Crush on an amazing Virgo women

I'm a Scorpio man with a hopeless crush on an amazing Virgo women. We've known each other for a year or so and we've just recently started talking and spending more time together intimately. I knew I was drawn to her personality the second I heard her friendly/confident voice conversing with another person we work with outside my office door. I definitely faked a dry throat to take a walk to the drinking fountain in order to check her out. Not only incredibly beautiful but I was immediately addicted to her laugh.

Since we've gained mutual friends over the years I was able to get to know her without coming on too strong. The problem were always running into is that the timing seems to never work out.

Right from the start we both were already in serious relationships with other people. However both of us have now been broken up with our past partners for roughly 7 months.

I have enough romance experience to know the negative outcome of moving too quickly. So it was obvious to wait and not try anything right after our break up. Especially with this one to give it some extra time. Because of this I was able to watch from a safe distance through our friendship as she would bring around a new guy and then shamelessly flick them away at the first sign of a flaw.

Intimidating right?

Hardly. Scorpios love finding a good challenge, not to mention I walked away with a smile on my face every time I heard another meathead had stuck out. So just in the last 2 weeks things starting to heat up significantly. I couldn't hold back anymore, and It finally was right to make a move.

The new feelings we were bouncing back and forth had both our hearts surging and excited we both felt like we were floating.

There was no way her or myself could deny the experience was unlike anything we've ever felt before and no im not talking about sex. I know her conservative style and promised to keep it slow. I've protected this moment for so long, it felt as if she had been waiting just as long and hard for the right time to along as much as I had.

Before I knew it my awesome luck had came back for the worse...

Her ex boyfriend who left her jaded and feeling like shit from their past relationship had showed up to reconcile for the 2 years he had his head up his a**. His re-entry into her life had confused her, I didn't even have to ask, I could see it by the look in her face when she told me he was trying to get back in touch with her.

She freaked and I finally found her some steady ground to rest her feet on after a few days.

We got back in sync with each other but not as intense as before. It didn't matter. At least she got back a sense of control and I told her there was no rush we can work sort things out on an emotional level one thing at a time. At least with out any anxiety coming from my end. I've never this much patience for any one I've been with in my life to this point in my life.

Now just a day ago her ex's mother passed away in a car accident at 48. It was awful news for more then the reason it could be the last thing that causes me this girl after all. I let her run to his support without a fight for obvious reasons. It was hard to do with a smile on my face but I did.

I told her not to worry about anything on my end and everything will be alright. It's been a week and I still have made any attempt to connect with her out of respect for providing the space I know she desperately needs.

I have to admit I've thought of her everyday and I need help with what all you think I should do? Part of me feels as if I've just slipped through the hands of that elusive lady named destiny if only with my fingertips. The other half wants to believe there may be another chance much farther down the road.

Do I stay or let this one go? What's the safe amount of time to wait before contacting, even if just asking to catch up? Ahh its awful but I feel if its time to move on the at least the worse is already over.

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I am a Virgo lady
by: Anonymous

I am a Virgo lady and I have been there plus I know Scorpio men too.
OK.. We Virgos are very selective when it comes to love , specially when our heart has been broken before. If she is still talking to you , trust me there is something there. On the other hand if she is not that close to you it is because she is not sure.. YET!
We Virgos like men that fight for us and prove their love all the time. DO NOT QUIT unless she says something to you! I would keep in touch (I know is hard) but with a distance, not too much though. Do NOT pressure her or be too needy! Let her find out herself! She probably still feels something for her ex.
Virgo women are very genuine and will always truthful. Since we are very selective and if we are not sure it takes us a a while to fall in love!
Contact her in the morning with a sweet text message, not every morning though, wait two or three days and contact her again and tell her that she is awesome and worth fighting for. Then wait!!!Wait for a Friday night and invite her to a great restaurant and be very supportive of her.
Be sweet, romantic and a true gentleman and make her feel like a queen. Touch her once in a while! Then wait a few days and contact her again.
She will fall for you!
Pls keep me in touch!!

Responsible Virgo
by: Anonymous

I'm Virgo not know for sure why my LOVER Scorpio disappeared too long. Many months have been passed and only I feel that our LOVE is starting to fade a way. I'm not an unfaithful Virgo; Yes, I do!! I'm a reserve for the good case and a reason. I probably don't feel the same if I have a chance to meet him once again. Since the last time I met him, I never been involve with any opposite gender in the darker place. I don't know if I would write or call to him anymore. I wait for him till this day; I swap my phone to a better one and keep the number in case for him to call or text me. This time, I need to do what I'm suppose to do. I'm a new lady Virgo. I have one heart. No problems I can handle with a difficult task but NOT LOVE anymore.
Virgo's and Scorpio's LOVE disappeared without a good reason. I'm sorry for not being a type of Virgo who is fighting for a man but EDUCATION and
I'm sacrifice for my Lover and of course I do.

Virgo + Scorpio
by: Anonymous

Virgos and Scorpios are one of the best combinations. Appear to have complete confidence that she will always find herself wanting to come back to you. I am a Virgo woman, have been with Scorpio husband for 15 years.

Dating with a Scorpio
by: Anonymous

I'm Virgo who just met a Scorpio man last two months ago. He works for a large company. I always email him because he always busy and out off his office. I never think about this Scorpio that much. I decided not to email him. On last week, he emailed me and asked me,"is there anyway you can come to meet me to talk more at 2:p.m?" I replied him, okay I will be there. I was emotional less but anyway I went. i arrived on time wait for him then he came down and say hi to me. He said,"let go to eat and come back to my office. My goodness! in my head, okay. He said, I give you a treat. We sat and ate outside together in a warm day. He told me, "how sweet am I, pretty, and talented and don't worry too much." He is exactly knew how disappointed am I.
We have a nice conversation for a while. Then I walked him back to the door with a hug. I'm on the way home and emailed him that I will be always keep in touch with him because he is very nice and honest and he showed me his nine year old child and mention about his wife. I told him, I have no children but I love children. I just want to know him. I knew enough not to let myself fall in his trap. I'm thinking of his wife. I believed he is not a cheater but who knows? I'm a smart Virgo lady feels horrible for any ladies whose husband has intentional to cheat on them. Anyone who has a Scorpio lover, better treat him right. So, he will not look for a nice lady out there. I'm Virgo very thoughtful and perfect. Best wishes to all ladies. I'm not into a guy.

Virgo is unique
by: Anonymous

Why is Virgo woman different from other women and men in the other signs? I don't know why people like to tease with Virgo lady and Virgo man? How do they view with us as Virgoan people. I knew all Virgo are very gentle, loyal, smart, modest, dependable, loves, cares, pretty, and very safe to be around. I believe because of these qualities made us more special and unique among the twelve signs. They can be wild as well as other signs but it depends.

Virgo ladies and men are understandable with considerable. They are not too easy as someone might think. However, they are easy going.

Virgo never disappoint someone if she or he really meant it to be. Lucky if you meet Virgo.
Remember, Virgo do not forgives or forget easily.
If anyone can wins Virgo, that person will get a reward. But don't play with this sign. Virgo is deep than you can imagine and hard to catch. Gook luck to men and women.

by: Sexy Virgo To The Rescue!

I am a virgo woman and and know that if a man were trying to form a relationship with me the way you are I would not be that interested. With all of the time you are taking to call her back or communicate, her self conciouse nature has probably led her to believe you are not that interested. We like a man who can take charge! Being a Scorpio man she probably feels a magnetic attraction to you and doesn't know why. It is time you SHOW her why. Be confidant, take a bold risk and use your sexual magnetism to win her heart. you need to stroke her ego, and demonstrate some passion towards her when asking her out again the next time. Here is what you do.... As she walks past your office or cubicle where ever you work, call her over to you. get up and press her slightly against the wall with your body. look at her in a sexy way so that she doesn't feel threatened by this move. whisper into her ear how attractive you find her and that you were trying to give her some space to deal with the passing away of her friend, but you have been dying to be with her and you want the chance to prove to her you can make all of her thought of her past boyfriend melt away if she just let herself into your life. ask her to meet you somewhere exciting (somewhere nice that is semi private. perhaps on the doc or beach or a park(not a secluded one) for a late dinner and wine. make it a picnic. it's ok if it's at night. I'm sure she will not be able to pass up the offer. once on your date, do not talk about her other relationships, you are the only man in her life at this moment. enjoy your evening together and stop thinking about how to make her yours forever. i'm sure that if you just let the connections be felt and enjoy your romantic time gazing at the stars and talking all night, she will feel you. In more ways than one ;) kidding aside i am sure that if this relationship is meant to work you will know after a sensual and passionate night like this. remember that your virgo girl will need to feel secure. make sure you express your true feelings and let her know just how great you think she is, and how passionately you feel towards her. wishing you all the best!

No one in between you and Virgo
by: Anonymous

This Virgo is the most difficult and hard than many other signs especially when it come between the two opposite sex. I just want to clarify a little bit about me as a Virgo. I'm appreciate nature and human for the well and the best one who has a perfect characteristics of personality traits. In a few days ago, i ran to one of the Capricorn who i have been known for years ago. He always dress very classy and business like. i was shocking. I felt that he want to huge me some how. We talked while he talked, his face always turned pink. i never been out with him in the past. i knew he liked me but I never think of that. we understand each other so well; "he offered his help especially, me." I respect him a lot for he is honest to me. He said,"he has a family now." Nothing possible, said he. He showed me his family album with two under ten years old sons and one daughter include his lady. while i don't have children, so I'm not a jealous type either. All I knew that i'm free of pain. He said, he works hard to pay bills. I can see his burden is heavy. He passed his number for me to call him; he repeated only you. I just took it for the politeness, yet I'm still a student.
This Virgo never made mistake and never deny the truth. You have to have no one before you are involving with Virgo or you cannot win Virgo's heart that way or don't try to break Virgo's heart. No, never and ever! I won't blame him. I'm appreciate his honesty and wish him happiness.
Virgo reserves for the soul mate, only.

by: Anonymous

We are unique, beautiful, feminine and very sensual. In bed we are amazing , depending on the partner. It has to be a very masculine and passionate male. Do not deny sex to a Virgo lady. We do not understand that.

by: Anonymous

what the hell is wrong with the english language? people don't know how to write anymore?

To Virgo lady
by: Anonymous

I understand what you mean very clearly when you mentioned we are UNIQUE. Your English is perfect. It is understandable. However, for the last sentence, I don't get the point, yet. Virgos are complicate and mystery some time. With you, I have no further questions or comments as I'm a Virgo.

I agreed what you said. Virgo is amazing, pretty, smart, and incredible when it comes for the intimacy with the right partner who she chooses-a muscular man, healthy. Virgo will take care of her partner very well and she expects the same. Only the right man can wins a Virgo's heart.
Also, Virgo always be faithful/truthful to herself and her soul mate; she is not an easy for someone to influence or engage her to have a sexuality. We are good as Virgo; we are very keen and understand with all kinds of the tricks. Please, don't take our comments as offense. We want to share our experiences.

by: Anonymous

Ok i am a virgo woman and i have dated a scorpio man,i am going to help you out...
Well the attraction between scorpio man and virgo woman is always very intense so i am sure she feels the same way you feel about her..
With a virgo woman it goes beyond that you have to prove that you are worth her time,comitment and love..
How do you do this?
Consistency consistency consistency!
She is looking for a stable partner so you must become reliable..
Most scorpio men tend to mess it all up by withdrawing when a relationship is becoming intense,that does not go well with a virgo woman.
In short please make sure you communicate with her as often as you can so that she notes how reliable you are..give her a call each evening and ask how she is doing she will appreciate it...if u cannot reach her send her a text expressing your concern on how she is doing...
That will make you gain incredible marks from her and make her think you are worth it...

Please be sensible towards others!!
by: Anonymous

Anonymous, please forgive whoever made a statement about your "bad" English. This is what I understand about your comment. Please forgive me if I am wrong.

"Refusal to make love does offend a woman Virgo. She always wants sex and she is always ready for sex, so she cannot understand why you are "too tired to make love". Most probably she will think you don't find her sexy any more. So do say nice words to her, display your adoration! She wants to know you love her and you want her, she will never get tired of compliments!"

by: Anonymous

please let us know how it went down with your virgo woman...worried for you.

To: sensible towards others
by: Anonymous

Yes, that is exactly what I meant. That is what we are. You must be a Virgo lady!
Thank you

Shows Virgo that you care
by: Anonymous

If you, Scorpio, decided to be involve with Virgo, you need be a determine person that you LOVE VIRGO for real 100% as she does it for you. She always love you and of course she worries about you all the time. Remember, Virgo is reserved for you only.
Have faith.

To a Crushing with amazing Virgo
by: Anonymous

To someone who crushed with the amazing Virgo lady.
If you love Virgo as you have said, you never let too much space or distant from her. You need to show that you care for her. Virgo hold on with the truth with the right partner. It doesn't meant Virgo is unable to change. Of course, she will but it is too slow for her to change. Virgo is the one that you can depend and rely on. Virgo is perfect, intelligent, patient, loyal and wants the perfect mate to share as in Love and experiences in life. If you ever let this pass, it will pass. Virgo is full of charms as well as you are. You never get wrong to get involve with a Perfect Virgo. I know she loves you to death for whom she chose to devote to. Be proud of yourself and your Virgo. Don't try to make up or liar to her for she is already knew.
Also, there is no intimidating or AFRAID. Virgo willingly to listen to your complaints with care. Have faith and be happy. Virgo is your. From a confidential Virgo.

to the previous anonymous
by: Anonymous

Perfect description of a Virgo! :)

Virgo remains Faithful to you
by: Anonymous

I'm a perfect Virgo who fortunately met a man who is a working for a large of organization as a president. I have been introduced by his secretary; she is a friend of mine who is Aquarius-smart. This guy is Capricorn; gave me email, phone, and address. He encouraged me to keep contact with him for any position arise. He liked me a lot. A friend of mine left secretary position for the other job. I ended to contact with this guy for so long. Just last week he emailed me as the invitation and asked me for a relationship. I was too nervous because of that but I felt happy some how because my Scorpio has been neglected and abandoned me for so long without the cause. I've been waiting for my Scorpio till this day; he never gives me a dammit call. I returned my emailed to Capricorn said, I will but I need to figure it out. This Capricorn is the public speaker and looks great. Whatever, I have no feeling or interested at all even though just as a relationship. He asked me to sign in his Face book, too. I just cannot do it. I feel that I hurt myself if I give myself or go for this Capricorn and to form a new relationship. I need someone's idea and opinion, Please. I missed my Scorpio very much and still remain faithful. He is a miracle in my life. I cannot forget or let him go from my mind. Virgo deeply in Love.

to virgo above
by: Anonymous

hey,i am a virgo my opinion once a scorpio disappears for to long there is no point of waiting..i have been there and trust me i waited and in the end got nothing but misery...
Give the capricorn man a chance,get to know him better just be cautious as u do so..CAP guys r good n more consistent..

Hi Virgo Lady
by: Anonymous

Thanks for you comments. You are right. You are a Virgo as I am who born in September, you know how I feel toward the right mate. It is tough to let go. I feel misery without him. I never been influence or fall in love with anyone easily as this Scorpio in my life. As Virgo I am is not that hard for me to attract to other good and loyal men. The problem is me for I don't like myself to mess around and end up with pain. That Capricorn is very higher in a position and well known in the public than the Scorpio man who I loved. He has been followed me a long time and ask at least to be friend but I tried to avoid him. I don't like to fool myself and him just because of LOVE. I loved this Scorpio for I feel very secure and safe not because of the sex. I told Capricorn that I will call or visit him if there is a chance. For sure, I just want to be polite to him, nothing else. At this moment, I decided to give my Scorpio a plenty spaces; times as a chance before I let go. I won't allow other man to come and separate us. No!
I'm mature and completely confident within myself.
As Virgo, is not only beautiful but very intelligent, care, and loyal as well as. There is no surprise for us as Virgo men and women, YOU KNOW. Thanks, Virgo. See you.

Get your head out of your butt!
by: MJ

Are you serious? You don't sound like any Scorpio man I know. You should be calling her everyday! We want a man to pursue us.

Call daily just to say Hi.

To whom you talked to, MJ?
by: Anonymous

I'm getting lost. I'm not a Scorpio man. I'm a Virgo female. I walk alone-No side and no heartache. I cannot give my LOVE to someone who is weak and has no determination and commit for a short period of time. LOl...N+O. worry free.

to anonymous
by: Anonymous

That's right!!!! We like the man that pursues us. We are feminine and sensual. We love sex.

by: MJ

I was not talking to you. I was speaking to the Scorpio man who has a crush on a Virgo woman. Where did you come from anyway?

Crush on amazing Virgo
by: Anonymous

To a Scorpio man. As I read your long article on the very Top, that sounds there is a problem that came to separate you and your Virgo whom you were involve with. I felt Virgo absolute Loved you more than you can see and still loves you. The biggest problem is the time and distance. I guarantee, one day you will meet her once again as the first start as you and she did if you still hold on and have faith. Virgo doesn't betray you because she loved you deeply in side her heart and soul. You don't find identical anywhere or place as that Virgo that you've been through, okay. You do your BEST whatever don't lost contact by calling her at least one for awhile on occasion such as on her Birthday. That to show that you still care and also love her. I'm sure she still loves you very much. I don't say that because iam also a VIRGO as she is. Don't give up on your Loyal Virgo. Only you know yourself and your Virgo during the intimacy. Remember that. That is okay for it is just the time that gives you a hard time. There are other days-30 days in a month, so you have lots of time. Work to work it out. Virgo LOVE YOU. Virgo is worth it. BE HER MAN.

Someone I know...
by: Anonymous

I met this Virgo woman where we both work, when we were both on duty. I am a Scorpio man and my job at the time was a roving brief, talking to customers all round the store. Her job, at the time, was as a customer assistant; she was stuck in the Ladies department. We used to bump into each other quite a bit and I enjoyed talking to her a lot. One day whilst she was off-duty she appeared from nowhere and called to me, whilst I was in conference with my manager. He made a condescending remark; I could have easily hit him. Our paths diverged because she was checking out another job in the same shop whilst I resigned from what I was doing, only to be re-employed later in a different role. We did not see each other for a while, until I was offered a post on the same shift as her a while later. We would often see each other during business hours but we kept things chatty and formal. Suddenly a couple of months ago, I found myself thinking about her more and more. I went on holiday and brought back some sweets, which I insisted she should have. She went away for a holiday and came back and I 'complained' (very light-heartedly) that she had ignored me on shift the night she returned. My managers joked that it was a shame that my "girlfriend" had not said anything and invited me to stay in their office to say hello to her. As she returned she seemed a bit surprised, but did not complain. Since then we have had a bit more contact, but she is quite formal with me as she is my superior on the shift. We do have the occasional smile at each other, but we only meet at our own place of business for a few hours at night. I have been told that she is 'single' but has an active social life. I am married, but there are issues. I am usually confident around everyone else, but she makes me feel shy and self-conscious. Usually she talks mainly about the business, and I try to re-assure her that everything will be fine, but I feel like I am treading on egg shells. She is amazing but I can't really open up to her at work, so I might have to wait for my birthday party later this month or a staff "Christmas" Party in January.

its weird
by: qualifiedVIRGO

i am a virgo lady who met a scorpion male when i was employeed at my new job almost 2 1/2 yrs ago. i feltvan attraction off back but i never protested my feels to him just casual work related conversions. We soon realized we knew some of one anothers family members closely . Grew up in my family side of town so knew the same ppl. Hes 10 yrs older and went to school with my older cousins. shocker lol....well after hiding how i was admiring him almost 2 yrs i finally told him out of nowhere im going to marry him. Since hes been observing me,jealous,helpful,everything. He comes to my rescue alot too while at work. get can gave any womab at the job and comes off as a flirt so iam still cautions . he is slow with really getting to know me and would ratherci call not text him. but he never text or call me first at all:-( help me out

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