Virgo as a lover?

I have to say as a Virgo woman that I am pretty wild, adventurous, sensual and not shy at all in the bedroom. I struggle to remain faithful... I do get bored and my mind wanders. I need a stimulating guy with sex appeal and mind appeal to keep me faithful, but even then I look around. I know a lot of Virgo women that are like this...

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You are very sad Virgo woman
by: Anonymous

I wondered what time, day, month were you born?
You mars placement gave you an unusual personal characteristic in astrological symbol. You are wild, not shy, always look around for a partner who able to stimulus you in sex; that is very strange. That is horrible and awful for you, lol, lol, lol. I, myself Virgo, I have a lot of challenge and strive to be perfect in my life; also I have one lover in my life; sex seem not important to me; I can have sex or live without it. I believe your personal trait is very different from mine; I always look around to the other people as I'm a judge in any contestant while I work and interact with people in the public every day; I see many different faces; I just criticize and read them in my mind, ha, ha, ha. Criticizing is harmful but it is in the mind, who cares?
I want to see who has a pretty, ugly face, or smart than the first one which I ever seemed? I'm very lucky Virgo, born on the right time; I'm very shy when it comes to the intimacy; I cover myself as a mummie. Whatever, Ha, ha, ha, there only a beautiful, handsome, a cute guy noticed and asked me to go out. But me, hel, no I'm not that kind. I'm picky and choosy.

According to your personality, I think you sex drive is very low; therefore, you need a stronger one to keep you satisfy in sex, lol, lol, weird. You must be born not the right time. I'm Virgo woman I can't change or try a man as change/try a cloth. Another word, your sound not look like Virgo. Virgo is embarrassing easily. I bet you must not a Virgo woman-Fake.

Hay!! I'm Virgo woman.

we make danm good lovers!
by: Anonymous

I'm a virgo woman,and i totally agree with the comment made about the adventurous type,i honestly love sex i think about it alot and also enjoy it alot too,the guy i'm with cant stop coming back for more.I'm on fyer!

A Virgo woman
by: Anonymous

I am a Virgo and I agree with her, my mind wonders a lot. I easily get bored with guys and I think it is because I idealize everything.

virgo Woman are naughty
by: Anonymous

I am virgo and i am quite proud of it, but i have to agree, it is very hard to remain faithful only because we get bored very easily, i have been married for a while now with a Capricorn and had my fair share of colorfull friends, a part from that i agree with almost everything.

virgo woman who loves sex
by: Anonymous

I am a 38 year old Virgo woman and I too enjoy sex to the max. If you are bringing it, consider it brought!!! I have an extremely difficullt time remaining faithful because I enjoy the company, conversation and sexul styles of a variety of men...I think I'm in love with the infatuation part of relationships which we know doesn't last forever.

True Virgo
by: Anonymous

I am a true virgo and yes I love sex, but only with the one I love. I am extremely loyal and being faithful is easy, I may flirt, but I will never cheat. However I am an august virgo, I find September virgos tend to be quite different, usually wild and promiscuous. My girlfriend is a september virgo and when she is single she is wild, out of control and will have random sex. The complete opposite of me. I have to be dating a guy for a while (im talking months) before I will be intimate, casual sex does not interest me at all. In fact it turns me right off. Promiscuous guys dont interest me either. True virgos value themselves far too much to just give it up to anyone, and hello we ARE complete germ phobes!!

Just concentrate on your strengths
by: Anonymous

I think Virgo people have their own charm... When they have settled down with someone they've chosen for life who is worth it, they will be extremely faithful...

As a Virgo, I walk to the wilder side of life... I might not talk much about love making issues but I'm aware how passionate 'e actual action is - namely from random to serious lovers... People mistook me as play girl because my mindset is like this - for as long as you're single as in not married, u can have as many lovers as u want - to accept your admirers & at the same time to chase your dream men without even making him realize...

What I can share about Virgos is that they make loyal friends, faithful lovers only if they have made up their mind at that very moment but left say if the guy isn't worth it, if you're optimistic like me, u should say you're being adaptive to move on with someone new...

I understand how cool it feels to be hot when we're just friendly with the opposite gender... If u think back & go deep with me, think about it? Why are men wanting you again & again? Why your ex want u back? Why u have male fans? It means you're someone good... People want to be around with good people in long-term... I'm still friends with my ex bfs...

Why don't we just concentrate on our strengths? At least we're honest... At that very point of time, we acted the best due to circumstances... No one is perfect dear... Take some time to think about your strengths which makes u excitingly charming... ;)

Virgo as a lover
by: virgin0000

I agree I get bored easily too and my mind wanders. If the sex is not great I tend to analyze and assess the person and the rest of the relationship to decide whether to go or stay. I never cheat!

If I find I am in love with the person though. I will definitely find way to make it more exciting and interesting ;)

I'm a screamer, not shy at all!!! lol!!

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