The essence of a Virgo Woman

Wow, you really have captured the essence of a Virgo Woman, however I don't agree with one of the previous visitors comments regarding not being faithful... although everything else said I would agree with...

and, although I too get bored sometimes, I prefer to remain faithful to the man I love...

but, if the man I love is not faithful to me, he should expect that I will find someone else that loves and respects me for me and understands how to treat a lady.

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Sex fiends or nuns
by: David-admin

This is the dilemma when writing just about sun signs to categorize people. Some common traits are very consistent, while some have a lot of variables affecting them. Often it's easier to skim over an area than to tie it in knots with qualifications.

I'd agree, most Virgo women place a higher than average value on their sex life. For example, if it's good they'll stay in otherwise unhappy relationships and be incredibly loyal, while a small minority will cheat if their sex life is that bad. With that said, overall they’re more faithful than most signs, all other things being equal.

The challenge on the web is conveying that complexity in a sentence or two (attention spans here are much shorter than for textbooks) without making Virgos sound like either sex fiends or nuns.

Meanwhile, the reality is that the right or wrong partner can bring out either side of them, or anything in between.

I am definitely not a prude in bed
by: Anonymous

I completely agree with most of what is said about the Virgo women, as I am a Virgo woman myself.

One thing I might add is I am only faithful if I get everything I need from my mate, currently this is my situation with my Taurus mate.

One more thing about Virgo's is that we are dead practical. I myself think more like a man than a women in many elements in my life which I lend to the critical/perfectionist attributes of a Virgo. I am definitely a very feminine woman, but also a complete hot tomboy in the sense that I enjoy 'male' activities.

I have no idea how people can say that Virgo's may be prudes in bed. I remember when I lost my virginity to my partner who had been with 5 other woman, he could not believe that I was a virgin as I had all the tricks up my sleeves. I might attribute this to my reading of cosmopolitan throughout my entire high school experience, or just plain common sense in the bed room of how to please a man.

by: Anonymous

Only a Virgo would admit to learning anything from Cosmo! That magazine cracks me up. Every month the articles on the cover are:

"more sex"
"more sex"
"10 things you didn't know about sex"
"10 things you didn't know about men"

One of the great mysteries of the modern world is how they can write so much about sex and yet say almost nothing lol

i love my leo man
by: Anonymous

Am 21 years old virgo girl but still a virgin, though i have all the tricks that can make a man cry out on bed. i have this leo guy as my boyfriend and he always shows and tells me he deeply love me but his behaviours shows hes a cheat! he mingles with diffrent kinds of girls if you ask him he will say they are just fans!one day i asked him about a lady in his contact book he refused to answer me instead he said the question is meaningless! help advice me what to do cos am going nutts! i love him with my life!

i love my leo man
by: Anonymous

I believed Leo man is not a cheater even though he mingles with lot of girls. Leo wants to know and very curious about people. Leo is very creative, smart, thoughtful, hard work, reliable, and love to socialize in the public. Speaking as I knew him-never, but I do have a girlfriend; she likes the spotlight and to be a lead. However, I don't think Leo take it seriously with Virgo as a lover.
Maybe just for friend. I'm a beautiful Virgo, I knew how Leo feels toward Virgo man/woman. I'm not advising you; just give a little clue.
Virgo best match is Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer. One of these signs is Virgo best Idealism for relationship and a Lover. So, keep your heart until you met the perfect one, Virgo.
I rather to be a nun if I cant meet one of my prince. Good luck!!
Serious Virgo.

Sex fiends or nuns
by: Anonymous

David can see Virgo's personality traits as well as other sign. Well in my respect and feed back to what have David said about Virgo. You are 100% + 20 bonus because you are perfectly correct!! Virgo will stay even though she is not happy about her relationship and lives with a wound heart; other as a sex fiend or a nun. I'm too proud of you, David.

Very truthful: Virgo cusp of Libra

are they jealous/insecure
by: Anonymous

I noticed that a lot of girls hates Virgo girls...are they jealous or insecure because all of the astrologers sites said so that WE as Virgo are the most blessed Zodiac sign?in short, WE are PERFECT compared to the 11 signs??

I go around the entire zodiac site and i read most part of the comments from other girls from the other sign that they dont like Virgo girls coz we are like this, like that etc etc....the way i read their comments i can imagen their looks while saying sooo how they hate us..what is wrong with us?we can see all the flows from the other sign and i can tell that we are not into the more or less qaurter of their bad habbits...but when they judge us just like we are the worst women on earth..

one girl gave her bad view or comment towards virgo and later on the other remaining girls or other signs coming in and attacking the virgals...we are so down to earth and humble i think they taking advantage with that coz they know that we are not the fighter type...

What is the reason to hate Virgo???
by: Anonymous

Being a Virgoan girl is hard and mentally suffers a lot from the other view from other signs in the Zodiac, in my experiences. Virgo is a type of person who don't like to argue/fight or blow the words for unreasonable which is make no sense that cause other people hurt. I just can say there is only the unconscious or the insecure one is Jealous toward Virgo even the astrologer put Virgo down by referring a Virgo has a narrow minded as I read on the other Astro site. That is actually not true; Virgo has an open mind, down to earth, peaceful, loyal, loving, caring, and very reliable person on earth; also, Virgo is an earth sign-the earth provides us every thing. I believed Virgo has a higher standardization that I'm hardly to find anyone to compare. To all Virgos, be proud and don't listen to those who have no clear mind try to make you feel guilty. :) from a Virgo cusp of Libra.

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