angry for that long. i want to see the good in people, not the bad.

so true
by: leo20

ya so true...dunno why im so forgiving!! nd so kind!!

leo woman....
by: Anonymous

My leo life has taught me.....the more I love the more I get hurt. Being faithful and loyal in relationships love=friendship, has made me feel like almost a target, insted of it being appreciated and recieving what Ive given, exactly the opposite. I'm tired and frustrated and lonely. . Ive been told I'm too nice, " you were too good to him"..."how can you forgive her" and on and on... Ive always prided myself in saying that I wouldn't let the world change me. I really believed that being a "good" person was the right thing to be, do unto others... I can honestly say, I AM CHANGED ...I feel like I'm growing bitter and cold. Don't smile or remember the last time I had fun..Don't even really cry anymore..Its not a good feeling..such is life

Its a curse
by: Leo girl

So true. I don't like the feeling of bottling up hatred that's why I end up forgiving way too easily. My brain just wants to forget any sad moments as soon as possible. Its a curse actually, how we care too much that we tend to hurt ourselves. We easily think that its our fault. We easily accept that we can be wrong in our actions and yet we keep making excuses for others wrong actions.

i am a leo woman 47 years old
by: madley

Most definately we forgive to easily. I use forgive but its more accurate to say let things go cuz as we ourselves know sometimes anothers errs against us can provide guilt free justification of a future indiscretion. No one is purrfect but some know how to let go and move on while others simply wallow and whine.

We are Who we are
by: Leo 31


Leo women here...sucks sometimes...but great other times......I forgive someone in like 2.5sec lol not so quick but it feels like I do..I hate to stay mad..it drains me when I'm mad, and cannot get anything done...right now I'm mad at a Leo man.....he is wrong, but of course he makes me feel like I'm wrong....I've decided to stand my ground for once with him....if we never talk then so be it...im way to good of a person to back down at this point in my life...We have to learn this...yes no one is perfect..and were not close to it....but everyone does not deserve are kindness and protection...and money if we have it lol

Leo wont forgive me or answer any calls or text help!
by: Anonymous

If you guys are quick to forgive why cant I get the love of my life to forgive me?

virgo are our worst friends ever
by: I'm mira, am 19 I was born august 11th

I went out with my virgo friend one day.We meant one taurus guy and the guy like me he didn't like my virgo friend.so I became friend with the taurus guy we where dateing my friend has say allot off bullshit about me because of the guy. To make her happy I know she love the guy. But the guy don't even like her so I told the guy to be friend with her to make her happy. She is not still satisfer. She won't stop telling people I snached her boyfriend. Upon all the all the rubbsih she's telling people about me I still forgive her. One thing I hate about is that she never love people that love her. She full inlove with people who doesn't care about her. I know that she hate me. But I still keep helping her whenever she needs my help. Cos am need to be needed. I pampas her so much.

by: Anonymous

its true i hate being a leo. a libra man has used and abused cheated ad crushed me so much yet i still forgive him i just want to die to end all the pain

cheating boyfriend
by: Sunshine

My boyfriend & I have been dating for a year & 5months now.During this time,he's cheated on me several times & everytime I found out about it I'd freak out but eventually forgive him.I returned the favor twice but it didn't last long because its just not in me to cheat on my partner...The past few days have been hell to me because I've been reminicing on what he's done then I get so angry & feel like a fool.I love being a Leo but I hate the fact that I'm to forgiving.Leo & Cancer=...

Im a leo...girls read
by: lara C

Girls girls girls, we are LEOS!!! We may forgive inside us of the hurt dickheads have caused us, but jesus Christ, we are the queens of the zodiac. we owe them bitches.
Iv just broken up with my libra guy. I am STILL very much in love with him, but every time we had a row or disagreement, he would slag me off to his mates (fair enough - we all do) but these were also girls he was saying it too, and after 'snooping' freaking oath I snooped...I see a txt to his ex gf saying he cant stop thinking about her and that im driving him crazy etc. Yet to my face - nice as pie. After reading down his phone, I packed my things and walked out on him. I txt him the following day saying why I had left...pfffff im the bad guy for snooping. Bitches please....he was sneaky, deceitful, manipulating, and a total emotional cheat.
The funny thing is, I still love him, I know he did it out of anger but gawwwd, his reaction to me checking his phone was seriously quite scary. I have forgiven him already but not told him this. we must always remember as the saying goes ' if he wants you he WILL have you'. We need to remember that through the tough times, we come out on top, stronger than ever before. Don't resort to drink or dwelling on the good times. Cry and cry, scream, let it all out on your own by yourself. that's how we handle things. we get sad, emotional, regretful, than dam right angry. being angry is the best way to get over it, so every time you think of the good times and all the sadness, think of why you broke up with him in the first place. There is always a reason. They always come back if they want to, and if they don't...fk them. fk them all. keep being brave leo girls xoxoxoxox

broken heart
by: Anonymous

I'm a Leo women..I have been cheated on so many times. I always forgive..Its sad to say that after all of that I end up cheating on the one person I love..I don't think he will take me back..Please don't end up like me..

Self forgiveness?
by: Anonymous

I also had countless hurts in the past & forgives almost instantly, even stay nice & friendly to the other parties. However, most of the times I would feel/believe that it is something I did which led to the result. Also apologise, which they use to free themselves from blame. I don't know if anyone else experience this.... I always forgive others almost instantly & make excuses for them, YET I cannot forgive myself?

our forgiveness can be a blessing and a curse
by: Anonymous

I am a Leo and I agree completely. When we get hurt our mind knows what our heart does not want to accept. We sometimes continue to do things with someone we love even when we know better that it is not healthy for our emotions and self love. We know we are better than the given situation. It is hard to be just friends with an ex who still has your heart...regardless of how he has hurt you we do forgive but never forget. This is not good because negative patterns can form and unless there is dramatic change in the one who has done the hurting Leo will still feel betrayed or lose self confidence and become jealous or show emotions that are far from her bright and warm self. For Leo women we can fall easy into bad relationships because we believe in working on things you feel are worth fighting for. Forgive but do not let this become a pattern because we are far too committed to be treated in such a way that is beneath love and loyalty .

Libra Guy
by: Anonymous

I am a Libra Guy with Libra ascending, and this Sooo TOTALLY applies to me. Didn't know Libra feels the same, gender doesn't matter lol. Libra-Libra is not compatible though, boring.

Embrace Your Qualities Fellow Lady
by: Anonymous

Yes, us leo women are very forgiving but look at it on the bright side, at least we try our best before we move on and know that it doesn't work. I forgave my ex a million times! But when I left him, I felt good about it because I knew I didn't want him ever again. I ignored him for months...didn't answer a single text, call, email..nothing! He went insane! He chased me for 3 years trying to get me back with no avail. So don't fret fellow leo lady! I think its one of our better qualities actually. Because we are very positive people and we will try every option to make something better. That's not as bad as you think. Also, I don't know how old you are but the older you get the less forgiving you get. Some of the things I dealt with when I was in my early 20's, god knows I would never tolerate that ever again! Like cheating or verbal abuse, I used to be more forgiving of that now I'm cold hearted and I walk away without thinking twice.

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