Leo woman affair with Scorpio man

by sherry
(atlanta ga)

I'm a Leo woman married to an insecure Aries, which has caused a lot of bitterness on my end of the relationship. I've recently met a Scorpio man, he knows I'm married and that it's over... The relationship started off with calls and text every day to maybe once a week, or every other week, we've seen each other twice in the three months that we've been talking. And we have had some all out fights also.

He said he likes me and sex is not the only thing on his mind when it comes to me, he also said he's not a user and won't have sex with me and then leave. However he will not elaborate. Me being the type of person who goes after what I want, can't help but feel that I'm being to aggressive with him.. I've already expressed how I feel about him, (it's not something on the rebound, my marriage has been over for over a year).. Yes as a leo I like to control the situation, but I've also learn to sit back and let things fall where they would..

We recently had sex and I haven't heard from him.. Calls nor text, I've text but got no response, so I'm wondering, what happened, what's going on, should I leave it alone?... What the hell. My head hurts.. Lol totally confused..

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Leave it
by: Anonymous

I personally think you should leave it and move onto someone who's more straightforward about what he really wants. And not someone who is so secretive and awkward. Your a leo and his a scorpio- not a good match anyway! He is clearly not madly in love or interested and he has lied to you maybe if you read what you wrote and thought outside the box you'd see it too! Find a sagittarius or gemini- they should fit the bill!

by: Anonymous

The thing about scorpioio's they are very secertive. So just dont call him, he will call you. What do you like about this scoprio?

Scorpio man
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio male and recently met a Leo female that I'm crazy about and came across this blog looking for advice on leo women. You should know that not all scorpios shut everyone out. Yes, I have my own reserved, darker side but at the same time scorpios can be very open and direct, knowing exactly what they want and going after it. However, we have a strong libido and will get tied up with girls that we know we don't have a real connection with. The point is, if he was truly crazy about you, you would know it by now.

In the Shadows
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman dating a leo woman. Although this isnt exactly the same situation, my leo and i have gone through the same thing. Wait him out, he'll come back around. He likes you even though he doesn't want to show it. 7 years of this same game with my Leo lady. WE SUCK WITH COMMUNICATING but we love each other still. The real question is sexy Leo lady are you willing to wait around?

scorp and leo
by: Anonymous

im a female leo talking to a scorpio female im really drawn to her and feel i can be myself around her were just dating for now and i feel i have a real genuine connection with her she seems very attentive and responsive and also caring..were both on the same page about how we feel about eachother...i dont have any complaints..YET..lol

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