My experience with Virgo Woman

by Abbey

My experience with Virgo Woman
- Our relationship has lasted 6 years
- and therefore I would like to divide my whole jury in 3 parts:

Part one: 1st Two Years
In the beginning of our relationship she was completely devoted and loyal to me. She gave me full her love. In the beginning she was with full of romance and she was ready to give her life for me. Everyday she promised so much without having the feeling of the consequences when they are left empty. She was with full of common sense and she surprises me daily with something new. She loved to send me expansive presents with full passion, and she has expected the same in return. Though she was so emotional at times she was ice cold with her feelings. Punctuality was always her highest priority. She has never tolerated late coming. In return she expected the same from my self. She was very charm and showed me things that I have never experienced in my life before. She can’t digest any sort of critics though she likes to criticize me in many aspects. It was impossible to have tiny bit of privacy with her. Every thing she does was well ahead informed and in return she has expected the same from my self. For example she never goes to bed without sending good night wish and in the morning she practiced the same. It was very important for her to receive the same from me in return. She shows extreme passion and she was fully determinate on what she does. She was totally a perfectionist. I can talk almost anything and can laugh with her the whole day and night. I was so lucky with her and had so much of fun.

Part Two: 2nd Two Years

Though we had beautiful 2 years together by than she have already started loosing her faith in me. I cannot get used of her critical nature. She believed she was always right though it was proved lately on many occasions’ she was wrong. Often she fights for nothing. She has created chaos based on her wrong thoughts. Even though it was often proved that she was fighting for nothing but she still kept fighting. In some cases however she has apologised later and agreed she was wrong. She has never learned from the previous fights and whenever she finds it necessary she fights again. It was impossible to argue with her even for intelligent subject. Very quickly she looses her temper. I must always admit the fault was mine though most of the time she was wrong. She was very demanding and fussy. Often I remind her relationship cannot functions based only on one-person feelings but you must consider both feelings. However she has never learned anything from it. She was totally a perfectionist it was very hard to make her understand that she was wrong in anything.

Part Three: 3rd Two Years

Here she losses her trust on me totally. At the last year we only fight day and night. If there were no reason to fight often she has created a reason for fight. Even though we had communication skills by our nature it was impossible to communicate with her. She has lost all her respect on me and she was really very unfair towards me. She ignored all her promises, which she has committed by the name of God. I remind her about her promises but she does not pay any attention for that. By than for example my toast was always burned and my coffee was always too sweet or she forgets the sugar at all. As a human with dignity I wanted at least some explanation from her why things went so wrong. However she gave me no explanation but dropped me like hot potato and left me in full misery. I beg her to full fill some of her promises, which she mad on good times but she has ignored all my requests. I gave all my effort and worked hard for 3 weeks to convince her some of the good things we have shared in our life. I wrote her over 20 mails and have requested her to take at least 2 minutes because of our love and read them. I wanted to remind her all the good and bad experiences we shared together. I believe all my mails were deleted without reading. Until today I have never received any answer from her accept a little note saying “it is sad but I don’t trust you” I have requested her not less than 10 times to reconsider her position and make some compromises. I was so disappointed from her and she gave me the feelings I don’t even have human dignity. Diplomacy is not a word she understands. I always said to her she was my number one lady and please do not lose that position. That was one of the reasons why I invited her to talk. I wanted to leave her with good memories. I sincerely hoped a dialogue with her because I am a person who needs good explanations for everything. I cannot understand why our relationship must end in such a tragic misery. At this point I have lost all my faith in her. Therefore I don’t believe I will ever exchange a word with her again.

My overall impression about her:
She will be loyal to you only if she loves you. Based on this she will do anything for you. She is very demanding and fussy. She is very selfish and thinks she is right in everything. She is a perfectionist and you cannot find the truth in her when she is after something. She will sacrifice anything to achieve what she needs. She does not hesitate to lie to reach her goal. She is very cunning and has full ability to plane her moves well ahead. She betrayed her husband and had a relationship with me. At the end of her relationship with me she betrayed both her husband and me and fall in love with other person. She is very dangerous and she will take revenge for every little mistake you does. She will never respect your feelings but she will always demand to get respected on her feelings. It is almost impossible to convince her you think are right. She will never express fully her thoughts instead she always hides some. Diplomacy is not a word she understands. She always crates chaos based on her own thoughts. She will keep her fights alive and she will always create a reason to fight. She loses her temper very quickly. If she loses her trust on you she will never respect you with little dignity. If she gets hurt from you she will hurt you forever. If she loses her faith in you she will drop you like hot potato with full misery. You must be always with her without bit of privacy. She has very high expectations and you must be fully committed to her. As long as things move accordingly with her wishes, she will be a nice loving wife for you. If you betray her once and stay with her, she will betray you badly all life long. You can only love her or hates her. It is impossible to find a middle ground with her and therefore in my case I must hate her for ever.

My advice: If you hurt her leave her immediately.
She will never excuse you for anything.

Gemini Man

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To Gemini man
by: Anonymous

Once again you will judge Virgo lady correctly. I have no doubt about a Virgo woman. I think you are just lacking of trust and loosing faith with your Virgo woman. Since Gemini and Virgo are sharing the planet Mercury with you, you and her must be mixed very well. You both need to compromise and figure it out why is it the problem if you love your Virgo. I don't believe for some Virgo are a cheater. It is just your imagination. Virgo is the most faithful in the world that you might not know.
Only Gemini is the one who has no faith and may cheat toward her. All that I can say is talk to her to understand from the bottom. I'm sure Virgo dont cheat. Speak to her directly-no make believe. okay.
Virgo holds the truth with good promise.
From Miss Virgo.

by: Anonymous

According to the very first to the third part of your articles and experience with Virgo woman, that sounds horrible to me as your critic reader. All Virgo ladies 99.99 percent are amazing/great as in class rang A. Virgo is delightful, reserves, determination, loyal, honest, and 100% faithful lady not the only she has a great luck of charms. These qualities is blessed by her nature. These are hard to earn for other signs. Virgo wasn't born to be a betray woman but she is some how very critical, cautions, aware of her surrounding and daily activity. Her critical nature is 100% harmless. She works hard to earn a higher standard and expectation as a result to provide for herself and a love one who she cares the most in her life and of course, anyone wants this. She is just only a human as anyone else; there is no such thing Perfect. Make sure you don't make Virgo wrong. Virgo will learn from her mistaken and will fully admit if she really did an error. Virgo always forgive and forget about a simple negative aspect for herself and someone she loves really deeply. In your case, sound you are not feeling very secure, misinterpret, lack of trust toward yourself and your Virgo. Simple, Virgo and you need to compromise to solve the mystery. I knew- Virgo loves, respects, and thinks of you more than you can imagine. She sticks to her decision and works hard to achieve it. Please, recognize and be reconsider. You don't need to leave or give up away from a reliable, dependable Virgo. Nothing to be fear or afraid. Your articles made you and your Virgo looks too ugly. Please be a little bit easy on your Virgo. I'm sure, you don't want a weak lady to be your lady. When she becomes your, she is always your. Don't confuse!! She will meet and speak with you when the time is right . I'm not trying to protect Virgo but want to be fair for this intelligent lady. As I read the Astrology prediction, there is something wrong; there is a huge planet blocks her zodiac house. Be thankful; the planet moved out now; Virgo and you must be fine, Okay. Just remember, Virgo is a human; she can be loyal or not as anyone else depends on the situations. Virgo will take all the blames from her lover or her boyfriend as I knew. She wants you to be happy 100%. Have hope and be faithful to yourself first. Don't say Virgo betray you or her husband; she is not; she buried you in her big Red Heart; she makes you look good. Best wishes for you and your kindness Virgo. Be happy; you are lucky!!
From: a Critic Reader.

To Abbey
by: Anonymous

My advice: If you hurt her leave her immediately.
She will never excuse you for anything.
Gemini Man

I'm not agree with you. Virgo is the most Loyal in the world with understanding and passion toward the one she Loved. She able to forgive and excuse with a reasonable caused. Who else is perfect and care more than Virgo? Virgo gives you lots of chance. Maybe you never knew. Your article makes me laugh.
Remember all Virgo might be different. I hope you got the right Virgo. Learn more about Virgo sun-strength and weakness. Virgo never goes wrong. lol...

by: Anonymous

Im a virgo woman, you dont understand virgos at all.
I just got cheated by a gemini recently.

I won't blam you
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to hear that your Gemini is cheated on you, Virgo. That is why I don't trust Gemini because Gemini is flirting around too much with the opposite gender. First flirting then what is going on next? You may have a big picture in your mind. I knew Gemini men and women, please better stay away from these sign. That sign won't works for us as Virgo. The Best matches for Virgo is as a close relationship is Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, maybe Pisces and Libra might be perfect an idealism for Virgo. Okay, just get out-leave Gemini. don't suffered yourself too long with a cheater. i'm your friend same Sun sign, understand pretty much. Take care

Virgos are true to their hearts
by: G

Signs do tell a lot about our personality, but there are some which may not follow prime far all the virgos i met are super loyal...and they expect their partners to be too...i'm a leo and surrounded by a few virgos acquaintances and a long as u fulfil what u promised, and that is to love them wholeheartedly and to be their support, they will stand by u also thru thick n thin...i think reading ur first 2 yrs it sounded amazing but perhaps did u fulfil what she wanted out of a relationship? virgos are criticizing but they do not like it when others do it to them...u almost have to find a softer way to express to them their mistakes but give them logic enuf for them to want to correct it.

Virgo Woman...
by: Queen Tee

As a Virgo woman reading your post, you left something out when it comes to your end. You shared everything about her but did not express what you did to trigger those emotions from her. Virgo women tend to look to the future, not dwell on the past. Once you "cross" us, we tend to let go! We are, after all, known as the "spinster" sign! I don't know what it is that you've done to cause her not to trust you but I do know that if you want her back, it's going to take a whole lot of coaxing and begging! Try taking her out to do something she enjoys a lot! Be very open, honest and lighthearted! Then, go from there! Wish you the best of luck!

Mature Virgo
by: Anonymous

You are right. Virgo buried/not dwell on the past but looks forward to the future. Virgo will not show you that she upset and will not correct you either, so Virgo will let you goes down to hell without a warning sign. I agree if Scorpio cause Virgo upset, he need to apologize her with lots of begging. A mature and serious Virgo knows all the tricks and liars. Don't get involve with a smart Virgo unless you know what to say and better be honest. Virgo will forgive you with all depend.
Many Virgo ARE BLESS/HAVE A GREAT CHARM /MODEST-Be careful she has ability to read you.

dont take advantage to a Virgo
by: Anonymous

WE, as a Virgo! We rule our head rather than emotions..But once we Fall, we fall hard and willing to give Everything we have. As in EVERYTHING!!!..We work hard to make sure our relationship will go far.But, if we get hurt more than once, VIRGOS head will kick in ,When virgos decided to let go someone no one can break that decisions even it hurts or extremely difficult they will let you go..Once your out of Virgos life, there is no usually will let you get back in....I, as a Virgo, many people around me thought i was weak and stupid coz i let them to take advantage of my generosity and sweetness..i can see all their motives, i left them in my mind.When i decided to distance my self and become totally cold towards them that is the time they Realized how stupid they are of not giving importance of Virgos presence into ther lives...Now,if you met a virgo never let them go or suffer your whole life .....(Pardon me to my english....:)

Virgo is logic
by: Anonymous

Many try to fool and take advantage of Virgo. Those people can't see what inside Virgo's mind. Not only the Beauty but Virgos have a great mind/Logical. Exteriors of each Virgo looks very cool; interiors is hard as a corundum. I agreed with the article you wrote. Virgo is not STUPID. Only a loser might think that way. Virgo cares/loves only who she suppose to. If there is some thing wrong, she will be distance. Don't try to play game with Virgo; you will be suffered the rest of your life as the article who just mention this early. Virgo will breaks your heart as well as you did to her. Guy out there should knows. It doesn't have to be a VIRGIN, but Virgo is the Symbol of the Virgin. Virgo realizes within her head-emotional is nothing. You comment up there is great!!!

To whom who rules the head
by: Anonymous

That is exactly what you meant. I'm Virgo; some people think Virgo is Stupid. They don't see what inside of our head as Virgo. They are too shallow. They only depend on their emotional to guide them.
They take advantage of our kindness and sweetness.
They are totally wrong. I as Virgo just want to observe them and know all their motivation as you just said. Virgo never falls or breaks easily as those who though. Virgo is very dependably, fair, and smart women and men. In the naked eyes, no one able to see that because Virgo do not shows the two sides trait. If you wants to involve with Virgo, you must be up to her/his standard and must rule your "head". You don't know what Virgo thinking. Virgo don't comes back to you if you lose her or him. Virgo's willed is very strong by nature no matter what level is.
Virgo above, your English is okay. The matter is you have a great mind and character. To other signs no offense.

Gemini + Virgo
by: Virgo Lady

Yes, Virgos are easily hurt despite their calm exterior. I was in a relationship with a gemini and it seems like it was an all-take, but no give relationship. We have a discriminating eye for a reason, which is why we can pick up on mind games (Geminis are notorious for this). You just gave us your version of the story, but I'm sure your Virgo would disagree that she was the main cause of the problem. Virgos don't normally just up and leave without ALOT of thought.

Peace n Love~ Virgo

by: Anonymous

Gemini caused the problem-Gemini is too dangerous. I don't trust Gemini at all. One minute Gemini is going up another minute is going down and very clever and tricky just to push Virgo down from the cliff. Be very very careful with Gemini. Gemini seems nice but it is hell. The two faces who has mindless and act as a child. I swear never ever want to meet Gemini again-worst.
Good luck to all. From: Understanding Virgo with Loving heart.

they will come to chase you!!
by: Anonymous

when virgos become totally cold towards the people they loved and cared, those people will keep coming to chase the virgos.they try everything to impress and get the virgos feelings back...oowwww,,virgo is difficult to impress because they have the highest standard specially regarding about!!, Virgos are very kind, loyal and loving, understanding..but if you revoke them, oh boy, watch out, they are not agressive or scandalous but they are dangerous in a silent never know what you will recieve coz they have their own way to hurt people by their own silent cant see it but i assure you that you can deeply feel it....

by: Anonymous

not revoked...!!being PROVOKED...

virgo who was in relationship with gemini
by: Anonymous

well Gemini is the worse they are Narcissist, he reeled me in made me feel like I was the most importent took me for everything I owned racked up my credit, And then became jeckel and hide so virgos will hide if you become hide lol in the last year he would flirt in front of me have secreat e-mails be on line all day and night but couldnt have a movie night with me because talking to other strange woman on line was more inportant probly because he bleed me dry finance wise I stood by him when he almost died never left his bed side when I feel ill he ran out the door with his friends he sat around the house didnt even try to get a job after he got laid off. I sat back waited for him to see his wrong gave him two years but he never did then when I left he expected to have a relationship of mid night calls when his ho wasnt around well he didnt like it when my virgo side kicked in strong and moved on yes im still in court trying to get my $60,000. back that I put down on the house we lived in oh he didnt put anything down we got the house because I sold my house to put the money down on the new house because I whole heartedly believed in him till I realized he took me for a ride so sham on him know he will have to live with knowing he lost the most reliable loving committed person in his life who gave him unconditional love till he put conditions on me so this guy played games with his virgo and like all Geminis they will trash the virgo and not say exactly what they did to rip the virgos heart out that they stabed in the back and stamped on the floor like it was nothing we take peoples hearts as somthing and hold it seacret and dont take it litly to being hurtfull for no reason at all yes we forgive because every guy I have been with has always tryed to win me back after they seen what they lost so I feel bad they will walk around never forgiving there selfs for what they lost after all when a virgo loves she loves all the way and it breaks my heart to know somthing I loved is hurting but I wont ever give it a chance to hurt me again its to painful to know somthing you thought loved you more then anything could hurt you so bad.

Virgo relationship with Gemini
by: Anonymous

I'm pondering; your case is similar to me as a Virgo. What can I say to you as Virgo?? Your are at risk emotionally with Gemini as a relationship. Geminis is too Selfish-Narcissistic and very Clever by blind full to you by taking every thing you owned. It is a good thing that you have noticed. You need to do some thing to break off from Gemini-free yourself; Gemini is not-not a good match for you. You have the power to overcome. I know...Virgo is very intelligent-don't let Gemini take advantages on you too long. Keep your wealth and your possession to yourself. (I know many Virgoan are rich and full of though, lol.) And look for someone who meets your standard or at least similar of personality trait who you can trust. Don't let your wealth destroys by Gemini!!! Take care.

To gemini man
by: Anonymous

Well....I must applaud you..I am a virgo woman. And yes you described to a "t" what can happen if for ANY I MEAN ANY reason a virgo woman feels betrayed in a relationship. But in my defense i have to say that i like my privacy but i love closeness more. I ask a lot of my partner and i expect to be asked alot of as well. I am nosy so much so it can be irritating even to my closest friends whom know me well. Yes can love truer and harder than any other but also i get hurt so much quicker. its a plus and negative all in one. can say truely im sorry for your loss. I know we ae hard to deal with sometimes i have to tell myself to shut up. We are so black and white its incredable. But will say that i am almost sure that everythin she promisedto you was real and she still fels that way but her vews as to what is right wont let her eat her words and actions to admit she was wrong. I agree we are sooooo bad a admitting wrong in ourselves. The only thing i can ay is I KNOW maybe not you but ME KNOWS I mean this to say just because we my never admit it we always know our mistakes. I wish sometimes i can simply say yes your right. but it seems so.....wrong. I guess this doesn't make you feel better but i know i have ruined more rlationships i can admit because of this horrible flaw of mine. I can only say THANK YOU. You have a wonderfully keen mind and half of these things you know of a TRUE virgo only can be known with time. But yes thank you for pointing out things in me i would myself never be able to admit no matter how true...good luck gemini man and they say you love and lose and always learn....

Agree with Virgo
by: Anonymous

I agreed with you,Virgo. As Virgoans, they always know exactly what they do- Virgo barely make mistake in every thing they do include personal life. Also, they know when they make mistake-but kind of hard for them some time they don't want to admit it because they are always excellent-99.99% at least.

Back to Gemini, this person always declare himself as a perfect person as a dictatorship. I found as it is hard to be compatible with-very tricky and clever-way toooo much details. Gemini always love and always lose. I cannot stand with Gemini personality.

Virgo good luck to you to us.

Dear Abbey
by: Suspicious Gemini

You're judging all Virgos with one example.

1.)Just because her sun sign is Virgo, doesn't mean she is completely Virgo. There are a bunch of other planetary aspects that determine her personality.

2.) Because of her individual, one in a million personality, you are judging the rest of the Virgos in the world, who are perfectly decent.

3.) In fact this whole thing doesn't have to do with planetary aspects but with her values and the way she was raised. Or maybe this is all your fault and you just won't admit it

My experience with virgo women..
by: Anonymous

Hmm. i had two virgo girlfriends (i am bisexual) still living with a virgo girl who was married to capricon man, now divorced. i am looking after her baby now.

They are Not bad people. i see them very strong and very business mind orientated, who is always searching for the soulmate from the very bottom of their hearts.

Very sensitive, love soft witty talking people, well dressed up and goal oriented independent people. (Easily attracted to Capricon men LOL)

Few things sometimes i find them very hard is that they are very narrow minded people.. They hate accepting difference but love to make things 'perfect' in their own way. This can appeal very attractive to gemini who just flow and fling in the wind.

Virgos know so much but do not know that what they think is only an opinion as well... but they worship their ideas, over with their knowledge, ask people to follow their ideas, very stubborn....

But they're very generous until certain extent, know how to bring ideas into businesses, know how to push their ideas as far as it gets and want to share it with people(with something coming back. Never do things for free).

Sex is the same... Push what they want if they think they deserve it. Virgo girls tend to get very depressed if the partner does not sleep with them, but never give up seducing the 'right man or woman'(even if they are married or have girlfriends.. Moral issues does not bother them..)

They have a lot of friends but they think it is only the business connection. They are VERY moody (even if they say no..), love attention (even if they say no), they love show businesses (even if they say no), rational but irrational with their wants (keep asking and bothering people until they get it).

They share but sometimes it is not necessary or too much. They are good workers and teachers but not good mom and dads... They do not accept childish side of children..

Um that's totally wrong
by: Anonymous

Typical Gem to cheat lol. That description of virgo is all wrong. We're givers, and we are really understanding, and we tolerate alot of crap over and over again (and give lots of chances). But once we're done, we're done. We value integrity, honesty and loyalty, and seeing through what the gem guy wrote (even with it being so obviously partial to himself) it's obvious he cheated, that's why she became distant.

Treat us with respect, and we'll give you the world. We can be sensual, caring, compassionate and we are willing to do anything to make sb we love happy.
Disrespect us and lie too many times- we're done.

We may seem cold on the service, but we love DEEP, and it takes us SO long to fall in love. Oh and bc of this, when you hurt us... It hurts BAD. We may appear nonchalant and might not make a fuss and scream and yell like some other signs, but we do hurt and hold it in.

When I was cheated on badly, I broke up with the guy eventually. I didn't yell, scream, hit him or curse at him... I forgave him. I'm not going to be immature to wish him death or whatever, I'm going to be the better person and rise above that behaviour.

Virgo agrees with the totally wrong
by: Anonymous

Virgo is the goddess of justice. Higher in moral, fair, and loyal. Virgo male/female can be a good parent, teacher, counselor, and doctor. These characters describes Virgo very well. Virgo has a higher mind. They're able to forgive and gives lot of chance to someone who is against Virgo. They don't like childish-which mean lacking of maturity toward to an adult. Virgo don't like being a parent some how, but if they became a parent, they teach, love, care for their children very well. Virgo is very strictly parents. Virgo is deep; no one can understand them.
Virgo is the goddess of justice not Libra as the fact and the truth. Not all sign are good or bad.
Virgo is thinking before acting. Virgo is the star at school or work. Virgo are demanding for perfect/not afraid to work hard as others signs. As I knew, many millionaire are Virgo people. Virgo is a smart people.

by: Anonymous

iswear i just gotout by the skin of my teeth in a relationship with a virgo female, and in this time she literally did what u wrote i have never felt such love and pain until her i put her on a pedastool and she proposed to me and she divorced me we have a 2 yr old and she out of nowhere says now that i am more or less nothing she assaulted me has gotten violent, i stood by her as her husband and literally i cannot believe a person who has so much love and beauty could be so mean and cruel and she is was a cheater

Virgo female
by: Roxanne

I am a female virgo and i honestly can say that i want to live a certain way but because i literally got it goin on i live it to the extreme i have slept with men and literally tried to get pregnant to keep them, i end up ruining every relationship and i like older men, one relationship i was 18 he was 34

Bad Wrap for virgo...
by: bella

wholy crap... now that is a sad angry man...I am a virgo, amd some is true and some is not. We virgios don't wait for things to happen we make things happen. we are clean amd need and take care of ourselves. However I hate fighting and would rather resolv, meeting in the middle sometimes and agreeing to disagree. If you have someone that truly loves you she will hear your side of your feeling. Virgo's love and are loyal.. the man in my life I adore he is 16 years older than me, my friends say I could have so much more. .. but the your heart pulls were it wants to be,.. he is imperfect in the most perfect ways... so he's not clean.. but he will hug me at the end of the day,.. and make dinner. A realtionship is a blend of commuinication love trust and laughter:)

by: :)



this is exactly no lie what I went through with a virgo
by: Anonymous

Im a Cancerian and the things you said about Virgo Women being selfish cold and that I don't trust you that is there catch phrase trust you are so right I went through the exact same thing. If these Virgo Women on here who were saying Virgos are so great and they are so perfect towards others why the same patterns. I have a friend who is a Leo who dealt with three Virgo Women they all did him dirty. So if they are so great why the same things happen. Also you talking about how they will jump to the next man so on point why because like you said they only care about them finding love the problem is that they find themselves with someone just as selfish and evil as them. My heart goes out to you everyone deserves to be appreciated it goes both ways not just Virgo Women and what kills me is they the first ones complaining when someone mistreats them but when they do it its ok.

by: Ira

Don't listen to them, they just don't want to hear their faults. If she cheated on her husband with you then cheated on you with someone else... well there you go. I can believe that they are capable of this just like any of the other signs though they might be the ones to least likely do it, it's possible. move on and find a better Virgo (someone who isn't married) don't listen to these whiny ones

by: Anonymous

Hello everyone, I am so new to this discussing my problems with complete stranger but I need the advice. I feel like I've been struck with a Gemini man for the past 6 yrs of my life. I meet him when I was 22 and he was 36. We hit it off fast. Great sex, conversation, and all. I ended up having twins by him.He treated me like a true QUEEN through my entire prenancy, even let me sleep at night while the twins cried at night. But a few months after the birth, he started getting on all types of porn sites, dating websites, and hiding thigns from me. He started looking and flirting with other women, even some of my closes relatives, and started making me feel horible. He said he watched other women on the WEB because I always seemed tired and he did want to bother me, which I knew was a lie. I called me stupid and jealous for getting mad at him for watchin people he couldnt get to. told me I should be happy he wasnt sleepin around. I opened up and did all that he said I was lacking and he still did the same things -- even knowing how bad it made me feel. He stated that I should trust him and the friends he has because alot of his friends lived away and were harmless, then one day I caught him on his yahoo acct. and ask him to open one of his folders with one of his friends name on it. It hadd a picture of a woman naked, playin with herself, that he had saved for himself. But he still denied he was cheating on me. It feels like things have been going completely downhill with this Gemini man for a long time. I dont feel loved, appreciated, respected, or worth anything anymore. Recently he came to my and said we should just be friends, then try to build our relationship back up. I've gave birth to his kids, brought us a home, giving myself fully to him for the past 6 yrs and he wants to be just friends!!! I was hurt sooooo bad. I just eventually got somewhat numb to him. I dont know how to completely break it off with him. I am cold sometimes, then there are times my mind tries to forgive and move on for the sake of our family. My kids love their dad so much... I nned help and advice. I stop calling him like I uese to.. now he calls me to death , but it doesnt mean anything to me, because I feel he just does enough to keep me around and thats it. He always says he loves me, and even ask if we could go to counseling. I agreed but it never happened. I dont know what to do, but this devoted Virgo Woman needs words of advice. Do I keep praying and ask God to strenghten us or do I let go? I feel like I let my Kids down and Myself. Im am a perfectionist, i know that. All our time share has not been bad, we actually had a lot of fun times with one another but the bad is starting to outway our good. Pray for this Heartbroken Virgo---I want to cut him off completely, but we have kids and they're depending on me and their dad ... :(

Abbey is right
by: Anonymous

In a nutshell you described virgo woman. In my own experience she can promise u the whole world and later on forget if she said anything.

Its all about her. I scold her for mistakes and criticize for that. She listens and improves coz she wants me now. I wonder when she doesnt want me, she wouldnot even listen if i beg to her.

If she wants it, she will swim all the river of pain, if she doesnot then wont even taste the sweet things.

She doesnot consider emotions of other being and value of a relationship for it's merit but rather her own needs.

very selfish and very professional. and yes.. big liar and smart cheat, loving as well.. guess i helped readers to know her.

WOW !!
by: Anonymous

The story u have described is my EXACT life with a Virgo women. I cant believe it !! It is soo sad that it has to be that way, cause we love them soo much. She has actually ruined my life, and i hate her for that. U are right again, u either hate them or u love them, no middle ground .. but i still really love her too :-( .. One more thing u didnt mention about them, is that they dont care when they are angry/upset .. They just leave things as is .. and basically i was the one running after her EVERY time .. no matter who was wrong, no matter who was the one fighting .. i was the one that had to run after her. She used to just leave it and carry on with her life as if nothing happened, and wud ignore me completely. It just hurts .. hurts like crazy cause ive really fallen hard for her.

air and earth combination
by: Anonymous

I'm a virgo female and my boyfriend is a gemini and we together for almost a year and trust me I sometimes I faced the exact situation as yours.
first of all let me clarify to you in your misconception towards virgo, virgo can be one of the most loyal and loving sign of all the zodiac and once she really fall in love she will give 100% of her heart and because of that she value relationship so much that u would ever imagine. This is also the reason why she will expect a higher and more quality relationship..virgo value quality more then quantity..they will never trial and error!!!!!!
Aren't u feel happy that your girlfriend keep putting efforts just to make the relationship works?...this can be seen when u said that she keep on buying gifts and surprised u often.
one more important issue, did u really think that if a girl doesn't love u she will carry on this relationship for 6 years??..ask yourself, did u ever did something that hurt her such as simply flirting around or cheating?..because a girl will not simply just loose trust and faith towards her guy..besides gemini is well known to be the most 'flirtatious' sign.
Don't make a virgo loose trust one you cause once u break it..I can assure u that it can not be fixed you can just forget about her now because as a virgo myself I m sure that she will not be back together with you.
the statements I wrote above is not to judge any person in particular but rather to said that gemini and virgo is not a compatible sign as both possessed different values and thoughts which is subsequently lead to misunderstanding.
I would like to urge u not to be prejudice towards a virgo just because of your pass relationship cause you might haven experiences the real dark side of others sign...not everyone is perfect so as a virgo.. I really feel sorry that your relationship could not be workout with her but life have to goes on.
me and ny boyfriend strives to be totally transparent to each other and find solutions for our problem because we know that we still love each other.
anyway I would also like to thank you for sharing out this article at least I can realize the weakness of a virgo and try to change it be be a better girlfriend.
I hereby wish you for finding your true love...cheers!!

lol ha men used me
by: Anonymous

I'm a Virgo worked all my life let's see I put 60,000 down on a house let him put it in his name because I trusted hole heartly and what happened he cheated with a dirty little hoe and threw me on the street with a kid to move her in the house I paid for oh ya I got s lawyer have my canceled check oh and he got let go of work I paid everything that's how he cheated on line why his lazy ass didn't look for a job I worked all of my life paid my own way and bought there shit and I got screwed over but us you say its just Virgo woman aha what ever

good for you
by: Anonymous

read between the lines i said 15 not all there is alot of good women in the virgo, but few that i have seen or knew,it gets sickening to here that the virgos are so perfect which they are certainly not just like every other sign,Me i wouldnt touch one or even be involved with a virgo never have never will a virgo female comes up to me i say see ya! they are nightmares!!!!!

not all virgo women are the same
by: Anonymous

I wish I was cunning spiteful or cold hearted on the contrary my down fall has been the understanding everyone else before me. So don't make this assumption all virgo women are the same.. I'm outgoing and self sufficent.

Be Her Compliment ;)
by: Virgo Woman

Hey don't be upset yeah. To be frank I've been heart-broken several times in my life but at this very point of time I think my ex were fantastic men. I love my gentleman unconditionally though I show in a different way.

I feel sorry for you about your Virgo woman. Gemini men r very sociable & entertaining. However, when they're sarcastic, damn, that's painful, it makes sensitive people to lose respect in them. It's okay to tease a little but don't go overboard to 'e extreme of humiliate people.

Almost everyone would react 'e same if they're humiliated unless they have a smart strategy not to show but revenge indirectly.

It also depends on her upbringing. In most religions, revenge is not encourageble unless she's a satanic, that's what 'e religion would taught them u see. Or it could have been human nature without us realizing we accidentally revenge.

I'd normally go for incompatible signs as they have what I lack of. Think of ways u could complement her as opposite always attracts. I mean if she's still worth it.

Warmest Regards
Virgo Woman

PS: U may criticise me & that doesn't matter but if u happen to fall in love with another Virgo woman, good luck. ;)

im confused about a Virgo
by: Anonymous

Im a cancer female.Ive been in a relationship with a Virgo.its been a roller coaster.I knew by the distant she was giving.there was some one she seeing.I was not going make my self credit.I made some mistake.but I never cheated on her.but we friends.but evendoe we are friends she knows.I love her.there time we would fuck around.but what im confuse is why lie about your girlfriend being your xs.if we friends.then she told me im to immature to deal with the truth.but then one nite we was drinking she flip out on me cause a female send me a picture of her pussy on my phone.then have the nerve to ask if i fuck her.I lie and said yes to test her.for her to tell me if she fuck anyone when i was loyal.i don't know she gives me mixed signal.sometime I wonder she does what she does cause in beginning I test her to see how much does she like me.but I kinda bush it.anyways I know she in a relationship.but I do love her just don't know how to play my cards of her stealing heart again

goodbye virgo
by: Anonymous

I recently divorce my wife for 7 month..shes a virgo..and what has been describe about virgo woman here is absolutely true..ijust cannot take anymore..u cannot be a bit of yourselve infront of this goodbye to regret at a pisces.

by: Anonymous

i am a virgo woman, but i am very loving... i don't like quarreling only if i got hurt i am very rebelous. after that if we both comunicate and explained our side, we are both, sometimes there is a fautl between you...... maybe both of cannot understand each other... so what can i say is that be opened to each other.... virgo sign are very me... thank you

The Virgo and Gemini sign
by: Anonymous

It talks about how much the Virgo woman was giving ang giving. But what some love back in return. The Gemini sign sounds so greedy and about themself.

Relationships are about understanding each others love lauguage and applying it to build a healthy relationship. Who on earth wants to keep giving, like a cow being milked all day long. It works both ways.

experience with Gemini
by: Anonymous

Gemini men are extremely sneaky. They try to fool virgos, but the typical Virgo is to smart to trust the two faced Gemini. I'm a Virgo, and most Geminis I know are liars.They are not nearly as loyal as Virgo. They will be cheating on you the entire time. Geminis can't be trusted. Us virgos know better. If you are dating a gemini as a virgo, my advice to you would be to never take your eyes off of him, because he is sneaky and he's probably doing some stupid things behind your back. Watch em ladies.

If a man hurts a Virgo, it is their problem to deal with the results standard....
by: Anonymous

Virgos will be the most loyal but if you hurt them and take the mick, then I feel sorry for that the partner involved.

Virgos don't play when they have been taken for a ride. All I got to say, is that guy better find the solution to getting on her good side or one will see a not so nice side.

At the end of the day, whoever hurts a virgo, it is their problem deal with it.

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