Virgo women perfectionist

by dev

This perfectionist issue is very much true.. that's why im a housekeeper right now.. becos i cant see a place imperfect or dirty. I am a very critical, practical, down to earth girl, hate spot light even scared sometimes.. im hardworking, what to accomplish lot in life- buy luxurious goods, larges cars, big bungalow near beach.

Im adaptable to almost anything, can make friends out of anybody, easy going, jolly, have good sense of humor and lot of common sense.

When in a relationship-i expect lots of attention and support from partner, im very loyal, loving and caring and too much possessive.
In a perfect partner i would look for him being true lover, down to earth, confident, should have good sense of humor, i hate liars, should be loyal and yah necessarily a one-women man. he should be conservative and we should share a special bond.

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It hards to find a perfect partner this day
by: Anonymous

My suggestion is if you are A Virgo, the Ideal mate is Capricorn. Capricorn is,Earth sign, very warm and honest to Virgo. Speaking as I have dated with this sign but I never ever; however in a business, I met one co-who is Capricorn as well as Perfect. I'm also a Virgo-afraid of hurting. I read people mind by their, sign, behavior, and personality traits. Many of them are a liar and cheater, ha!!! Try to dating Capricorn; you will be not disappoint. Alright? Other signs as Aries, Scorpio, or Leo,etc, you absolutely cant control or tell them what to do, Nooo!!! They are too selfish and don't care. Good luck!!! from a :) Virgo.

are they jealous?
by: Anonymous

A lot of girls from the other zodiac sign hate virgals...i noticed that by reading the comments from the other site...I think they cant accept that we are the most blessed zodiac sign or should we say next to PERFECTION...are they insecure towards us?i dont hate people based to their sign...I think being too humble virgo giving them powers to put us down because we are not the fighter type or scandalous....what do u think co virgos?

by: Anonymous

You can say they are jealous because they are not naturally or can't act as Virgoans girls or boys. Virgo is modest, intelligent, full of charm, reliable, honest, and though full and plane ahead of time. These qualities is natural blessed for most Virgoan. Many Virgoans love quiet and peace and communication instead of fighting. There is no reason to hate Virgo; they should be friend with Virgo if they are smart. Virgo provides love and care. I, myself Virgo too and understand how you feel as Virgo. Don't worry for other signs that hate Virgo-us. Be happy-no one can ever change the way you are because you are Virgo-you are more blessing than the other signs in a different way. Be cool.

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