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I'm a Virgo woman, happily married to an Aries man. My husband and I have been together for seven years now, and each passing day brings us closer together and more in love!

I admire his strength, both physical and emotional. His passion for life, his extremely high intelligence, and his caring nature keep things interesting. He never fails to bring a smile to my face, and a simple wink at me combined with a touch puts butterflies in my stomach.

My husband is protective, and I know he would fight to the death for me, and our sons. He is tender, and a terrific teacher, taking all the time in the world to answer questions for our children.

We have an amazing marriage in which we share a true partnership and devotion, with a deep commitment to each other. We often joke that we share the same brain, each of us carting around half. We finish each others thoughts and sentences, and when I get stuck trying to express something, he can say it eloquently for me.

I only wish others could know a love as true and deep as ours, and the partnership that comes along with it. I recommend Aries men for any other Virgo ladies out there!

English is not my first language, so sorry in advance. I'm an Aries man and I'm dating a Virgo woman. It has been altogether a very interesting and exciting journey for me up till now. She is the first woman whom I have dated and I'm hoping to marry her one day. When I really look back at how things worked for us I really feel a little thrilled.

I'm an introverted kind of a person and one who never had enough confidence in approaching any girl. It was I think because of her very friendly attitude that we both are together and now we both really get along really well as we both understand each other and both are ready to make compromises for each other.

As it happens in every relation we argue a bit also but every time it gets sorted. We have been in relationship only for 1 and a half year only but we understand each other completely and she trusts me completely and because of this we share a very good sex relationship. She is the best thing in my life that I have got after my family and I never want to leave her I really enjoy being with her and still think what would I do without her?

I am a Virgo woman who recently entered into an online relationshipwith a very dynamic, passionate Aries man. He plays a prominent role in asocial network that I'm part of and I'm constantly amazed at how many peoplelook up to him. He is intelligent and has fantastic leadership skills.

Sexually he keeps me on my toes all the time. He is direct and demands what hewants - which suits me perfectly. I enjoy shocking him... and pleasuring him.We're both explicit in communicating our sexual needs and wants - and have beenenjoying sensational cybersex. He can be very poetic at times and knows exactlyhow to reassure me when I feel like things are spinning out of control.

We have been communicating well in written form - it remains to be seen whatcommunication with him will be like if we ever meet face to face.

I am a Virgo woman and I'm extremely interested in this one specificAires man. There's just something about him! We don't hang out often, but whenwe do its amazing! He's really hard to read! I can't quite figure him out. Idon't know the type of approach to use with him. When I'm with him I can reallyfeel that he likes me a lot and we just mesh well. He is a CEO of a company andworks all the time. I don't understand why he's not pursuing me the way I wanthim to! What do I have to do to get his full attention?! PLEASE HELP

I only do ok as being friends with an Aries guy

I'm a Virgo female and I dated an Aries man for three months and Iwish I never met him the sex was embarrassing and very quick.... he was a jerk

I am currently dating an Aries man and am having the time of my life.He and I have so much in common and he's very understanding, kind and alltogether a decent man. Whoever said that an Virgo woman and an Aries mancouldn't be a couple obviously didn't meet one as worthwhile as my guy.

I read one post where someone could not read their Aries guy. I amgoing through the same thing. Only thing is he tells me everything I want tohear, and I know will give me the world. Although sometimes I feel as if thereis something behind his quite demeanor, and it's killing me. Can someone helpme figure it out!

I am a Virgo. I have been dating an Aries for almost three months. Iknow where a lot of you are coming from. initially, I was drawn to his demeanor,the confidence passion and drive. He just looked like he knew what he wantedout of life and I admire that.

In the beginning it was a cat and mouse game heapproached me and I would be standoffish but flirty it was great but it tookhim a while to make a move. I over analyzed that for hours but I think they areslightly taken aback with Virgo's mystique, so try to show some interest back.we started hooking up unexclusively for a few weeks. I am notthe kind of person that wastes my time on a relationship with no future. Oncehe realized I was" all or nothing" he committed.

When we are together it isamazing! He makes me laugh all the time. He likes to try new restaurants heeven convinced me to skip work and go to the beach. fun adventures like theseare great, I cant imagine having so much fun with anyone else. Aries are sowell rounded and as a Virgo I look for perfection. I've found a person plays aninstrument, is intelligent and opinionated a phenomenal athlete and attractiveyet has a caring air about him. it's all every charming. I can't get enough ofhim. good luck to everyone here. I know I have found something special and realin an Aries man

I am a Virgo woman trying to date an Aries doctor. It sucks for me ifit wasn't that I really had feelings for him. He ignores me all the time, to thepoint that I am starting to think he is not interested.

Well, I don't know what to say, we didn't even get the time to get to know eachother

I am an Aries man and I have been married to my Virgo wife for 7years and counting. She is awesome and very caring. She does critic me a lotbut that's okay because I know that's what Virgos do. She knows how to make be abetter person and I bring out the Fire and Passion in her. She is very sexuallysatisfied and looks forward to being in an intimate situation with me all thetime. We make a great team together. I boldly lead and she analyzes every stepI make.:)

I've just started dating an Aries guy a few weeks ago. And I'm aVirgo. Even though our signs don't match up very well, we have a great timewhen were together! We always find something to do, and are never really bored.All you Virgo girls out there looking for a man, try to pursue an Aries. Theywill complete you! :)

I am a Virgo woman with an Aries man... I totally relate to the girlwho said she met her Aries man online and how everyone looked up to him, andthat's how we met... I came to where he lives and met him 4 mos after we metonline.. stayed for a week came out another time for a week a few mos later andon the 3rd Visit I moved in. We have been together for just over a year now!!!I Love him Very much, and hope things work out as well for us as for some ofyou that have been married for years!!! We have a Good relationship and wellthe Sex is AWESOME!!!

well im a Virgo and I can agree I get bored easy but ive had a on andoff again boyfriend that is a hot head Aries I think we click because were aperfect match besides his hotheadedness im not a very faithful partner onlybecause my boyfriend isn't very attentive and sort of mean but im very strongminded lol a hypochondriac lol a really strong thinker I find that's one of the reasons its hard for me to move on from my boyfriend because I hate change andim picky lol hope you enjoyed

I'm Virgo woman, dating an Aries Professor ten years. He is veryintelligent; devoted, protective. But too jealous, hard head, quick temper;criticize me too much; that is getting' in my nerves.. lol. I don't like hispersonality at all. Arise man talks too much.. I'm tired of listening to him.

Intimacy, he is so quick.. fast like a thunder; three minutes that all.. lol. Ididn't feel how is the dessert tasted like.. lol; I felt incomplete.. lol; Idecided to give up. he needs a technique. for longer; why not longer than 3minutes. Aries is not a great lover whatever, I guess.. Haha. I like him becausehe is educated...

Aries man is very interesting; he is very intelligent, care,supportive, and very nice with a lots of knowledge; I just met an Aries man whois older than me two years; born on March 25 and good looking; he is a whiteguy; still a student. We still chattin' on the line. He gave me asupports. I'm too disappointed and feel to talk to someone who is really care;fortunately, I met him. I don't think he is married or maybe ... I can't say...I feel that I like him. I'm alone and cold. In fact, he call my name; I likehim.

I'm a Virgo woman; I believed for all the 12 zodiac signs areinteresting. These 12 signs are showing the different of individualpersonalities and traits. As a human, we have a difference, DNA; well we are notthe same anyway; and it is very hard to get a compatibility.. only if it isduplicate as a cell division... together, we need to use our knowledge andability to solve the problems in order to make our sexual relationships work.We need to respect our partner opinions.

So, we got to be careful before making a selection for someone to love. Checkbackground or blood test...

That's an interesting point. There is a school of thought which argues that's how astrology works. The universe provides the DNA, whether used for a human or a solar system. Astrology, within this viewpoint, is nothing more than a clock which can measure that DNA on a cosmic level, the results of which can be extrapolated on a human level. Our how does astrology work? page covers this in slightly more detail.

Looking for some advice here... My Aries man and I met over 3 yearsago, we had so many similarities - both from Chicago, both in relationships wearen't really happy in, both stuck in the relationships because of the devotionto our children and "family unit" - not necessarily our significant others.

Weflirted for about 2 years and now for a little over a year, we have been in asexual relationship, but can talk to each other about anything, though we don'tfind/ have the time to do it, since both of our spouses now suspect an affairand we are acting like we aren't in contact at all with one another.

We seeeach other at least 2-3 times a week, text almost every day. He has said hewished that we could have met before his son was born, and that I am the typeof woman he wants and needs. I have let him know that I have feelings for him(never said the "L" word to him though). He has told me that he has never beenwith anyone like me (sexually). I love this man, but I have realized, that if he cant give me himself to be my man, then why am I STILL giving him my goods?

What is it about him? I am a Virgo/Libra cusp. I don't knowwhat to do to let him know that I need him to either step up or step back.... hegot upset with me once before when I told him that I am falling for him andneed to back off... needless to say, being a hunter, he was there the same daymaking sure he still got some. I feel like its all physical. But some say thatAries equate love to sex (the men anyway)... is that true... how can I win himtotally over, if he loves me... I KNOW that I am no competition when it comes tohis son, but I want to know where I stand with him and he wont tell me when Iask, what are some things I can look for or ask him, that he might answer? Whywont he open up a little more? Does he care or am I just a booty call to him?

That's a complicated situation on so many levels, with many factors which are going to pressure both of you to act out of character. Aries are notoriously direct and fearless, however, this situation is far too complex and the stakes too high to want to rely on a broad and general personality trait.

The first thing to be clear on here, is what outcome you're actually looking for. Lets assume he said "I'll do anything for you" - are you prepared to end your own marriage, start custody battles etc? Is your existing marriage bad enough to be worth that? Or, is he just forbidden fruit? I'm not saying that's the case, but it's possible that it's the thrill of the affair for one or both of you which is the main attraction here.

Affairs are in many ways much easier than normal relationships. You get all the good part, without the bills, laundry, dirty dishes etc. Over the years I've helped a lot of people turn affairs into relationships, and to be blunt 9 out of 10 times they haven't lasted 6 months once they became a normal relationship. Only you can answer that question. If you could wave a magic wand and replace your husband instantly with this man, would you want to do it? Or, does he just provide some excitement and passion?

Based on your description, I'd say he cares, but not enough to jeopardize his lifestyle or family. It sounds like you're in the same position (otherwise you would have already ended your marriage in order to pursue him etc). Given that situation, I'd suggest your two options are to either a) end the affair or b) decide to just enjoy it for what it is. Rock the boat too vigorously in any other direction and things will get ugly.

Can astrology provide a better answer than this? Yes it can, but I will need to prepare charts first for you with your husband, and second with your lover. See the compatibility reports page if you want to pursue this. What I would say meanwhile though, is that often those comparisons reveal that the existing spouse is actually far more important to you than you realize. The study in this respect is very useful, as it removes the heat of the moment factors and lets you see the pros and cons of each partner in a more objective light, often making the decision much easier.


In a brief: Aries and Virgo have a complicated situation in arelationship; Aries and Virgo never been happy. An educated Aries never everleave or walk away from his family because he is value what he has - his pride.He is a man who is in charge and taking a responsibility in the house or atwork... means he loves you and his family, he is a leader; Aries do not show hisweakness by saying "LOVE" For Virgo lady, she is loving, caring, nurturing, andhas lots of sympathy with understanding toward her children and her Aries man.In that aspect, Virgo and Aries are as different as water and oil. Ariesdoesn't want to compromise but action/ bold/ scare less. Virgo is into a detailand worry too much - leads to depression. She is fear of making a mistake. So,let me say something: Aries will look for the outside of the relationship ifhis partner doesn't treat him right; However, he never leave his Virgo sweatheart. In sort, Both of Aries and Virgo weakness is family value is the most important for both of them. It's up to you Virgo! You are theone who decided; or back off...? Or speak in a logical, cool, and calm way to Ariesif you want him to open up; don't show him your attitude; you can win him in adiplomatic way. I think this maybe helps you a little bit, Virgo. I'm a Virgolady/Libra cusp... I'm not an Astrologer or any thing. Astrologer maybe has abetter answer.

Virgo woman pursuing Aries man

It starter in high school. I was a freshman he was a junior. He fine as ****!He was always a Gentleman. I say was because that's how I remember him. We lostcontact, here we are 2 years later back in touch. I'm feeling him not sure whathe really feels. He takes my calls and respond to my text. Agreed twice to meme for lunch one day. We haven't done it yet. Each time he said he would callme back if he became available before I had to go to work he didn't. Don't knowif he really intended to or if he was just being nice. Thing is I get reallynervous talking to him. I know I want him in my life, does he want to be inmine? It probably would be different if I wasn't married. Married and wantingout the biggest part of the time. But what about the 3 boys and everybody'sfeelings? My husband and I been together since high school years after me andmy Aries friend lost contact. My husbands an Aquarius I know him very well. Nowp want to really know this Aries who told me I was taking from him and asked if I ever tried to find him. What am I the Virgowoman to do for the Aries man 20 years later?

Does anybody out there know?

I am a Virgo woman dating an Aries man. He is so sweet but he drinksa little to often and he loves hanging out with the guys. He has already ask meto go out but it has never happened, don't know if he forgot or what. anyway hetakes care of his responsibilities and does what is right. He loves his motherand respects her so this is a good man only if you are not the type to have allof the attention.

My response to a Virgo above. If you are not involve with an Ariesyet, please don't waste your time with Aries. Virgo and Aries cannot betolerant. However, you can be just a friend with Aries. You are very lucky withan Aquarius husband. My sister has been with Aries 18 years ago; she gotnothing from Aries in 18 years later; she can't go out for a socializing;emotionally, she is suffered because of her husband jealous of her when shespeak with the opposite sex. She tried to break from Aries husband but shecan't because she is stock with her children. Virgo is an honest, smart, andusually beautiful by nature but she is some how discrimination; though is notthe case. Virgo adores, loves her family, and value education. I tried to givemy advice but no....way.. she never takes it-only listen. I'm a Gemini brotherI feel bad for my sister, Virgo. My brother-in law, Aries is too greedy,stubborn, and selfish. Virgo above, you will have no future with Aries, believe it or not, you decide... Lol..Ask Astrologer for 20 years later;they have the birth chart by the stars for who is the best for youCompatibility basic-main key for relationship. Good luck to you Virgo!!!(^_^)

I am a Virgo woman married to an Aries man.. and it sucks.. there isnooo chemistry, nothing really.. the relationship is intense at first then itstarts to wear off.. for women who have been with an Aries man, have not beenwith them for too long.. because in the end it's a love match made of hell!!

I'm a Virgo woman stuck between two's an ex-boyfriendone's an ex-lover, talk about driving me crazy!!! Both are great loving menwho love me so very much but definitely have no patience for me what-so-ever. Ineeded time to figure things out and either of them is willing to give it tome. After 2 1/2 months Aries exbf jump into a relationship with a foreigner(who needed a visa) that gave him a gush-full-of attention and "love" that hewanted.. and now we're all in an emotional mess because I don't trust her at alland of course I still love and care so much about him....Aries ex-lover isconstantly bickering w/me not loving him, not picking him, so on and so forth. They both are exhausting me to death... I feel like I can't pick my ex-lover forfear that my exbf will be extremely hurt and I can't pick my exbf for fear thatmy exlover would be wounded. LOL, I honestly fear too much for the last 8months when in reality it's not all that hard for an Aries to move on..... It's me that's hard at moving on. *sigh* Sticky-icky situation.

I'm a Virgo woman and the love of my life is an Aries man.

I met him when I was 13 and he was 15. At first, I was like "agh, we're sodifferent." but ive always been the more outgoing one of the two...anyway.

I've been in love him since the moment I saw him; from the moment he walkedright up to me and embraced me. I remember everything he was wearing that dayand when I recall the whole thing, my heart begins to race again. Just like Idid that day.

Everyday is a new adventure. It took us a while to really put a label and admitour feelings to each other. But, I'm 25 now and he's 27. And we've "officially"been together since my Senior year of high school/his sophomore year ofcollege. It's our differences that bring us together at the end of the day; thefact that we always have something new to talk about.

He's the love of my life. The way he looks at me...makes me feeling like I'mthe only woman in the world.


VERY GOOD MATCH! If you've got the open mind and patience.

I have been in a relationship with an Aries man for nearlythe past year, I would have to say we can both be equally detached from eachother and I can be extremely emotionally cold hearted towards him, (I'm not proudto say this about myself but its unfortunately true)

Whenever we get to thepoint were we are "comfortable" we both seem to get scared and retract fromeach other and its like we are at the beginning again both physically andemotionally, Its not that he's got problems being in a relationship as he was ina four year committed relationship before and had some brief encounters withwomen after that (hopefully putting the brief down to rebounds as it was onlyone two week relationship and one for about a month) and I know I'm not scaredof being committed, I would love nothing more than to be comfortable enough tobe with him whole-heartedly and I'm sure he would want the same or he wouldn'tof stayed in this relationship for so long as its going to be a year at the end of January 2010.

Part of me thinks its just us together but Ican't help but think its more than that and reading some of the stuff I'vefound on the internet about "astrology compatibility" is making me think Iwouldn't exactly say I'm one for things like star signs and what not but maybeit could be! We get on so well together and the is never a dull moment when weare together we truly are in love, Yes I must admit we have our moments butno more than anyone else, I feel as if we aren't meant to be when things getlike this maybe it is just us being scared but I wouldn't exactly so theromance is dead all I have to do is think of him and I get all love sick and Iknow he feels the same about me, Does anyone have any ideas to make thingswork? We have already tried Counseling, time apart, Time with just us together,Even sat down and spoke for hours and none of this has worked, But neither ofus are willing to say goodbye as we really do love each other and we want to betogether but we both wont more than what we have and are Willing to tryanything at all,

We just can't help but pull away from each other when thingsget good its almost as if its become a terrible habit any ideas how to breakthis cycle we seem to be repeating? thank you. I would really appreciate any advice at all, thank you so much to everyone who replies, by the way my name is Ella.

I've been reading these articles and found that every individual signhas a different kind of problem in the sexual relationship. I believed if wecan see thing that happen before it happened, so all of us may not having aproblem some how in the relationship. My zodiac sign is Virgo; I understandVirgo and Aries relationship very well. Aries may fall in love with Virgo atthe first sight. After all there is going to be rough as a bumpy road. Aries isvery impulsive , aggressive type and no patience not as Virgo. These two arenot the best match; it is hard. I'm a Virgo and my fiance is Aries-educatedperson. His nature drives me crazy as hell; he always look for a fault andunreasonable jealous; this hurts me so bad; I swear to god that don't want tohave sex with him. I'm very sick and tired to provide him a healthy nutritionand forgive him. I'm young than him 14 years; when he is making love, it isvery suck; sex once a year and less than five minutes, hes, hes... and is not great. I don't know for sure if he has an outside sexualrelationship somewhere or places that I didn't know. I love him but it might bewrong. If he willing to change his negative habits, how much would I love him?I gave him a lot of example but it doesn't work and I don't want to tryanymore. All I have to do is to leave him...or what? He's, very serious.Whatever he does, it is very hard for me to look for someone else or cheat onhim. Though, I'm not an object; I'm perfectly feminine; affection. I need loveand attention from someone who love and care; especially, my fiance but he isthe opposite. Or does he think that I'm a spear one or reserve for him. Ifthat, it is mean!!! I'm not desperate. Nooo!

I feel this is not right. He is not too old-in his 40s.

I need your opinion or advice, please. What is wrong with my Aries??

My Aries man is: Absolutely Amazing! Incredible! Blood pumping! Iabsolutely ADORE him!! Been married 23 years to a Leo. We met when Mr. Ariesspoke a handful of words that I happened to overhear (He was physically locatedbehind me). I turned around, out of curiosity, our eyes met and all of asudden nothing else existed. I dropped the puzzles that I was working on andjumped into the bar stool next to him, that he pulled out for me, like theclassic gentleman that he is. I was the aggressor. He just decided not to letme go. That was over a year ago and WOW I am still intensely attracted to him.I find his jealousy absolutely charming in that it is unnecessary. I'd walkout on my Leo without thinking twice and give my Aries all my love andadoration for the rest of both our lives. He really makes me want to "livelife". Incredible! Even if it doesn't work out in the long run... I'll NEVERregret the experience with him. I love him madly, and always will.

Its been a month and I don't know if its because Ive been single soolong or what but this man is very complicated, he tells me he has differentpersonalities and I believe it, one day he is talkative the next he's quiet andwithdrawn, I like attention but not to much but to me if we are not beingintimate then we really don't have anything in common, I better just walknow, Hungry for LOVE!!

I'm a the Virgo.. Aries man are VERY complicated & send mixed signals. but Ibelieve it can work. it's all up to the person, put effort into therelationship. I agree with most, sexually, Aries doesn't please me, but I don'tcare about that to be honest because I love HIM. There's something about himthat gives me butterflies & I wouldn't trade for anything on this world! Hemakes me feel save. I'm pretty sure this is the man I'm going to marry:)

Good luck everybody!: )

I am a Virgo woman and I have just recently started seeing a Ariesman. So far so good! He is always up for a good time, The way he looks at mewith his smile and gives me a wink makes me feel like im the only person in theroom! He's very polite and has great respect and loyalty for his family and Iam very much the same and he loves his mum! Always a good sign! He opens everydoor for me, pulls out the chair and carries my bags. Great listener, has beenhonest with me from day dot, he's protective but not over powering which I like.We both have common interests but also like to do our own thing. We always havesomething new to talk about. He is opening up a brand new world for me, Inormally put up a brick wall and keep my feelings and thoughts to myself once Ihave worked out the situation but his honesty and caring ways makes me feelsafe and free to say what ever I am thinking. The sex is great, we both takethe time and effort for each other to enjoy it very much..we never stop laughing.. Im interested in knowing if anyone has been in thesame situation and if it has ended good or bad...Does this sound to good to betrue??

I'm a Virgo girl in love with an Aries guy 4 yrs older thanme. whenever we meet he treats me really well, cracks jokes and behaves like I'ma cut above the rest. but I don't know what he really thinks about me. what shouldI do?

I'm a Virgo woman, and my husband is an Aries. We weren't together along time before getting married, but I guess you can say we both clicked inthe first few moments of meeting. See I play video games, and that to him was a"turn on", I know I can be picky like most all Virgos, but he loves it. Says Ikeep the house in line. He does things for me, and treats me like I always havewanted. Flowers, always hugging and kissing, just an all around "man", and Ilove it. Love how protective he is of me, and how the little things I worryabout, he makes me realize I shouldn't as much. We talk, all the time actually,but when we aren't the sex is by far amazing. So much passion, and feelingalmost dominated by his actions at times, makes it sorta hot. :) Everyone saysour star signs wont work, but really, the ones who were supposed to match upwith me, were the worst. So, yea. I love my Aries man, and I think were perfectfor each other. Im just going to miss him while he is in Iraq. Pray for him, love always. Happily couple.

I am a Virgo woman and the best relationship I have ever had was withan Aries man. I think the reason that it worked is because were so different wenever got bored. I always felt special around him it was like I was the onlyperson in the room, and I even caught myself telling him things I would nevertell anyone. I think that's because were both honest and straight forwardpeople. I felt safe to say how I truly felt. Everything I've read about Ariesand Virgo's compatibility must be completely off because we were perfect foreach other. It had to end because he had to go back to New Zealand and I feelthat if he had stayed we would still be together. I'm just happy that I couldexperience such a feeling of love and contentment. So good luck everyone!!!!

Im a Virgo who was involved with an Aries man for almost four years. I thought he was my soulmate. It was a whirlwind at first we were SO in lovefor the first couple years. Crazy passion, crazy love, hot sex, EVERYTHING. our connection was insane. But over the years his selfishness was just toomuch. Je was the most selfish person I have ever met. self centered,immature, put himself first above anyone else, and very moody. He would changehis feelings at the drop of a hat, and you would never know when it was coming. When we started to have a tough time toward the end of our relationship, hecompletely turned on me. No loyalty whatsoever. I was SHOCKED. I could nottrust him. I ended up breaking up with him because I could not be with a manwho was so utterly selfish, unloyal untrustworthy and immature. I knew fromthen on that I would never be able to count on him. anyone have thisexperience with Ares men??

I would not recommended any Virgo women to have a relationship withan Arise man. Arise is very demanding, clever, liar, secretive, and a goodhiding. He always prove that he is right in everything he does; very selfish,higher temper, jump to a conclusion. Never allow you to talk or cut him off.Sex with him is totally worst; never satisfy or complete you. I feel verydisgusting with his behaviors and actions-immature. I swear, never and evermeet him ever. For other Arise men, I don't know for sure, but I never want totry anyway as a sex relationship. I believed to be a friend it is okay; withsex, nooooo!!! For Virgo women and Arise are good at first and bad at last. I'mscared of this guy when looks at me-an unfriendly look.

Whatever, I knew his tricks and weak point, so I won't allow him to ruin myIdea, career, and life. He can liar; hide all he wants but I made him knowevery thing is his responsibilities. As Virgo, I never trust this Arise and notime to make up; too much for me to forgive. Good luck to you Virgo!!!!

I am a Virgo woman and have been great friends with an Aries man for2 years. We have just finally got together! :D We have always wanted to betogether but we were both never single at the same time and things were crazy.Recently I had some boyfriend problems (before we started dating) he was adominating Leo and too insecure and controlling. He told me who I could andcouldn't see and what I could and couldn't do.

The Leo played all kinds of games, his favorite were mind games that tweakedwith me so bad and it took me a long time to realize that. He had a dash ofjealousy and selfishness in him. While the Leo always made me cry and apologizethe Aries made me laugh and smile and feel carefree for just a bit ... hislaidbackness kinda rubs off on me when I'm w/ him. I started feeling thesefeelings more sharply than ever for the Aries, further than a simple crush. Wehelp each other and listen to each other, we always have since we met. When I'mwith my new Aries I feel so happy, which is something I have incredibledifficulties with. We share many similarities fitting in many categories) andhe always says how happy he is with me and asks me if I'm happy, which I sayyes haha. I get excitable energies and butterflies, but comfort and peace atthe same time when w/ him. I hope this passion doesn't fade like what hashappened w/ some other Virgo girls on here. That would be the worst. He's my best friend and now he's my boyfriend too. :3

I went out with an Aries for 8 months and he was born on April 16 and Iwas born on Aug 30. He made me feel wonderful and I know this is unusual but I'mthe most out of control Virgo u'll ever see (because I have Sagittarius rulingme as well as Virgo) and I cheated on him for god knows how many times but hestill stood with me. Yes, he was a bit selfish and jealous but he was alsogentle and loving.

I had to end it with him because he was married so I advised myself to leavehim even though we were committed and now I'm going out with an Aries born onmarch 27th but my only problem with him is that he's too restful andcontrolling and violent otherwise, he's beautiful, cute and confident. Arelationship between a Virgo and Aries can work out but it needs understandingand Virgo opening him/herself quickly to satisfy the Aries.

Good luck guys x

Im a Virgo woman and im falling hard for my Aries friend. He is themost fun, understanding, sweet, gentlest man I have ever met. Our story goesalong with almost everyone's. I've been in a relationship with Scorpio for 6yrs.He is very abusive & killed my energetic sprit. its complicated cuz we have ababy together. But I've known my Aries since we were kids. I fell in love thefirst time I saw him. As we grew, his family moved so we lost contact. Then,when we were about 14, We saw each other & had this one night stand type ofthing I was his first. Never spoke again. Until about 2yrs after, we hadanother steamy affair that lasted a few days. Once again, never spoke. Now im22yrs old and we found each other again. only this time its different. We talkevery day & laugh all the time. I can tell him anything, he doesn't judge me. Butwe're both in relationships. We had sex anyway, it was awesome! We connectedrely well, but now he just wants to be friends. Im sooo confused. he said he wasn't serious with his girlfriend and wanted to spend more time with me.Hot cold hot cold, im an emotional wreak. grrrr why does he have to be so dalmsexy

I'm a Virgo woman who started initiating a thing with an Aries maleseven years younger than myself after my divorce. I did the initiating and hefollowed...the bait. I hooked him in a physical relationship right out of thegate and that's all it was. He was very selfish in every way, was veryimmature, had intimacy issues and was jealous and insecure. He had a "sting"about him or a "mean streak" that struck me like no one I have ever been withand left me feeling totally weak and insecure as a result of his blows oroffensive nature towards me. He was "gamey" and loved for me to pursue him butoffered very little in the way of response to the pursuits unless it wouldgratify him sexually. He was vague about everything... to the point of totalfrustration. I like a man who is upfront and straight-forward, doesn't keep meguessing... So this was not the man for me. The worst part of this guy was hetotally conned me or played me... He had me believing he was one way and his life was a total contradiction. I would say if a Virgo woman isgoing to be involved with one of these types, make sure you rely on theiractions...they can talk a good talk but watch out for contradictions in theirbehavior. I have broken up with him several times and he keeps resurfacing andalways about the out!

I am a married woman , married to Taurus man for last 15 years withtwo grown up kids. Ours was a love marriage. I got in touch with a marriedAries man at my work place after I started working after my daughter's birth .For this man it was love at first site and for me it did click to me butbeing a married woman I could not express my feeling for him. We had gone for aan official dinner together but somehow my husband then came to know that I wasgetting attracted to this man and then told me upfront to stop meeting thisguy. I changed the job and this Aries lover kept on asking me the mobile number, which I gave with intentional numeric errors . I lost touch with him. butafter that again one day he met me at a common market place and we exchangedthe true mobile numbers . We were in touch with each other but not veryfrequently like every 1yr or so on....

I changed my job once again and then finally he made the guts to come to mywork place .We have a great comfort level when we talk to each other and henceafter this again we started getting in touch with each other whenever we feellike but not frequently ......

The things went on and one day on the e-chat after 12 yrs he confessed his lovefor me and I do not know but I also reciprocated . Now we are in touch with eachother, we do meet each other but we have a great relationship as friends . Wecan laugh , smile together , we can share any dam things which we are hesitantto speak to our life partners , we have a very strong chemistry .We also feelthat we are sexually attracted but do not want to cross our limits. My husbandhas some how got to know that we meet each other sometimes . He got very upsetand possessive and told me to keep this relationship as family friend to gethis trust back .

The Aires man's wife ( a Libran ) knows that I am his best friend butunfortunately she will also explode the same way my husband did ...

I do not know what to do?? but I know I am in love with this Aries man . Pleaseadvice what to do in such situations.

I have liked a Aries guy for three years now. It was only recently, I realized that I like him a lot more than I thought. I know I love him so very much and I know that we are one the same page.. we have so much chemistry and we know each other better than we know our own selves. A mean.. he is just amazing, he really is. when im with him its like nothing can make me mad or sad or disappointment. its like im a better person when im with him. he makes me laugh for the most simplest of things. he acts like he cant resist talking to me or even being around me. I find myself spending more time with him... I love being around him... Cause he makes me feel so good, like im wild and crazy in love with him..

here's the dilemma... in those three years, there was always points with the year that he wanted to be more than a friend.. but I kept on changing the subject... a mean I did the worst of things such as leading him on and breaking it off.. its was like I was pushing in away trying to keep it at a friendly distance... truth of the matter was.. that I was just afraid.. you know.. like I wasn't ready for him... and I really wasn't... the thought of him and me being together gave me that sinking adrenaline feeling.. but this year it was different.. I feel consumed with confidence, like I was ready to be with him... unfortunately, now he has a girlfriend.. there was times that he had a girlfriend and he gave them up for me.. When it come to me he can't say no, he cannot resist me.. Now he doesn't want to give up the girl.. I question my self all the time, its clear that he doesn't love her as much as he loves me.. cause he doesn't think about it or say he should be cheating on the girl it seems like when it comes to me.. all the rules are broken.. trust me when he's with a girl he is extremely committed to them.. however, when im involved he cant be. I feel like he thinks that im going to push him away again like countless times... I READY and FINALLY ready... funny thing is that even though me and him knows that he has a girlfriend.. we still act like we are in a relationship... we get in arguments but resolved them by the same day or the next day.. we can't stop talking to each other.. our long friendship and persistent feelings towards each other makes it extremely difficult to stay away from each other.. I guess he just wants me to prove to him I ain't going anyway... like I not going to be that girl back then we ran away and avoided the opportunity to be with him.. like im staying regardless..

the question immma pose is... should I stick around... or has the pursuit or being in a committed relationship reached that point where im just too big of a risk from him to give up more things for me.. Or should I leave, and pretend that I don't have feelings for him anymore so that he can continue living his life as fully as possible.. Or should I wait till he realizes that he doesn't want anyone else BUT me..

what should I do!

Hi. I am a Virgo and my husband is an Aries. we have been together for more than 10 years, and we both see that soon our marriage will end. I just want to say that before starting a serious relationship check your sign's compatibility with. We are not compatible with each other and this is now felt the most.

I'm a young Virgo of 15, who is digging on an Aries of the same age. However he is in a higher grade level. He treats me with perfect respect, he puts me way higher on the pedestal than you could imagine. He can always make me laugh. All we've done is talk and I know it's going to go down smooth. His kiss is the spark of a life time. Sure the signs say we don't match, but sometimes you just got to let them work their magic.

I'm a Virgo and there's an Aries I'm falling for. But the thing is he's is off of want a typical Aries should be. He's passive and not impulsive. He's kind to pretty much everyone and detail-orientated as well. We're friends right now... Help?

I met a Aries man. I am a Virgo women. I have always ran away from them cause I knew a bad Aries growing up as a child.

I really like him and there are other things I enjoy with him, and he is a really straight forward person.od thing. I had to break off the dating and remain friends cause he does not to crazy that I have my young child. But that is ok cause it is all or nothing.

I am a typical Virgo falling for an Aries man. I am married and he is also married but there is a strong attraction between us. We saw each other a few weeks ago after years but when I saw him I was absolutely excited and had butterflies in my stomach. After many months talking via the web, I finally took the next steps, i.e. we shared some sexual moments via the webcam. I really want to meet him and spend a day with him to see if my feelings are strong or not. The only thing that bothers me with him is his lack of commitment!!! I know he has a family but so do I and if you really have feelings for someone (which he said he does) then one makes time!! I asked him if I was wasting my time with him and also asked him if I should stop pursuing him and he said no. so what do I do, do I carry on hoping that things will get better or do I say good bye for good. The thing is that when I suggested that we be friends he said that he could not be friends with me because e of how he feels!!! so what do I do??? Any one help!!!

For the Virgo women wanting to know an Aries man.

I am an Aries man. In love with a Virgo woman. I've known her for 10 yrs now. Since I met her I always knew I wanted to be with her, but always had the feeling it wasn't mutual. We became close anyway and every year we just seem to get closer. Her mom is a Cancer and dad is a Leo. Her sister is an Aries and sisters son is an Aries. So she's used to our type. My mother is an Aries and Capricorn moon my biological dad is a Taurus. I tend to be drawn to people less extravagant and more practical. But I have close friends within the same elements. I'm an aries/pisces cusp with moon in Scorpio, Libra rising and mercury in Pisces. I can be very introverted. She is a Virgo sun, Taurus moon and Sagittarius rising. I know a zodiac twin of hers born on the same day and year dating an Aries now so I know its possible and also after reading everyone's experiences.

We've never had a sexual relationship. Just pecks on the cheek and tight affectionate hugs. I adore her with all my heart, and am willing to take this relationship further, but I know she doesn't feel the same. I don't make moves because of that for fear of rejection (though I've tried unsuccessfully in the past.) We tell each other, we love each other all the time, she is my soul-mate. We lived with each other once for school purposes and that didn't work out very well. At the time I was mentally not ready, not tough enough to handle certain situations, I had a complicated ego complex. We eventually moved out and stayed in touch. Things eventually happened in my life that helped change me. I've become less of an extroverted Aries and a little more introverted and self reflecting. (Though I still know how to have fun.) She is the same way. We both share a love for the arts, and I respect her talent tremendously as so does she. We both know each others flaws. We both can be ha rd-headed at times and sometimes demanding. When we were younger I was too stubborn, but life has taught me to calm my thoughts down, that stubbornness is not the way and am willing to take more criticism and advice now. That to me was/is my biggest flaw as well as my impulsiveness that sometimes I let loose still. There are things I would never change. I am very open about my feelings, unless they're too negative (my negativity can bring the worst out of people) and I am very protective of my family and close friends and am very protective of her especially. I would do anything in my power to help her and when she needs to vent or talk I am always there to wipe a tear or to make her laugh. I want her to laugh, be happy, enjoy life. She lives in her head sometimes, which I understand because I get that way too, or dream a lot.

I know its very likely that we will never be together in the way that I prefer. As long as she is happy I'm content because her happiness is just as important to me as my own. I'll take her either way. I hope she knows that. I don't like talking about my feelings too much because I don't want to scare her. So we keep it platonic.

But if there's a chance...even a small chance, I would wait for her as long as the door is open.

I love her like no other and I can feel forever when I think of her.

Thank you for your time.

I am a Virgo woman who recently broke up with my Gemini boyfriend. I met an Aries man immediately afterwards and fell for his utter charm. He's adorable. But, he is selfish in trying to move too fast with me. We've known each other now for less than 2 months and he says he loves me. But, I'm not ready for a relationship and he gets VERY annoyed with me. I'm way to slow paced for him. I feel like he really likes me, but doesn't take my feelings into consideration. Sometimes all I think he's into is sex. I enjoy it a lot. But, if he gets upset, he is so cold! We get upset and we don't talk for days, and then I have to pretend like everything is ok to get ANY attention at all. That annoys me!

He's so ambitious and confident. I am soooo attracted to that. But, he can act like such a DIVA. ugh But when he smiles at me, I forget that I was ever mad. I don't know what to do with this crazy roller coaster ride of a relationship. Don't know if I should pursue it or just let it fizzle out. (sigh)

My last relationship was such a struggle, I don't think I'm ready to put that much effort into another one so soon. It took a lot out of me for so long (4yrs). I wish my Aries could be more patient with me.

I'm a Virgo woman about to date an Aries man. I am 8 years older than he. He seems pretty grounded. I was just wondering what I could expect. My first love in HS was an Aries and we loved each other very much. I've always felt had I not moved out the state, we would have gotten married.

I met my Aries man when I was 15 and he was 17. I have never loved someone the way I loved him. I think the key with Aries Man/Virgo Woman relationship is building that friendship first. And my man and I were friends for nearly 4 years before we actually took it to the next level. Of course, all during our friendship years, I always wished we were something more. I tried to date other guys, but it was always him. It's still him. Seven years later, we're still going strong. I know that I'll never love another man like him and he's the light of my life, really. Ugh, lovey-dovey, I know. But I totally related with the Virgo woman who was gushing about her Aries man (the first post on here). I know exactly how you feel.

It's the opposites with us; we embrace them.

I am a Virgo woman and it seems with out fell Aries men are always attracted to me. I am married to one and have been for 18 years, yet even Aries men who know I am married are still coming on to me...why is that??? What is the attraction of these two almost incompatible signs?

Hi, I am a Virgo young lady and my Aries is turning into a man , well he claims he already is lol he's going to be 20 next year.

It all started back in I think maybe 2007 or 2008, and since we saw each other I guess there was this chemistry:) We didn't get together at first we were just friends. I was dating someone else at the time that I met him soo yessss I did get in trouble for that lol. So after a while I ended up leaving the other person I was with for the Aries.

So mr Aries and I started dating and I reallyyy fell in love with him. I loved everything about him [and still do up to this day] I love the way he talks, the way he smiles , he's not perfect but hey lol and I love the way he treats me better than other girls/girls he dwelt with before.

Well after a while we broke up because of something very stupid which I ended up crying my heart out for him and he still wouldn't listen to me:( that was the sad part because I never really did anything wrong but I guess "FRIENDS" he listened to caused this. It was like he already made his decision because I really could not get through to his thick skul that I was innocent lol they really are hard headed! So after I realized he wasn't looking to believe me I gave up. I was still hurt and it wasn't the first time ive been hurt before so after this particular break up I was reallyyyyy hurt. And I have this thing that im not going to stick around anywhere where im not wanted. So I just stopped talking to him.

Everyone knew that I still loved him and wanted to be with him I think maybe even he knew it. But I never really let it show but in a way I was always there for him even when we were not talking. If I heard anything happen to him I would ask his boys or something if he's ok. And I thought it was very strange that they always considered me to be his number one or what they call it "Wifey" lol.

So after a while I guess he couldn't resist so he came back and talked to me so we became friends after that. It was then during friendship I realized that he didn't know what he wanted and he definitely didn't know anything about relationships so he was known as " a dog" you know someone who cheats and plays girls etc. But I still stuck by his side and I was always there . Yay me! the caring affectionate Virgo lol. We even used to joke around about how him and his girls were .

After all of this I think I said something like you never know what you have until its gone...and I think that really got to him because he still remembers that I said it. Then one day I told him either you wanna be with me or you don't at all. I waited for him I really did. Until he realized that I was the only girl who really still believe in him and would do anything for him and would always be there. He decided to take me back and really tried to make it work, I guess he realized his mistakes. It was at during our friendship I also realized that he really didn't care I always thought he never cared about me since he never showed it, sigh TYPICAL ARIES!

So I agreed to try to make it work so we got back together feb 2 , 2012. I wouldn't say that it was tuff but I have a really good influence on him and he changed because of it. He is a jealous person yes so that's why I avoid any sort of drama possible. I really do love him and he loves me and it shows! sometimes I really ask myself is he for real? or just playing a game or something. I think that causes me to be very insecure cause I end up thinking he's cheating or something.

Besides that I love him and he wants to have a family with me and he talks about getting married I get so emotional sometimes because of it lol. When I look at him it feels sooooooo good when he touches me I feel like im the only one he wants and he acts like it also. I refuse to give up on him. He's my everything and Im His everything and he doesn't wanna leave me , that shows to lol. Every time we spend with each other is so calm and peaceful that is unless one of us does or says something wrong. We both try to avoid arguments and he's very caring he HATESSSSSSS to see me cry. Up to this day he still realizes that im always going to be there for him and that's what other girls lack:) And he really knot's how to keep the relationship going. Everything about us is WONDERFUL! his family LOVES me lol my mother loves him to, she accepts him. Its like im his teacher and he is my teacher. We teach each other and helps each other when we fall and that's what keep us going.

so besides the break up we're 2 years and couple months strong:)

I have a very disgusting and bad relationship with Aries in my life. I though he is very smart; instead, he is an idiot.

He has no common sense and very bad communication. He just wants to be the king or lead in the house. He is a liar and a cheater behind me as Virgo. He is too selfish and full of bragging. He tried to make me mad and jealous by flirting with other ladies. im not that style-no jealous. He cant survive by himself by using me to do every thing in the back of the scence; he took all the credits. He never ever discuss with me for any important thing but when he fail, he then came to depend on me in financial. My saving and account have been dissolve because of this stupid warrior. I sold all my assets gift from my father to help this guy. I have no compliment or appreciation at all from this dud. I hate, hate, hate, him so much... I asked him for a friendly divorce, he isn't agree. I hate him even more, the sex is very bad for me. It just good for himself. I hate to have sex with him; cant stand of his behavior-too moody; angry. He is always looking to find a fault and fighting with me. I walked away and don't give a dammit. Wasting my time.

Hi,i am a Virgo woman and I met my boyfriend when I was 17 in febuary had just turned 18 today on september 8th my boyfriend will be 39 next year. And I have never felt a strong connection with anybody except him he loves me for who I am and we are engaged to be married, he took me in when my mother kicked me out of her apartment and right then and there I never felt a connection with anybody else. We do argue sometimes but we always work I out. But the problem is he takes his joking to an extreme sometimes and then I have to say stop and he stops (i guess you could say that's not a problem) But I just wanna say that any woman out there who has an Aries guy then your very lucky to be with that person because you only get one chance. But the sex is amazing, at times my boyfriend can go for hours.But other than that that's my experience so far.

I'm a Virgo girl, 18 years old, and I've been in a relationship with an Aries boy, 17 years old, for about a couple months now.

He is on my brother's soccer team, and the very first time I went to my brother's game, I've always been fascinated by #16. He was an amazing soccer player, tall, athletic, hot, everything!

A few games later, he sent me a friend request on facebook, which I ignored :) I don't add people I don't know personally. So, that was that. Then, one saturday morning, my brother took me and my sister to play soccer with a couple of people on his soccer team, and he was there. I was surprised to see him, and actually playing with him was an interesting experience.

when I got home that day, I decided to finally accept his facebook friend request. The next day, he commented one of my pictures saying I was a hottie. I playfully said thanks, then stopped commenting back. The next couple days, he commented another picture of mine, and I said thanks, but I decided to actually keep the conversation going :) then after 15 comments or so I stopped again. Then, on facebook chat, we started talking. At first it was just as friends, and then he started flirting so I flirted back. After a loooong time he had to get off the computer but he asked for my number to text me on, so I gave it to him :) that night, we texted until 6 am and it seemed that everything fell into place. We told each other our secret admiration toward each other when I would go to his games. He said he noticed me in the bleachers and he would always want to talk to me. I told him that I've always thought he was super hot. He was being really sweet.

after that conversation, we went to the movies that following weekend. He tried to kiss me in the movies, but I didn't kiss himm :) instead we just cuddled. Then, our second date was another movie night at his house. We were cuddling on the couch when he slowly tried to kiss me again. This time, I agreed to kiss him back :) little did I know, he dominated. He was such an amazing kisser, I had never had such an amazing kiss before. He got on top of me, and we made out some more. He didn't try anything however; he didn't try touching me anywhere innapropriate, and he didn't hint at anything. He was a complete sweetie, and I thought that was soo hot/sweet :)

I spent the night that night. We didn't do anything, we just talked ourselves to sleep.

we have great conversation, and we have amazing sexual tension (we don't have sex, I'm abstinent), however we have GREAT make-out sessions :)

he's completely fine with my abstinence. He's so sweet, and he makes me laugh.

I'm glad I met him :) we haven't told each other we love each other yet though, we've only been dating for a couple months. But he is definitely someone I want to be in a long lasting relationship with. He calls me every night, and we text like almost every day. He teases me alot, and he isn't afraid to make fun of me in a good way. Which I loooovvvvee!

I personally favor virgo/aries relationships.

good luck girls!!

im so confused. I am a Virgo woman and I like a Aries man. I flirt or try to make him jealous to see if he will say something. were friends but I don't know if he likes me. he goes silent when I talk about anouther guy but then nothing we start talking and suff about nothing I need helpp anybody got advice???

I am a Virgo woman and I am dating an aris man i'm wrting to Virgo women who are having trouble with the aris man. the aris man is a ram aris men are hunters so they love to be challenged they are confident excellent leardership skills they are the alpha male they are bold attractive and have excellent social skils. Virgo women are having trouble with their aris men play hard to get they love a challenge

I'm a Virgo woman and had a Aries lover.It was nothing serious,we were secretly lovers for 3yrs and a half..Good hot passionate sex,deep conversations,sometimes misunderstandings,pleased each other in every way,we always laughed together,we felt like kids together..The Aries man made me feel happy,help me feel comfortable with myself and teached me to be myself and understand that everyone is diff..I really miss him wish it was more btw us,til dis day he still comes out in my dreams..Hope he thinks of me2..Xoxo

I think my Aries man is to bossy aorouns me altho I think we do enjoy each other company.But evrytime we get into an argument he jst wont liostn to what I have to say to him his word is final.But I alwys thout to myself that is this becouse his got another girlfriend inwhich he informed me about when we friest got involve together.But maybe he doesn't lolove and he jst wouldnt hide anything from from me9about his grl)and I get terrebly hurt cos sometimes I wish he could jst shut up and love me the way he suppose to be,i still love him thou he act strange.

I am a Aries man married to a Virgo women who is controlling calls me names pushes me in front of our son

takes all the income tax and puts it in her account. I recently lost(clothes papersetc) some things with a flood we had in our basement and fema gave us money, but still again it went into her account. I am dedicated to our son and is always theregoing to school to check up on him helping him with his home work taking him to school 3years. he is five and is in kindergarden. my wife mother has been through five men the first one bet her he was on drugs, the second one beat her, went crazy and ran away, the third one beat her,the fourth one beat up the third one and becamme her boyfriend and died of a drug overdose, the fifth one is still there and he never beat her. he is a pretty much nice guy. but the4 other day over my house while the husband was not

I am a Virgo woman with an Aries man. he drives me insane! he's rude, arrogant, and selfish. he critizes everything about me from my cleanliness to my opinons. biggest regret ever. not a good match!

Well im a Virgo woman i've been datin an Aries for a 1yr and still counting his lovin,carin,kind,very protective and turns to be very agressive,the sex is just too great 1 reason why im still in da relationship with him.his not that understanding and hardly takes no for an answer.. I love him but I hate it....

I am a Virgo woman with a crush on an Aries man and this is my story. One night, I had been drinking with my best friend, the Aries man and his best friend, I was the only woman, this was also the first night I had met the other two guys. Everyone ended up getting really drunk and I hooked up with the Aries mans best friend. His best friend passed out and I got into a heated argument with my best friend and started crying. I drove the Aries man home and we talked for a very long time, he starting telling me everything about himself and pretty much his whole life story. We had been sitting in my car talking for about 3 hours, he was shy about making the first move, he told me to kiss his cheek about 4 times before he moved his face so that I kissed his lips. He started to tell me that he was jealous of his friend for being with me and that he didn't want me with other guys while we were just sitting there kissing. He said he was afraid to get out of my car in fear th at I would never call him. The time I spent in my car with him was amazing, I felt sparks and it was like I had already fallen in love with him, all Me and him did was kiss each other. I called like I promised, but he didn't answer, he was probably asleep since I left him at 7 am. Me and him work at the same place, so I see him often, he doesn't talk to me, but he's always starring at me like he wants me to begin a conversation, but I'm too nervous to. He has a young 1 year old daughter and has recently gotten back with the mother. I'm trying to forget him, but every time I see him, my stomach turns upside down all over again.

Like a lot of people here, I can't figure out Aries men. They send mixed signals, they look out for their own interest. As for Virgo women, we're loving, caring, and put others first, especially people we care about. Virgo women is just going to be giving and giving, and never receive anything back from Aries men.

I like to believe that opposite attracts, but there's only so much a Virgo woman could take. Granted, Virgo women are patient and forgiving, but we deserve better. It's up to the Virgo woman to decide if they want to move on or strong enough to move on if you really love your Aries man.

I always attract Aries man for some reason, but they are so wrong for me. I'm really falling for this Aries man even though I know he is completely wrong for me.

My Advice: Ladies, either be strong and give up if you know it's not working, or suffer through the emotions that Aries men put us through. =(

I am a Virgo woman. Dated an Aries for about a year. He was a physically stunning and mentally captivating man. But extremely controlling and stubborn. I never could get a good read on him ever. And when the friendship ended I felt I had been through World War III or something. I'd run from an Aries now.

Although the sex was on fire, he was very controlling in that department too. Crazy.

im a 18 year old Virgo girl.n im in love with a 28 year old Aries man...he's a great guy..we have so much in common...but the only thing he says is im rilly young so he cannot date me..but I know it very well deep inside he likes me shows..but he hides it..he is not expressive

I'm a Virgo woman and I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost a year now and we are right there it's like we meet and we both know what we want. I met him when I was 17 and he was 37 and the guy is absolutly amazing and careing in all the right ways. When I first met him and shook his hand I audomatically knew just by that hand shake that he was a nice and caring person and he still is. I think we connected only because we have so much in common but I also think we were drawn to each other too. If a woman out there is going out with an Aries then you are very lucky because you only get one chance in a lifetime. Yes, he may be selfish sometimes but Aries men are people who would go out of their way to help someone. Kind of like a Virgo

Peaches = Virgo Sycho = Aries.

I love Sycho...he's a great catch. For once in my life, I have someone who genuinely cares about what I am thinking and saying, and gets me. I always said, I wanted to find a man who can connect with me more on a mental level, and less than a physical level. And now I finally have that now.

We play around together, and joke, and most of our time is made up of us laughing and having fun enjoying life. We both have a understanding of how one another works which really helps when it comes to me explaining my emotions and what I am thinking. He's also incredible at seeing if I am uncomfortable in a situation, and he deals with it immediately. ...he honest to god treats me like a princess.

Not everything is happy times. The only problem we have right now, is the communication, which, is a pretty big part. If he is pissed off, there is NO talking to him. Everything I say is wrong, everything I do isn't enough, anything I try to bring up is bad timing. When he is pissed, the best thing I can do, is let him vent, and come back at him a couple hours later when he's in a good mood. When he get's to pissed, he instantly shuts down.

Like I said before, he's a great guy and a wonderful catch. he's protective, loyal, and understanding the only problem, communication. But were working at it.

The best thing about it, we both wont give up.

We understand, it's easy to be happy through the sunshine, it's hard as shit to battle through the storms, but as long as we have a partner, and remember our love, were good.

I am a Virgo woman who met an Aries man years ago we fell in love; but like an Aries he never really shared his feelings even though he did everything and more for but I needed to hear the words. Eventually I cheated when he asked I told the truth we separated for a while and began to date again the back and forth went on for a while. I had our daughter 7yrs ago and for the first 2yrs after I had her we were on and off again. Then he decided it wasn't working and its been nothing but combative ever since for 90% of the time; every time we start heading in the right direction he pulls away and say something inconsiderate and rude, then I return what he said just more than him. He argues and say no but always end up doing what I ask, and each and every time I argue back knowing that he is goin to do it; I just can't help it. I'm at the point now where I don't want to argue anymore, I want to put our family together because he has been the only man to give me butterfli es, and make me dwell on what we use to have. I know he loves me and cares for me because he has expressed that to me whenever we have been able to communicate without arguing; which is when he apologizes for his behavior. How do I get my Aries man back, and our lives back to what it use to be?

im a Virgo woman dating a Aries man, ugh where do I start, HE IS WILD!! one of a kind forsure. he is somone who loves to be in control of most things, ecspecially driving but he is also very compassionate and caring, most the time. although does seem to care about his personal image too much! I love him to death though and wouldnt change a thing.

I met my Aries man in 7th grade and he has been under my nose since a year and a half ago,i am now 23. one summer I went to stay at his place 3 hours away. it was interesting...i returned again for a week and ended up stayn a whole month! next thing you know I moved in and things have been great since. I looove em!

I'm a Aries man and still dating a Leo woman for 4 years now we not close as we are now so sucks. I'm hangout with my Virgo friend we really flirts on each other a lot this zodiac tell me Virgo and Aries are no good? I don't get it Virgo and Aries are so attracted to each other ...I knew my Virgo friend longer before I date a Leo we don't think we have anything in common at all we are really good friends have a lot good times and strange thing happen Virgo husband told me she had a crush on me all this year I was like yeah right she always look into my eyes as normal converstation pretend only like me as friend after 2 years later Virgo go thur a divorce so she txted me out of the blue wanted me to hang out alone but we both know we never have the time to hang out at all so I risk to come over her place get into a affair mode see what she wants and then somehow we have catch up time where we been up to... immendiately have sexually relationship over her place it spar ks firworks so fuckin awesome sex we both satsfied forget about the bad things that happen to us I'm pretty much shock though we will never done it ever and we did it.... I notice Virgo have a habits gaze at Aries whatever he do when Aries look back Virgo pretend she don't look then start a converstation as whatever they had in mind even though I does the same can't keep my eye off on her the big question is it the sex that healed us ?????????????

Good luck Aries and Virgo you never know what's gotten into you both

Im a Virgo currently dating an Aries man, Never ever dated an Aries before. I have dated a Leo too controlling Sggitarius Hard to pin down. Im most compatable with Taurus and Capricorn but I find both of them pretty boring, Thats just my experience esp Taurus. Never dated an Aries until now and I have to say its starting to be the best relationship I have ever had, and his one of the most uncomplicated what you see is what you get kinda guys, once your honest and up front with Aries thats all they want. His lovable very caring and protective and super romantic, and the most caring person I have ever dated, im mad about him, so any Virgos go for Aries but don't nag or critisise him and you;ll get on fine... They love our mystery and been down to earth and relaxed approach to life .. Go for it !

Im a Virgo currently dating an Aries man, Never ever dated an Aries before. I have dated a Leo too controlling Sggitarius Hard to pin down. Im most compatable with Taurus and Capricorn but I find both of them pretty boring, Thats just my experience esp Taurus. Never dated an Aries until now and I have to say its starting to be the best relationship I have ever had, and his one of the most uncomplicated what you see is what you get kinda guys, once your honest and up front with Aries thats all they want. His lovable very caring and protective and super romantic, and the most caring person I have ever dated, im mad about him, so any Virgos go for Aries but don't nag or critisise him and you;ll get on fine... They love our mystery and been down to earth and relaxed approach to life .. Go for it !

Very complicated relationship, but I love my Aries man too much to give up on him. I know he truly loves me which is why I'm willing to stick around and deal with all the mixed emotions he puts me through. He's very caring and loving when we get along. He allows me to have some control over him and that's because HE LOVES ME! He may not love me the way I want to be loved, but HE LOVES ME!

Hi,i meet my boyfriend 7 months ago on the net,well I know his mum and thought I could trust him.His an Aries sign,i'm a virgo,we fall in love,he says he loves me,crazy for me,we meet at the airpot when he cameback then left straight to spain,once he got there he back up on me,blocked me on facebook and told me that his scared to have a relationship now,but his coming back to London,and he will still want us to try,and stay with me.One minute he wants,one minute his unsure.What do I do?Is he trying something on me?I showed him all my love and feelings,because he loves that.i told him I hate him because he made me love him and then dump me.He sais not to hate him,and I haven't lost him.Very hard because I love him so much and i'm desperate.Please advice

I am a Aries man dating a Virgo woman we have been off and on for two years even though I'm seventeen and she is sixteen we have fell deeply in love with one another when I'm not with her I miss her smile and I miss her laugh and when I'm with her I feel like I'm bullet proof I have been with other females in my lifetime but none of them understand me like she does they saythere is a soulmate for everybody and you are lucky if you find them well I found mine and I couldn't be more happier so for every Aries man I recommend a Virgo woman

I have dated an Aries man and I am a Virgo woman. He was amazing in bed and we have a son together. We fell out when I told him that I am pregnant. He became mean, cold and distant. We are still very attracted to each other but neither of us has had the courage to tell the other how they feel. He's involved with someone else at the moment but I can still see the love and passion in his eyes when he talks to me. I don't want to play his other woman because I deserve better than that. He wasn't much of a talker but there was just something about him that just drew me to him. Whenever we spent the night together, I wouldn't be able to fall asleep because my heart would be overflowing with joy. I don't think I will ever get over him and if he did come back to me, provided he's no longer with his current girlfriend I would take him back and marry him immediately

I am a Virgo woman who dated an Aries man for 6 years I didn't realize I was living with a full blown sociopath..he lied about everything in his life and I believed it.That is what sociopaths do they are masters at it. Girls if your out there and are trying to figure out what the hell is going on with this guy look up sociopathic behavior and take the quiz, you will be surprises at what you may or may not find..I unfortunately found out the hard way and it almost killed me, literally. Good luck my sisters

Aries girl here born April 10 and my Virgo born Sept 4. My boyfriend for 8 months now told me I was the only girl who cracked his wall down. Everytime we argue as in all the time, he calls me arrogant rude and selfish. Everytime I open my mouth and I say something he hates it. He said I have stupid mouth. But I don't mean to hurt him, I may have been careless with the words coming out in my mouth but thats not to hurt him. Virgo people are VERY SENSITIVE. And when I say something he didn't like he will never forget that till the end of the day weeks or months or even forever. Every fck day he constantly reminding me of the faults and mistakes ive done which is really annoying, very frustrating even if I said so many apologies. He doesn't know how to move on. He keeps telling me he is confident as a man as himself but insecure when he is with me. I do not understand what he means? I keep telling him he doesn't need to be insecure as he is the best guy I had but never believed I and me. He said my actions are contradicting. Yes its contradicting because when he started to annoy me by his constantly reminding me of the faults and mistakes I shut off myself. I will be cold and wont talk to him. How many times ive told him to stay away from me if he found me a bad person. And I run away many times but he smart guy. He would be so humble be so sweet and accept that this is his' fault and give him another chance as he want to sort his head out. Ofcourse us being Aries we maybe hard/strong outside but deep inside we are compassionate very forgiving when people are being humble toward us. We forget easily.

Right now I really feel bad for him. Even if we don't end up being together I wont mind. I just wanna help him getting him back like before. He is very insecure and cannot able to move on. He feels so desperate very sad and so insecure. I just wanna help him get over that as im to affected by his behaviour. The thing I admire from him is his honesty to his feelings. What he really feels pain I would feel bad for him. But I have no more tolerance or patience with his endless reminding me of the past. So now I just wanna help him get over things even if it looks me bad. I wouldnt mind. For the sake of himself personally, professionally and health I would help him be a confident man again. For him not to get stuck in a same situation and move on without me.

I am a Virgo woman in a "relationship" with an Aires man. he is everything I am not. It started 8 months ago and we started off badly. Me rude, he thinking I am a bi***! One day we spoke the next nothing. He scared me. Then we started "playing" cat and mouse. He asked for my number, I gave it. he called and it started. We started an unbelievable understanding friendship. He understands me but plays with me, and knows how to push the buttons. The sexual attraction between us was undeniable and we both played cat and mouse in this respect. Our deep desire to always be the winner, led to a strong test of each other. When we finaly hooked up, he took the lead and sent me flying. The chemistry between us in so strong, as is the physical attraction. We both enjoy the talking and the sex. it is the best of all - friendship and a sexual partner. We balance each other and it is unbelieveable. Both of us are scared of where this will go and we both already know where it is. W e are both so attracted to each other and yet so frightened of admitting we want to be together totally. We both are scared that the other will be bored or run away. No matter where it goes, I will be forever greatlful and am so happy to have this man in my life. I know that no matter where "we" go, he will always be my best friend and shining knight and be there to take care of me. I know that if we get past our fears and act on what we truly want, it will be incredible. I also am forever grateful to him and glad I found my soul mate. Sometimes, you can simply be friends and that is enough.... And for that I am foreveber grateful. One can only hope that one day we will be together and not competing with one another.

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