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Have u ever tried dating with an incompatible signs? 
Have u ever dated an incompatible signs like Pisces, Saggitarius, Aquarius, Gemini, Leo & Aries? Are their strengths able to complement your weaknesses? …

Aries and Virgo friendship 
Hi I'm an Aries and my close friend is a Virgo, we been friends for 4 years. I went out with a frend of hers that she doesn't like, For 3 months I was …

Virgo woman feedback.  
I feel your description of a Virgo woman is very accurate. I have looked at many websites and most of these websites say Virgos are very harsh, judgmental, …

Virgo woman sexuality 
The description in part is correct. A man must F- - - - my mind before he can enter my body. This is the start of it. I am very eager to please and …

Intense Scorpio sexuality vs reserved Virgo 
I have a little comment for Scorpio men. Though lots of Scorpio men don't have a great or sexy appearance-they are very muscular somewhat but their personalities …

Negative but oh so honest Virgo 
I get into alot of trouble with myself for being too critical. I basically am a call it like I see it gal. I think I may have thought in my own mind I'm …

Sexually free Virgo women 
I can't speak for all my fellow Virgo ladies...but I am extremely sexual and love to please my partner. I am not shy with my lover....especially because …

Am I Virgo or Libra or both? (Virgo Libra cusp) 
If I'm born on September 22nd am I Virgo or Libra? Or both?

Virgo Woman Pisces Man Perfection 
I'm pisces, she's virgo . I'm an EXTREMELY picky pisces guy and have been single for over 5 years, waiting for the 'perfect' woman to come into my …

In love with best friend Virgo woman 
So I met this Virgo girl at the beginning of the school year(we are seniors) and we immediately hit it off. We became best friends really fast and and …

Virgo women perfectionist 
This perfectionist issue is very much true.. that's why im a housekeeper right now.. becos i cant see a place imperfect or dirty. I am a very critical, …

Virgo woman doesn't want a relationship? 
I've fallen for a 30 year old Virgo woman, whom I love and adore. We met 2 years ago while we were both living in a foreign country. We both moved back …

Does both partners being born on a cusp change compatibility?  
I'm a Sagittarius, born cusp and I'm dating a Virgo woman, also, born cusp. It's by far wonderful and we are very good at understanding, healing, and communicating …

Can I get my Virgo ex back? 
I need help! I just broke up with my Virgo girlfriend after 7 years. Her age is 45 years and I am 46 years old. We spent a beautiful 5 years together without …

My experience with Virgo Woman 
My experience with Virgo Woman - Our relationship has lasted 6 years - and therefore I would like to divide my whole jury in 3 parts: Part one: 1st …

Virgo looking for the right match 
i am a Virgo, as you know very hard to satisfy us. i am interested in a Taurus wondering if it could work out. Anyone?

Virgo Girls please help 
Hi all, I'm a 29 yrs old Sagittarius guy and I knew a 30 yrs old Virgo charming young lady just 3 months ago, it was a mere luck knowing her, I knew her …

How to make a Virgo passionate 
I am a Virgo woman. I agree with the article. Virgo women don't just allow anyone to get our hearts. A man has to work over time to prove himself. We want …

Virgo women are cautious perfectionists 
In all honesty I believe this article depicts Virgo women well. We are cautious perfectionists that tend to have a sarcastic smart mouth but the key to …

Crush on an amazing Virgo women 
I'm a Scorpio man with a hopeless crush on an amazing Virgo women. We've known each other for a year or so and we've just recently started talking and …

Mixed signals from Virgo women 
I am a Sagittarius man and have a weakness for Virgo and Pisces women..which just happen to be the worst two matches out there for me.. Right now im interested …

Understanding Virgo women 
I am a Virgo female, and the majority of what is written I agree. However, I am a type of Virgo who -- because I know my critical nature -- tries to give …

Virgo women and sex 
We love sex just as much as any other sign and are very faithful partners. We tend to give all we have but if we sense that its one way we pull on the …

How to be friends with a Virgo 
I go to school with this girl. She tries so hard to be my friend. She use these lame jokes and try to be this different person around me, than she would …

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Virgo woman sexuality 
I do not agree with the sexuality part. We are VERY SEXUAL and wild in bed. But it has to be with the right man. A sensual and passionate man with experience …

How to attract a Virgo woman 
I'm a Virgo woman and I personally believe were as picky as they come. It takes years for me to find a guy who gives me that nervous feeling, in which …

Virgo as a lover? 
I have to say as a Virgo woman that I am pretty wild, adventurous, sensual and not shy at all in the bedroom. I struggle to remain faithful... I do get …

The essence of a Virgo Woman 
Wow, you really have captured the essence of a Virgo Woman, however I don't agree with one of the previous visitors comments regarding not being faithful... …

Virgo women unfaithful and adventurous 
I must admit as a Virgo female, I agree with most of this article. As far as the sex goes, well.. I'm not a very faithful Virgo, I get bored easily. If …

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