Virgo women and sex

We love sex just as much as any other sign and are very faithful partners. We tend to give all we have but if we sense that its one way we pull on the brakes to protect ourselves. People tend to take advantage of our generous nature.

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"People tend to take advantage of our generous nature."
by: Anonymous

Both Virgo men and women are very generous up to the point that some people misunderstand and take advantage. But that doesn't mean Virgo don't think before acting or speaking. Virgo can also be unkind as well as other signs, heh,heh... Though it depends on the circumstances and situation. Virgo men/women are deep thinkers and fast as mercury. Though they are brilliant, dependable, and take care with appearance, too. I think Virgo male and female can sense/read us well. They are picky and always end up being alone rather than having many friends in their lives. Sound pretty good to me; I'm sure they cant take it from us, Virgo. Good luck to all who wish to take an advantage of Virgo generousity.

virgo woman
by: Anonymous

we get more sexually excited then all of the other signs.the amount of sexually tention between an virgo and her mate depends on what type of mental connection they have. exp. you make her feel as though that she is best woman in the world. you get what you want when you want. treat hert badly. Even if she stays and nothing change so you think. when her attitude changes towards you, sexual appetite changes. don't get it wrong she will tell about these issues. don't pay attention oneday you will wake up and she will not be their

i dnt know who i am now...
by: Anonymous

When i got Married with a Leo Man i was so Shy and dnt know how to handle him in bed.i felt like dancing with 2 left feet lol!!but then the days, weeks, months and years passing by ive change a lot.I dnt even know who i am now.I become so agressive and demanding and dominating him..I even taught him what to do to make it more satisfying for both of us,sometimes he say NO N i was so dissapointed.i am 32 he is 44.we been together 10 years now.I ended up playing myself most of the time to feed my sexuality that i cant get from him...ugh!!!I met a Capi Man on site the Intensity is very strong between me and him.But i broke up with him because i feel so guilty.I know he was Hurt and i know he likes me alot.So sad,:( i feel the True love for this Capi that i never felt with my hubby or anyone else before...

Stay Put! Hang in there.
by: MJ

Please rest assure that we all go through a phase such as what you are experiencing. I too have been with lovers who just couldn't satisfy me.

However, if you have a husband that's good to you stay put. Don't ever allow yourself to get carried away with a mans lovemaking techniques. Here today, gone tomorrow.

At the end of the day you are going to want someone who loves you for you and not your performance in the bedroom.

Best of luck to you both.

Perfect Love
by: Anonymous

I don't really mind to hang there with someone that i loved for who loved me and treated me right(Love is not depends on a sex alone or what kind of technique in the bed.) But a tough Love could be calling an abuse. This is hurting someone very much. The word "LOVE" has a great impact in many ways. I can only stay with him or her only treats me perfectly as I do. No controlling and manipulating; it hurts. But as I am a faithful and loyal Virgo, I gave him a plenty of time for a chance to make a correction. Oh, please don't fool me. I don't make mistake.

right Love
by: Anonymous

Its really hurt to stay with someone w/o Love anymore just for the sake of what we called married life..its hurt if you are already taken when the Right one comes along...i am trying to get my life back to normal with my Leo man even though he make me feel i am useless or he makes me feel like i dont have my own mind and take everything charge in him even in financial and he keep his bank account and never let me know how much his savings never let me have my own credit card and never let me have my own bank account and wants to know how much i make money at my work but he keeps his own money from me and very secretive becomes to financial matters..i feel soooo incomplete...when i met this Capi man, i felt like he fill ip all the emptiness in my life an as being a woman...but i choose to sticked with my husband because of what we called Loyal and Devotion..i dnt know if i can live longer like this...i not happy anymore and i always get sick because of loneliness...hard to pretend to be happy with someone that u used to Loved.....:(

To Anonymous
by: Raine

Anonymous, coping with loneliness and a man who dominates every aspect of your life is no way to live. You need to breathe too. Perhaps that Capricorn man may be the right one for you, maybe not. Either way, you cannot stay in your current relationship if it only brings you unhappiness.

Before you make a final decision, please think about it carefully and logically. (This is already an innate ability, so it should be no problem, right?) Be absolutely sure of whether you want to stay or leave, and after you make that decision, have no regrets. Live your life fully and confidently.

Wishing you all the best,

~A fellow Virgo

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