Virgo woman sexuality

I do not agree with the sexuality part. We are VERY SEXUAL and wild in bed. But it has to be with the right man. A sensual and passionate man with experience and that knows how to treat a Virgo lady!!!!This man will get everything he wants!!!! EVERYTHING!

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Virgo woman sexuality
by: Anonymous

Jay!! Virgo is not a prude in bed as long as she feels comfortable and loves with a perfect partner; take time; she could be, lol. A partner who knows the rules of love and romance must wins Virgo. Virgo will give a heart and every thing to You'll get the best love and care that no one can be compare. Be happy if you are a guy who met Virgo. Virgo is not only intelligent but also beautiful both of a heart and appearance;truthful and honest to a perfect lover.
I hope a perfect will find Virgo if he is blessed.
Remember, not all Virgo are the same; depend on a Mars and the moon placement.
As myself is a Virgo, it hard for me some time. I don't find a guy who is around as in class or work place to attract but the higher and the distant one is my Perfect/an Ideal LOVER-Ten Stars.

Virgo like a valcano
by: Anonymous

Over age 70 i met a Capricorn man who set me aflame. Never have i felt such passion and intense feelings. It is akin to insanity! I am having a hard time cooling down but I must as he is married. My first love and i can't have him. I am married too and now realize my husband is the worst pick i could have made. I have mever been happy.
Thbe pain is terrible.......

Virgo Women Sexuality
by: Anonymous

Actually, I, myself, am a Virgo woman and I am far from a prude. I do care who I have sexual encounters with, but I am WILD. Once I'm comfortable with a certain person, my naughty side comes out and from the numerous Virgos I know, we all are far from "least sexual". We love what we do and enjoy doing it, trust me.

Freakish Virgo
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with your sentiment for I myself is also a virgo. I am in my mid fortys and am dating a Taurus. That man is so moody that he sometimes makes me want to slap the hell out of him. However, I must admit that everytime we come together it is like striking matches to gosoline. We both admit that we cannot stay mad at each other for long because when we are friendly towards each other it's like the angels are singing just for us. As Taurus he has shown me that being able to take care of me is extremely important to him as breathing. I usually get mad at him because he does not like to communicateb but when he opens he tends to put all his cards on the table.

I am always in heat when thoughts of him enters my mind and he is the only who has been able to keep that way.


Virgo perfectionist
by: Anonymous

a Virgo is a perfectionist and this applies in bed too. She studies the love making carefully (she loves research) and executes it as a professional would. Notonly that she enjoys making love to her man immensily (makes her hot)Lucky the man that gets her slow and mind blowing love making. Fireworks for him :) She'll try some stuff he has never had as she is really earthy.

Reserved sexuality
by: Anonymous

As a young (23 yr old) virgo, I can honestly say I've never reached the point where I can fully express myself sexually with a guy. I could 'tell' my darker fantasies to my ex-finace (a cancer sun/aries moon), however, unless he would initiate something, I couldn't relax enough to share them. And even then, we never meshed sexually.

I had another another boyfriend (a cancer sun/leo moon) who set my aflames emotionally. Sadly, the relationship didn't last long enough for me to open up and SHOW him the passionate side.

In my case, I'm incredibly reserved and won't initiate anything unless I'm completely comfortable and devoted to my lover. But that doesn't mean I'm not sexual or sensual. The idea or cuddling for 6 hours on a sofa or some ropes & handcuffs has certain appeal.

It just takes the right guy with enough patience to wade through the defenses.

Completely Off the Board with this one
by: Anonymous

I am a Virgo woman, and I am very wild in the bedroom. I have been told by many others that I am more adventurous when it comes to sexual encounters than a lot. I strongly disagree with this description depicted of Virgo women. I love to mix things up and I love making the heat of passion just that. There is nothing "prude" about my love making. I have needs just as any other person would, and I want it done in ways that could be consider unimaginable. Thanks for depicting us Virgo woman has "bad in the sack".

i love sex
by: Anonymous

I love sex a lot...I wonder why i think about sex a lot but cant apply it to just anyone...i want to exploid with the right one...I broke up with my BF coz he is very dominating and manipulating... but cant even satisfy me in bed...

He cant satisfy you.
by: Anonymous

The solution is, if he can't satisfy you, let him know that you're both need to take turn,lol...i'm serious.
bcus there is no other way. Or you may tell him to go easy don't act as fast as a firework. That is not the way it is.

Sex Machine
by: Anonymous

Im a 51year old woman, who love sex....who ever said we are prudes n bed have not dated a Virgo.... We are freaky and very much open to satisfing our mate. Yes we are picky to whom we give ourselfs to. I date a Capricorn man, and we are like sex magnets...when we are together we cant stay off each other, so to enjoy us is to have us. Dont go by what you read, get you a Virgo and fulfill you sexual needs'..

Lucky you, Virgo woman
by: Anonymous

You are so lucky to have a sexy Capricorn. Earthy like Virgo. It is considered the perfect match, a match made in heaven, you are compatible in all areas, specaiily sex.

dont forget
by: Anonymous

Remember that the true ruler of virgo is VuLCaN..we are confident and queit but take a look deeper and u will find out wht is the real hot like a Lava!!!

by: Anonymous

Virgo is very curious and like to experiment. Virgo thinks Sex is a dirty business. There is no easy way to get involve with Virgo if any man expects to have s.e.x...with Virgo when Virgo do not feels for you-will not open close as a clam. Virgo reserves for only who can be reliable and best fit as a puzzle-the one who has a great devotion. I can say...Virgo is perfect in every thing she/he does. Virgo is absolutely loyal as well as charming. Be happy, if Virgo accept you into her life. Virgo is not a prude with the right one.

virgos are not shy in bed
by: Anonymous

I am a virgo female and I also love to be sexed. I have a passionate and erotic sexual energy inside me. Yes I fully think that it depends on the person your with to bring that side out. My ex was a pisces, a passionate sign and sex was always amazing sometimes we both be in a trance when making love. Although sex was amazing I still believe my sexual side hasnt fully came out. I have read on scorpio men and I think they can.

by: Virgoluv

Yesss you said that so perfectly like only another Virgo could...the RIGHT man will get it ALLLL the wrong will get NADA

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