Virgo looking for the right match

i am a Virgo, as you know very hard to satisfy us. i am interested in a Taurus wondering if it could work out. Anyone?

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Taurus is too stubborn
by: Anonymous

Well, Taurus is too stubborn but I think Virgo and Taurus will going along very well. You can check it out on the Astrological website for a compatibility.

To Virgo lady/girl
by: Anonymous

You will be not be disappointed if you are interested and want to date with a Taurus male. He is amazing, work hard to save money, easy going, and very intelligent. He is full of charms, but he is a little stubborn in a positive way. I don't think female or male Taurus are different even though I have a girlfriend as Taurus and I am a Virgo lady, lol...I love Taurus than anything because we going along very well. For guy, as I see, he is very handsome and full of though and cares. Virgo can goes along with many sign except Aries. Aries is the worst. Please don't involve with Aries; I don't want Virgo to suffers. Good luck with Taurus, okay.

a virgo proudly dating a taurus
by: Anonymous

I have been dating with a Taurus for 6 years now, we understand each other, therefore I believe virgo and taurus are very compatible though not perfect.

by: Anonymous

im a taurus and ive been dating a virgo for about 3 years, we get on like a house on fire, even though we have been together for a while the relationship is still full of passion and love and we have a mutual understanding on almost everything. go for the taurus!! you will love them!

virgo woman liking tarus man
by: Anonymous

baby girl goooo for it!!!! good with money ,great communication,full of lust and passion pay close attetion to him always be yourself dont take him for granted he will be good to you be good to him dont hide anything from him be onest he will be sense love friends wuth a Taurus and we have supppppppppppppper chemistry such a gentle man with me he holding out a little but they tend to go slow until they are sure as do we

Virgo Woman/Taurus Man
by: Anonymous

I am a Virgo woman and I have been married to a Taurus man for 14 1/2 years. We are alike but also different in many ways. We both take relationships, family, work and responsibilites very seriously. We are interested in pleasing each other by just by doing helping things during the day. We are some what different: he is very stubborn and likes to lead alot. When he gets an idea in his head he takes off to carry it out. I like to compromise and take my time to think things over. I am an affectionate person but he isn't.

Stick to your own sign
by: James

It may be best just to find another Virgo! Virgo/Virgo relationships work out very well in a 'finish eachother's sentences' kind of way.
-A fellow virgo

Don't be afraid
by: Anonymous

If u have a chemistry with a Taurus, by all means... He can splurge on u & made u into somewhat a spoil baby... No joke... A Taurus who is meant for u will do anything in the name of love... You might even be a bad girl because he's just too good for u...

Unfortunately, if u don't have a chemistry with a Taurus man, don't... U might never know if u discover other signs... Your secret admirers may be Aquarius or even Sagittarius who are so generous & fun! Which could actually spice up your life... Take it as a learning journey, don't be afraid to fail in love... Take men as part of life's decoration.... U know what I mean... ;)

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