In love with best friend Virgo woman

by Anonymous

So I met this Virgo girl at the beginning of the school year(we are seniors) and we immediately hit it off. We became best friends really fast and and I honestly didn't feel anything for her in the beginning. But I had a crush at the time but I didn't pursue it because we didn't click the same way me my best girl friend did and I wanted at least that much in a relationship.

But as time went on I couldn't help but notice how I always compared my crush to my best friend and eventually realized that I really liked her. I didn't want to say anything though because I didn't want my feelings to ruin the friendship so I kept silent for about 3 months and the whole time I would pick up on little things here and there that gave me the impression she likes me and just recently I texted a revealing but bold message that definitely hinted that I wanted to be more than friends (at least I'm hoping I did) and since then she has been acting really cutesy and flirty around me.

The thing is though she has a boyfriend and I know they are heading into their thrid month (which is usually the make it or break it point) but myself and others all feel she's not as into him as he's into her (he's a Leo) and that they won't last much longer.

My question is how do I let her know that i like her without scaring her away and how do I know if she likes me because I definitely feel there is a sexual and emotional chemistry between us and I figure I'd she didn't like me wouldn't she have pulled away from me more as a friend or at least after that message? I just don't want to be wrong in my intuition.

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