Virgo woman doesn't want a relationship?

by Saggitarian Man

I've fallen for a 30 year old Virgo woman, whom I love and adore. We met 2 years ago while we were both living in a foreign country. We both moved back to our own countries (on almost exact opposite sides of the world!) about a year ago. We get along great, and often talk on the phone. She had invited me to visit her in her country numerous times since we parted. I will be spending Christmas with her this year (my 4th trip to see her this year).

I have told her that Im crazy about her and want a relationship. She has told me she isn't interested in a romantic relationship with me. That was on my first trip to visit her. If she isn't interested, why would she keep asking me to go back there? Am I being 'screened' to see if we're suitable? It just doesn't make sense to me. I keep going back to see her because I feel that if we spend enough time together, we may have a chance of starting a romantic relationship.

My question is, am I wasting my time? Do Virgo ladies usually spend this much time with someone they know is interested in them, if they don't think they will ever feel the same?

Thanking you all in advanced!

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To Sag man
by: Anonymous

You are wasting your time with Virgo since Virgo do not feels the way you felt. She is just being friendly and polite to you. Virgo and Sagittarius are absolutely not match as in Love relationship. You may explore more about Astrology description.
If you don't believe in astrology, you never meet the right person to last for a life time. So let me mention about Virgo: Virgo only involves with one of these sign- Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, or Taurus. Sorry, you are not the lucky Sag that can be with Virgo.

different meaning
by: Anonymous

Sometimes words like "love" and "relationship"
conjure different meanings to a Virgo. She feels that her emotions are beyond words.

by: Anonymous

exactly... love and relationships can't be explained by words..
we might seem distant.. but our emotions are deep

not 100% of the time
by: sag

hay man thats not 100% true. i am dateing a virgo now and we are madly in love. so dont trust that these are 100%. we are alll are own ppl and so just in case man go talk to her about it man. if u guys are close at least.

Virgo dnt want a relationship
by: Anonymous

As a virgo woman I am pretty honest about how I feel. I don't think she is playing hard to get or anything like that. You are wasting your time if you believe by spending time with her she will fall in love with you. She may just be content with a friendship. You are not being screened.

virgo woman
by: Anonymous

i think that she likes you too much but she is scared that you would hurt her, soo she wants to keep a distance between you two...

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