Virgo women unfaithful and adventurous

I must admit as a Virgo female, I agree with most of this article. As far as the sex goes, well.. I'm not a very faithful Virgo, I get bored easily. If a mate occupies my mind as well as my body, everything is peachy. We do seek attention, we strive to be perfect and yes we try to be the best in what we do, no matter what it is. We do analyze everyone's actions and any flaw they might have. We get what we want and it has to be close to perfect.

Sex can be adventurous for us, if we find the right mate. Excitement is what we seek, if that ends, we move to the next mate. But, if we are satisfied with the mate, we make that person our main focus. And thats about it, lol. We don't suck in bed by the way.. thought I would throw that in!

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I agree and disagree
by: Anonymous

I believe that all Virgo women are slightly different because of the moon, rising, mars, and Venus placements. As a Virgo, I know exactly; she is very highly discrimination, critical, analyzes in every action that everyone around her even in a newspapers or magazines.

I strongly agree that Virgo wants every thing to be in standard-perfect in every thing she does. For mate, she is very selective. She judges people not only the appearance, or habits,
but educational as well as. She is looking for someone is very intellectual or at least equal to her; also, she needs some attention from her mate, and of course, everyone wants it.

I disagree that Virgo is unfaithful women. That is
not very true. Virgo, no matter what, she always remain faithful to the man she had chosen to be with as a life time partner.

However, Virgo will ask her mate to leave her if her mate is unfaithful or have someone new. I believed Virgo can be changeable as well as other sign but very slow until she reaches the point of unbearable, bitter, treat, etc.

There are differences, Virgo changes friends easily because she can sees, reads, or judges by her analytic mind; she cannot keep those friends who are not having a quality that Virgo has. I admitted that I'm a Virgo women have been remains Faithful to a man that I loved deeply in my heart, no matter what someone said a bout him; I always consider. I'm a Virgo who born on the Cusp of Libra; I'm seeking for perfectionist in life but when it is opposite I feel emotional suffered. I prefer to be a lone and live free of pain or without a mate who is unfaithful. I take every thing seriously and precisely.

Virgo I am
by: Anonymous

I do agree with most comments stated about Virgo woman on this site. I notice, I am a perfectionist , I make sure my house is spotless clean , and I am obsessed with candles and great fragrances. I am very big on hygiene and will not allow my husband to touch me if he hasnt taken a shower.I love a clean looking man, who looks proper and not out of place. I hate mess. I am also very intelligent... I analyze everything and everyone.

About the sex part. I believe I have a little Leo in me because I am such a sexual person. I dont wait for my partner to do anything, I just go for it. I have had lovers tell me that the reason we had great sex was because I was such a freak.I get bored very easily... I love to try new things, and sometimes this makes me feel like I can't be commited to one person. So I wont agree with that part that Virgo's aren't good in bed. We so are!!!


To a Perfect Virgo
by: Anonymous

I can sound you; you are a real Virgo. By reading your article and response, I laughed so hard because you are exactly as I am. lol, lol, lol. I want to exclaim to guys out there who win the Virgo heart are a lucky one. Virgo is very pure, very clean, an order in her house or office. She is perfect and set a standard for herself and family.
Her family prouds of her. Her children are great very well educated. Virgo makes sure 100% for a love one. For me I lost 1% because I'm scared of doing it on my own when it comes for the intimacy. At the same time, I hope that my Scorpio lover doesn't misunderstand. I have no Leo at all; I'm closed to Libra. However, I'm willing to learn and do new thing; give 100% just for you. My house fragrance with Jasmine a Yankee candles and a lovely music (Irique Iglesia-Hero) thinking of my Scorpio; I love you. Happy me Virgo.
We are a lucky girls as Virgo; we understand our partner needs.

by: Anonymous

Virgo woman here...we are soooo misunderstood as a sign when it comes to sex! I've only found one posting in all my surfing on the net that says Virgo women secretly like to play the roll of a sex slave. Virgos are very adventurous and faithful WITH THE RIGHT PARTNER. I was married for 20 years to a Cancer. I was never sexually satisfied and because I am so true to my sign and analyze everything, being very young and having a criticizing Cancer partner didn't do much to spice things up in the bedroom. However, I stayed faithful even though he had multiple one night stands and affairs. Once I divorced, I felt free to explore my sexuality and the things that have caught my attention have even surprised myself. Although I think I like the IDEA of being a sex slave more than actually being one, I am hoping that my next partner will be enthusiastic to try new things, or should I say things new to me. I am as outgoing in the bedroom as I am in the board room! Who knew?

by: Mesmile

will i am a virgo myself and i think i am very faithful.virgo o course tend to be perfect but everything i do even perfect or not as much as i expect i still give myself alwaise better to at least try than doin nothing and regret.well how can u guys till if we r a venus,moon,rising or mars in virgo.wat the heck are those anywaise..

To: Virgo I am..
by: Anonymous

I couldn't have written it better myself. I can't stand a dirty man wanting to sex me up! Ew! I'm a shower first (sometimes during) and after kinda lady. Sometimes the fantasy of a dirty oil rig stud coming home from work is exciting... but if it were to happen in real life..the first stop would be the shower NOT the bedroom lol ^^

Stone Heart
by: Imran

Virgo Women have no heart I love so much & she also knows & accpet but she always hurt me & ignore me she was always enjoying to see me longing for her I really hate her attittude although I love her from bottem of my heart & will love her teill I will take my last breeth.but she hurt me over & Over.

by: Anonymous

I believe i never been a true virgo, am so unfaithful and i hate it. wish i was faithful as virgo should be since i have met many great men who offered me what any good nice girl would want. makes me feel bad but i think they are right when they say virgo girls just use you and cheat on you easily, i don't mean to do it though but it just happens.

True the unfaithful virgo woman
by: Anonymous

yes, i lived with a virgo girl and know six other virgo girl-friends and i have noticed that these girls really are strong lol

As a taurus, when i enter a relationship i keep myself very loyal. Even if the relationship goes wrong, i have to stay in a relationship until i finish my analysis of the situation "What i have done wrong". By doing this i don't usually fall in same mistake after i moved on.

But these Virgo girls!!! They keep telling me "Leave the guy who does not make you fun and loving." and "enjoy your life". It sounds cool but i find them stuck in a similar relationship in and out, facing the same problems again and again!! They sometimes even move on to others while having a relationship unfinished!

These girls told me that love is like a game, business, agreements and if you do not find yourself and your situation improving in a relationship, you should leave the person.

For them.. love seems quite meaningless, a feeling is not really worth. Rather, they prefer improvement, partnership, profit, challenge and change. Something REAL not ideal.

hmm.. i think this is the reason why they sometimes ask me what really LOVE is (Taurus's love is Giving, sharing, forgiving, enduring, breathing, coexisting, unreal LOL...).

As a result, Infidelity and cheating seems very common in their relationship package, but they know how to have fun with men while keep the possibilities open for the 'right man'.

i saw many of them facinated with someone's style, career or talking skills and end up having alot of sex with playful men, Which sometimes led them to end with babies with no papa.. (i am looking after one of their babies now)

But until they meet this man, i think they will continuously rock the boat XD

Virgo girls are beautiful, adventurous, fun, affectionative, practical, earthy, focused, moody and assertive. i think this is why, Many gemini girls told me that they feel 'Similar" when they meet virgo girls. i like them as my friends but i would never want them for love rivals LOLLL

used me
by: Anonymous

was with Virgo woman for many years, loved her. was faithful to her. she had holidays, bought her gifts, help her with bills done her house up for her. all by me. I was living with her. she had children but was not mine. lets say I gave her the world.told me loved me.the Moment I could not give her financially pleasure any more cheated on me twice she got bored. left her in the end. because she lied. and cheated not once but twice. not a mistake. she did not care a damn only for herself.and blamed me with excuse after excuse. very greedy and selfish.never loved me just used me

they will love you if it's in their best interest
by: Anonymous

I am not saying all Virgo Women are bad but they only care for you if its in their best interest. My thing is this, this is how people get hurt don't get me wrong others need their feelings protected as well. But you can't treat love as a game to be the winner, only think of you, and switch up when it suits your interest. In the end you loose because you end up with less. Because you threw away your winning hand to have less. Would I ever try to be with a Virgo Woman again probably not. So for those Virgo Woman who do feel life owes you it only does when you do what's right not just because you think you do.

unfaithfully in love
by: Anonymous

I'm a Virgo woman and have been married to a Virgo man for 15 years. I would have never considered myself a Cheater but I have to say that after being with my Virgo husband for about 12 years I found myself cheating numerous. Well at the time I felt unhappy and unsatisfied in the marriage. He was very critical of me with the household chores raising our children and in the bedroom. I began to feel very insecure with myself as a person due to his lack of emotions. My experienced with these other men killed me inside and as I'm still married to my Virgo hubby. For me the reasons I cheated were none other than I needed to feel loved and appreciated as a woman. My Virgo man is controlling and unaffectionate and has a very hard time showing emotions or love. Also untrusting which is what ultimately lead to me cheating on him.
As a Virgo woman I was a very loyal person and gave him 100%of my heart body and soul and dedicated my entire life to him and our 3 children. I was never given that back in the marriage until he caught me cheating and then he says he felt he could open his heart to me. But although still together I have now closed off to him and unwilling to receive his love.

Real Virgo Woman
by: Virgo Me

Not every one virgo is the same but I am a virgo woman and here's a little about me. There are three ways to attract me as a virgo woman 1) intellectually 2)financially 3)sexually. Don't get it twisted about what you read in these traditional astrology pages about virgo. The intellectual guy only keeps the attention of a virgo because no one else is around- he's the first to go. A man that attracts a virgo woman financially will turn her off if he only gives her exactly what she wants/needs or less he must give in abundance continuously or he's gone. These two men will receive faithfulness from a virgo for the first two months if nothing better comes along after that it's fair game while we're waiting for you to mess up as an excuse to leave or we'll just stop contact altogether. A man that can provide something new and please her sexually and a steady basis will be the man that a virgo woman will find it hard for her to detach herself from. If this man happens to be poor and dumb but still maintains good hygein and decent physical appearance she will cheat on him from time to time and even for extended periods of time, but she will not leave the man that sexually pleases her until she finds a better lover- she will definitely if the new guy has at least one of the other qualities as well. Are virgo's insecure? No just lost, that's why we always check on thing's. Are virgo's nit picky? No,we just don't filter our words or thoughts when we are comfortable or love/despise someone. Are virgo's boring in bed? lmao! Hell no,as a virgo woman my sexuality is so far off the charts that it scares even me so I hold it back until I know my partner can handle it without running away, calling me a whore (outside of the bedroom) or attempting to turn me into a porn star lol. But as a virgo everyone cannot see this side, only our "special" mate who we think can go a considerable distance with us. Eeveryone else is probably being used. We like to serve people only because our emotions are so far off the charts we have to find other avenues to express them. So if a virgo is helping you all they're actually saying at the very is "I'm happy to be in your presence and it's a pleasure to know you". WARNING: Do not try to pressure a virgo into doing anything, it will backfire and blow your head off, I don't care where you are lol. In a nutshell virgo's cheat all the time even if we love you-unless you're the one and continue to be that

Virgo women, Distrustful??
by: Anonymous

I married and divorced a virgo woman. Got involved with another virgo woman. Both broke my heart and left me out of DISTRUST.
Both were extremely distrustul of my love and devotion. Never cheated either of them. Loved them intensely and still did no trust me.
I am a Leo. Go figure

by: Anonymous

i been married to a virgo 14 years. all the comments i read about virgo here are pretty true. most of all virgo women are whores. their liars, their sneaky, their unfaithful, but most of all very whorish.

by: Anonymous

i been married to a virgo 14 years. all the comments i read about virgo here are pretty true. most of all virgo women are whores. their liars, their sneaky, their unfaithful, but most of all very whorish.

3 types of virgos
by: Anonymous

there are definitely 3 types of virgos. ones is great very faithful an ideal woman, every man's dream. The other one is cruel, has sex addiction, is not loyal, is having sex with whomever. The third one is the mixture of the two. but they all have one common feature, they are dirty in bed and like freedom of actions during the intercourse

virgo as sex gods
by: Anonymous

I don't know what you pishys say but I go with the sign that says virgos love romance. I am a virgo and I will tell any lady in this site that I would give you the romance ever experience by any other......mak a dear and I would be at ur widow knocking

Virgos suck
by: Anonymous

Leo and Virgo are the Worst match in astrology. Virgo is only attracted to Leos because of the very strong life force they emit. Virgos tend to drain others of energy as they are very lethargic when it comes to life force. It's one of the reasons they are the most disliked sign in the zodiac. Your best matches are Aries (with caution) Gemini, Sagittarius and sometimes Libra. All these are strong signs and will match your love of life. Stay away from water and earth signs regardless of varying factors in their charts such as rising, moon, midheaven, life path numbers etc. All of these are not a good match for Leo even with more compatible aspects in other areas of their charts.

virgo here
by: Anonymous

I AM A VIRGO AND I HATE IT WHEN PPL SAY VIRGOS THINK THEY ARE PERFECT OR EXPECT EVERYTHING TO BE PERFECT. U LIKE TO SAY I KNOW THAT NO ONE IS PERFECT BUT I LIKE THINGS TO BE JUST RIGHT. LIKE IF I COOK FOR MY BF I like it to look and taste good because I like oilY to please him. Whenever I do something for ppl I want them to be pleased and I like to be pleased. I can be a bitch but only when ppl cross me first. Other than that I am a really sweet person. Im antisocial so I choose ppl in my circle very wisely. If your not as loyal as me I can not have you around me. I am such a loving and giving person and often live my like as if it was a fairy tale. Although Iknow ffairy tales arent real..

good man
by: Priscilla

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by: Anonymous

I'm a Virgo and would never cheat in any relationship I committed to. I would simply leave that person if I wasn't happy and I would give them a heads-up that I'm not happy before I left. I actually have morals and don't cheat. I think it's more than just the sign. It has to do with a person's upbringing and what morals were instilled or developed throughout their lives. A lot of these Virgos posting on this site seem to have none. I am extremely loyal in all relationships, including friendships. However, if I feel betrayed or mistreated I will eventually drop you and become very cold. I don't see the point of cheating. If I'm not happy with anything in the relationship like sex, money, the companionship, communication, etc and it's not working.....I'm gone. If I'm cheated on, I'm done as well and you will never get a second chance.

Virgo girl :)
by: Anonymous

What is wrong with you? You say you agree with Virgos been unfaithful ? Well talk about your self as a cheating person and not as a Virgo bcuz every person Virgo I know and me on top of the list ain't like you:)!!! That has nothing to do with been a Virgo maybe you should check you fam. History and how you were growing up...and stop talking nasty about the sign that's so crazy...

Unfaithful Women
by: Anonymous

Not just Virgo women, but most women nowadays.

can't help hating virgo
by: Aries Male

i have an (ex-close) virgo friend. She's almost perfect. Pretty, kind, smart..
But then, the more I know about, the more hateful she seems to me. Why?

1. If she got nothing to gain, she wouldn't even consider talking to me. it seems like she's a little bit of a hypocrite. When she needs me, she'll pretend to be nice to win me over.. only to leave me again whenever i render useless. Though at least i want to be her friend, she just keep brushing me off

2. She's quite stubborn. She loves to critizes and fix others mistakes but when it comes to her own, she refuses to listen. and a girl who can't listen to me, is just another person i want to hate... surely turn me off

3. Trying to be perfect in everything knowing sometimes it's not even possible. Whenever she likes someone, if that someone also does have the things she hates, she tries her best to run away from her feeling and always tried to forget the unwanted yet wanted person.

4. She's annoying and is a lot of a dictator. She wants to take control in many things be it school project and even in the relationship stealing leadership of the man. Damn i really hate it when someone try to make me do things yet refuse whatever important things i told them to do.

And there more as to why i hate virgo girl. For now, i'll just end it right here

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