Virgo Woman Pisces Man Perfection

by Mr E

I'm pisces, she's virgo .

I'm an EXTREMELY picky pisces guy and have been single for over 5 years, waiting for the 'perfect' woman to come into my life...

Then just as I think I'll never meet the perfect woman, POOF just like that she comes into my life... A perfect woman who is a virgo, and we have an instant compatibility which everyone else notices before I do! lol ...

We have SO much in common its truly amazing, we think alike too! But also have a few differences but not bad ones at all.. Differences that will keep things interesting...

I'm taking things very slowly as I see her almost every day.. Getting to know her better and better as time goes by, and it seems she is thinking the same way too...


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coming from virgo
by: Anonymous

All I can say is good luck to you'll be hurting you head anytime soon, once she captured your heart already, be ready and be prepared. .

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