Virgo Girls please help

by Tam

Hi all, I'm a 29 yrs old Sagittarius guy and I knew a 30 yrs old Virgo charming young lady just 3 months ago, it was a mere luck knowing her, I knew her by a male friend of mine who is a friend of hers too, we started to chat and talk on the phone for a while and then we met and had some conversation and decided to start a serious love relationship. I admit she is the most wonderful female I have ever imagined to exist, she is so clean and ordered, she has such a wonderful smile that eases all my hot headed Sagittarius anxieties and restlessnesses, I fell in love with her just after a couple of time that we met, sometimes she looked so cold and detached, and some others she had that charming interesting look that I adore, she never uttered being in love with me, however, she proves it on a practical level, then we started to have some discussions due to our personalities' differences and how we manage when it comes to time.. What I mean is, I feel being betrayed since she was the one who asked me for a serious relationship (I confess that I was dying for it though), then once she made sure that I'm really in love with her, she started to direct the relationship the way she wants, she is being dominant sometimes, then cold some others, then uncertain of her feelings towards me.. she told me that it's not easy for her to fall in love and she needs time for her feelings to develop.. that drives me just CRAZY.. we see each other less times than before but she shows that she is still interested once we are together, but afterwards when she is not with me, I get that horrible feeling that it could be so so easy for her to never see me once again... I don't know what I should do in order to get her attached and rush her feelings towards me.. I do so love her like I never have been in love before.. she is a total charm and sweetness.. but she has got such a strong personality, or, got stronger one when she knew how in love I'm with her.. I have a very strong personality too, I'm used to it in every arena in my life, what makes me feel even worse to know that I have to accept her as is, otherwise, she will go.. what can I do in order to figure out her intentions, I'm even confused, Does she love me for real? and if yes, what can I do to take her feelings to the next level? Please virgo girls help...

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virgo women
by: Anonymous

I'm a virgo women myself. And yes, I have to agree that when it comes to love, I can become very much detached and aloof. But, don't get me wrong that I don't have any feelings to the person that I have interests in. Sometimes it's just a defense mechanism for me. I don't like too spill my emotions out, because I feel vulnerable. And sometimes, I crave for space. So, when I get distant for a while, it doesn't mean that I have a change of heart for my partner. It's just that sometimes too much closeness feels smoldering. And I'm sometimes afraid of giving too much of myself away, afraid that if I show too much interest in a guy too soon, then they would run the opposite way. But, i really don't know how to explain what is going on with your virgo girl. I think it depends on her moon sign and mars sign (the type of guy she likes). I'm an Aquarius moon, so that explains my detached and aloof nature. And my mars sign is a Gemini, which explains why I fall for the smooth-talkers, or someone who's talkative and outgoing. :) Well, hope I helped, even though I know that I didn't help out much.

To a 29 Sagittarius
by: Anonymous

If you are really interested in Virgo female, that is not too easy for you. I'm speaking behalf of Virgo as myself a Virgo. Virgo's personality is very high in standard form, dominant, and determine for a good reason. Virgo is the most that you can realize on if you are a lucky star. It is hard for any man to win her. On the outside, she looks very cold or weak, but that might be the opposite. Virgo is the most picky among than other signs. Virgo not falls easy or breakable. You need to know of how to communicate to Virgo girl-lady if you really want to attach to her. Communication is a key. She wants to see your commitment, determination, honest, and even loyal toward her before she approves and chooses to fall in love with. Remember, Virgo searches for a power, wealth, and long term relationship. If you believe that you meet the Virgo's qualification, you know that you will win her. Don't try to trick Virgo in any form; just do your best and straight forward to her. Virgo can spot any kind of liar. If you win her, you will feel that you hit a big jackpot. After you are in a relationship with Virgo, make sure that you still act the same if not she will let you go without a regret; Virgo doesn't play mind games either. Virgo do not repeat.
I hope this helps you a little bit.

Virgos - Difficult creatures
by: Anonymous

I couldn't see a date of when you posted this Sagittarius male so I hope that I am not late in responding to you. There are several comments that I would have to agree with from the other two ladies posting such as not lying to virgo ladies. They do pay attention to detail and not a lot will get past them, if it does and they find out at a later time there will be hell to pay as virgo's are not the most trusting of star signs.

I think I can understand where your lady is going with regards to her "testing the waters" with your feelings. What I mean by this is that you say that now that you had "declared" your feelings to her she is acting differently. Virgos are reluctant to put themselves way out there leaving themselves vulnerable, but once they know that you do love and care for them they may think they are in a better position to call the shots. Having said this, I don't agree with everything said about virgo ladies. I am a very loving person and have a lot of love and loyalty to give to a person who I feel is ready to receive it. Maybe if you cool things off a little with her (difficult I know) she may start to feel uncertain and come back to you emotionally. Good luck.

by: Tam

Hello all, I just want to thank you so and very much for taking the time and effort to answer and explain to me how things work, it's truly noble and kind from you having done so.

Well, I have to admit that fortunately I could achieve some progress after an intense and very sensitive short period of suffering and torture, we were about to break up but I asked her if we could give us a second chance and her acceptance was immediate.

She started to show little bit more of emotions and feelings towards me and that makes me feel so great. We lately had a little discussion because I admit I'm kind of jealous guy sometimes and she is so open person and talks to almost anyone, and I do prefer her to be little bit more conservative, she doesn't like any kind of criticism at all, and she adores me when I flatter or praise her, nonetheless, she had almost never praised me or said any compliment, but I could see her positive looks at me in some occasions, she gets so offended when I criticize her or try to suggest her anything to modify about her way of thinking, she even avoids sharing her points of view sometimes in order not to clash with mines, she is so practical and smart, but there are a lot of reasons that prove 'practically' that I'm smarter and more practical, and she doesn't want to feel herself inferior or something alike, so I started to make her feel that I'm taking some of her points of view, opinions and even some habits as better than mines and I started to change myself for real in order to convince her that it wouldn't hurt to learn or apply what the other suggest, it's not a question of pride for me, but I know it is for her.

Well that was how things are going for now, her birthday is kind of close now and I got her a very nice gift, by the way, happy birthday in advance for all of you ladies :) I have to admit that I do adore the personality of the virgo female in general, they have such wonderful heart and always willing to help and make a real change.. Thanx ladies, keep in touch for any more details that you might suggest, I'm open to all and any opinion.. Take care.

P.S. to the nice lady of the third comment with the title 'Virgos - Difficult creatures', my 'call for help' was sent not so long time ago, I think I sent it almost 3 weeks or month ago max, but I still do appreciate any contribution and have to admit my true admiration to your comment as it sounds very coherent and real.. By the way I know that virgo women are not as they always look, cold and distant, I realized this with the young lady I'm dating now, I know that it's just a defensive way of theirs in order to avoid exposing their feeling to the wrong person.. One more thing, don't worry about lies and so because I, just being myself, hate lies and despise liars, and I normally don't lie, neither to her nor to anybody else.. ;)

Happy Birthday to all Virgoan
by: Anonymous

Happy Birthday Day to All Virgo male, Female, and included me-Virgo female an aspect one of you who were born in September. We are special people in one of the Zodiac signs. We are a perfect Virgo with a great charm, intelligent, neatness, loving, caring, criticizing, reliable, understandable, forgive, and forget. You guys must be Celebrate and be Happy. Wishing all Virgo full of Luck, happiness, prosperity, and meet the Best Soul mate in the future with the beautiful heart and mind. Let Celebrate!!!! Happy Birthday!!!
Love Virgo.

Hold on!
by: MJ

I am a 51 year old Virgo woman. I was married to a Sag man for 14 years and probably would still be married if he had contained his anxiety about the marriage.

You must not try to control her. Virgo women adhor control. Because we are our own worst critic we must have time to sort out our feelings and emotions concerning our lovers. In other words we don't like feeling out of control where love is concerned. It is just in our nature and there is nothing you can do or say that can change it. So stop trying. If she told you she wanted a committed relationship then that is what she wants. Plain and simple.

However, you are still under the microscope where she is concerned. Virgo ladies have a mental checklist and you have passed. BUT you must remember that the relationship has moved to another level (commitment phase). We most often work in phases. Congratulations! We are loyal and want to be your everything, we want our lives to be peaceful. You must not upset her with issues that are not important.

We love to be of service. Find out what her talents are then have her assist you. For example if she has an eye for decorating let her decorate a room in your house.

We do have a cool detached exterior. However, still waters do run deep.

Hope this helps.

fire signs with virgo
by: G

i'm a leo which is a fire sign like sag and dating a we tend to be hot headed and impatient when it comes to love...we want the other to express to us how they feel when they love becoz we want to make sure we're doing our part Right!..but virgos are sooo reserve and protective, it seems almost hopeless for them to do so...but the trick is really just patience and understanding...what i do is... guess and simply ask her to nod her head if i've guessed right, what she's feeling or thinking...and it actually does help...i no longer have to push my question for an answer....and they dont have to feel shy on verbally replying

they are super shy in confrontation and acknowledgement situations... believe me, it took me awhile and i'm still forever learning to walk in sync with their drum tune...i have to slow down my pace and watch her footwork! but they do bring out the best in us and they calm us since we have stormy personalities..

i hope to this day ur still working it out with ur virgo and all is well.

To: G
by: Tam

Thank you so much for your comment and advice, you are so right about everything, but I still feel it's kind of so unfair for me to keep on trying to get the words out of her mouth all the time, sometimes it's kind of exhausting to work my mind out so profoundly in order to imagine what she might be thinking about!! Isn't it so much easier if she just says what she thinks about so easily and smoothly without all these fears and extremely unnecessary precautions?! I still can't figure out why she is that way, I'm convinced though of the fact that she loves me, but love is not enough anymore, I hope she could communicate with me the same way I do with her..

by: G

I use to think da same way but now i retracted n feel its just a matter of how much u want da relationship to werk... Sincerity can come in many ways... Being direct n honest or being caring n patient...

To win somones heart we must learn wat its bout first

Virgo Exquisite Pain
by: AriesMan

When I read your first post, I was just amazed at hearing somebody else (another firesign no less) stating and feeling the same things I am having for my Virgo love. Yes I've tormented myself over and over again trying to figure out if she still loves me like she says because emotions are not something Virgos are very expressive about. Every time I think she's pulling away, I'm totaly surprised when she suddenly seems so sweet and loving. It's very confusing and enigmatic but I think I've figured some things out that might make it easier for you to understand. Virgos will never or seldom express their love the way us fire signs do. They won't gush about their feelings but will show their love in more practical ways. If you ever get a Virgo to verbalize their feelings for you than you have come a long way and have achieved something special. You'll just have to understand and accept that she does love you even if she doesn't show it in the way you would like - that's just how it is. Virgos are very analytical and totally in tuned to what is going on around them. Please don't play games with them as this will only backfire...however you can try this same ploy that I did (early in our relationship). I call it the push me pull me...draw back a little bit and give her some space...don't be so forthcoming with your declarations of love and she'll come running back to you. Virgos will always try everything to keep a relationship going...I welcome all the other Virgo ladies out there for feedback.

Sometimes, it's better to not think.
by: 28Sag

Life won't pass us by. Try to hold sand, and it will slip from your fingers.

I am 28 sag, was dating a 30 virgo female for a year. I went full throttle and burned us out.

I clung to her, I didn't want to lose her even though we weren't sustainable. Everything became an adventure where I tried to get her to take chances. Jump a fence, ride a bike without a helmet, run and jump hurdles, skip a class, sex all the time.

I never gave commitment, because it was against my principles. I stood my ground. Eventually I risked our relationship (had sex with another person and then told her about it afterwards) and her emotions took over and cut me off. She stood her ground!

It was deep, and I was pushy, but honest. I believed I had something to show her, but she had something to show me too. Passion was amazing, so is the sadness.

So glad I took the plunge, honored that she took it with me; the relationship and its collapse was shockingly therapeutic.

Virgo people are healers, it rubs off. I made sure to get some.

Though they are not perfect, the essentials are solid. I can understand why they stand their ground.

So yep, my post had nothing to do with you, haha. Cheers!

Virgo woman is driving me nuts
by: Aries guy 2

I saw her petite brunette cuteness at a health club and we mutually eyed each other for few weeks (she denies that she noticed me). I then hit on her like a pile of bricks in a typical Aries fashion. She was shocked but a few conversation sessions later I asked her on a date going skating and she agreed. Lo and behold, she would not give me her contact info. I had to give mine. She conducted thorough internet search on me and my company. She discovered I had a past long term relationship. I finally got her email but before any dates I had to spill out all the dirt on my old relationship and wrote a declaration of my intentions with her (I wrote that I was attracted to her and wanted to know her). Then she agreed to the date. She would not let me pick her up but got there on her own. Had good time. I telling her my life story and she giving virtually nothing but some basic facts. She was far more interested in what I had to say than talking herself. Went to a restaurant later and it also ended very well and she actually said she wanted another date and gave me a cold peck on the lips and a cold hug.
Approached her in the club two days later and it was like she never talked to me before. I was floored but did not let on my disappointment. I joke and she laughs and she even lets me touch her which she seems to enjoy but the emotional coldness is brutal. Talking to her in the club is like talking to an energizer bunny, total frustration. She keeps doing her thing and moving around and will not stop to have a conversation. I cannot get anything out of her and I end up taking more about myself.
I tell her I want to take her dancing. She says that she took dancing lessons and knows the place and will research it. I say OK as I know nothing of the dancing scene. I bring her some home made food gifts I made that I wanted to share. She liked the stuff I got her and gave me a cold peck on the lips and cold hug. Next day she acts like she does not know me and then disappears for days. It is middle of the week that we agreed to go dancing and no sign of her or note about the dance research (I was stupid to agree to her doing it and I was stupid to trust her when she said she would do something - it never happens!).
I am falling for her and she is driving me completely insane with her mystery and unpredictability. I do not know if she just wants attention, does not like me, I did something wrong, is insecure or she is manipulative and is playing me. My heart is aching and I have no clue what is going on. I have moon in Virgo so I get some of her analytical parts but this avoidance and coldness is crushing me. Should I give up or keep pursuing like a ram? I am 47 and have never seen anything like this.

i cant stand dominant virgos -.- but the rest of us are cool ^ยท^
by: virgo girl

Im 26 year old virgo woman. I had a serious relationship with a Scorpio who i still love. And will always love until i die. But i got tired of watching him disrespect me.It was like he knew how effortlessly devoted i was to him. Every now and then he tries to contact me. He sees me from a distance, i cant ever let him back in. I pray and cry over the fact that i wont be his wife and have his children. But what could you do? All my vorgo friends talk about the same problems. We give more than too much opportunity to fix it. We rather fix it then move on. When we trust and love you, we treat and view you as our king. You have to take care not to let this go to your head and in turn treat her like a personal maid. She is always observing to find hints that your word and actions are fair and true. Im seeing a Leo man now, Hes very dominant and honest.i know a relationship query is coming and we dont mind if you take the lead. Always respect her. We respect honesty when honesty needs to be given. Dont tell a virgo one thing and do another. No matter how stressful the situation she will try to save it with all her power. If she fees like its a one sided effort she will make plans to forget you. Virgo women need mutual attention and regular reassurance. In such a way where it shows in the smallest things you do. The way we love makes our lovers believe they can do anything and we wont go anywhere ever. When it becomes too much, our criticism is harsher, we stop doing the sweet and practical, we disappear. I know other virgos that are beyond dominant and we dont get along. Everyone is different but a virgo will love an honest man, a man that does for her what she does for him.

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