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by ER
(San Francisco)

I am a Leo woman. I fit the bill completely. We LOVE glory and praise, and our egos and pride are enormous. Giving her sincere comments is a really good idea. It's true that gifts have to be thoughtful and unique--whether it's unique in sentiment or just something none of her friends will have.

On a less superficial note, Leos are super loyal and generous in return and very loving and affectionate. In the bedroom, I'd say we are quite dramatic and definitely like to play around like a little cub, touching, teasing, experiencing everything. Leos are also very sensitive--our enormous pride is very delicate. I agree with a lot of descriptions that we are very forgiving and don't tend to hold grudges for long, esp when someone sincerely apologizes. We do have a loud roar, that's for sure. I hate to say it (I'm not proud of it) but I do scare the men I date. Leos are very sharp-tongued and know just where to hit you where it hurts. Their roar is thunderous! Generally Leos really are like the sun. They are at their best when they are happy and carefree, and that's when they glow. They usually are the center of attention and appear to be very stately, with the right amount of style mixed with class and sophistication in their attire. I know some other Leos and after thinking about it, we all do tend to walk face-forward and with chest puffed out just a bit. Men are pigs and don't really hide it around most women--I witness this from a distance or while overhearing conversations. I go to a lot of cocktail parties for work etc. BUT I have noticed that the same men tend to behave themselves around me. They are always foolish to think I don't notice how disgusting they act when they think I can't hear them. I just pretend I don't know the kind of person they REALLY are. It's like being in my presence makes a person feel they have to act with dignity and manners. Crude manners are such a turn-off to a Leo. I am always polite to these types of guys, but I wouldn't give them the time of day. I let them flirt with me though, because again, Leos just like the attention. In private I am very emotional and dramatic. But at work or in public I always try to have an air of sophistication--not snobbery, which Leo's can't stand! Leos hate people who are more conceited than they are themselves! The most interesting thing about a Leo woman is that she is aware of her huge ego, but she still takes it in a lighthearted manner. For instance, no matter how many men want my attention (they DO, it's just the truth)...I am always sincerely flattered. I never treat anyone like a piece of garbage or treat people like they are below me. That's also why Leo's make friends and become leaders so easily--because they glow with the zest of life, and not only does everyone want to be near them, but Leo's will be very welcoming of friendship and genuine admiration.

So anyway, some of that was general, and some was my personal experience. Hope it helps someone out there!

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by: Anonymous

I definitely agree about not thinking people are beneath you. I am a Leo and I get along with people from all walks of life. I think that men definitely behave better with manners around me as well because I expect it from them.

Great insight.

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