Love from Leo girls :)

by Cookie

I am a Leo gal, 8 months into a relationship with a saggitarus,

Now, I don't lead this relationship, nor does he. In fact, we are very in tuned together, although I think in some funny way my saggy wants to be in more control than ever.

But they do say Leos lead in relationships and I just don't see how we do. For I may seem powerless and harmless, a kitten rather than a lion and it does worry me slightly I don't live it up to my star sign, But in some ways I do crawl out of that kitten into a fiesty cat when it comes to love. Only then do I feel the power to control. But I hesistate, I would give up my own will power for this saggitarus - Leos are overly dramatic in love, we almost get consumed in our relationships because of giving out our hearts maybe easily,

Is it crazy? We Leo's do give it our all..

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