Mixed signals from Virgo women

by robin
(south africa)

I am a Sagittarius man and have a weakness for Virgo and Pisces women..which just happen to be the worst two matches out there for me.. Right now im interested in a Virgo but im getting mixed signals from her.. what do i do? I really like her but she seems distant sometimes but at others like we've been dating for years.. are they all like this?

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To Sagittarius
by: Anonymous

Heh, you interested with Virgo and Pisces. Sound most likely you more interested with Virgo as I read your article. Virgo seems very distant to analyze or she may not thinking as what you have been thinking. It is hard to tell if Virgo whether she likes you or not but still can be recognize. I can't explain. All you need is to learn more about Virgo nature. Safe words mean a lot to Virgo; Virgo do not realize on her emotional but work hard in her mind. For Pisces, I don't really know. Both of these signs are not the same even though they are polarity opposite in the Astrological Charts. Virgo is too solid, critic,intelligent, thoughtful, and loyal to the love one. It is hard too wins Virgo man and woman if you are not perfect. My girlfriend is Virgo while I'm Taurus. I'm a lucky star to have Virgo lady in the center of my life. Be good to Virgo, man if you love her for real and don't break your promise. Virgo is not a cheesy. I can't find other signs to replace her and to be best friend as Virrgoo. You have to be a man. Virgo is not a fish in the sea that goes into men net. You got that, man.

No compatibility here!
by: MJ

Now you know the deal. You are a bossy controlling man. Virgo women will not be controlled!

I advise you to read up on her sign. Try astro.com. You can order a psyc relationship horoscope for around $50.00. Man well worth the money!

I wish I had of ordered one before I married a Sag. Nice guy but a bear to live with!

Agreed with MJ
by: Anonymous

You are right!! Man cannot control Virgo who is very intelligent. Virgo is cool, logical, and serious. No matter what is a man who is very loyal, loving, or caring but it is depend. Don't try to make Virgo fall to in LOVE. It's not happen easily with Virgo men and women.

Camouflage Virgo
by: Anonymous

Virgoan is the most intelligent creature in the Zodiac. No one know exactly in Virgo's mind-Virgo analyzes every detail and too slow to take a step and not easily to trust someone. Virgoan doesn't like being control and manipulative. Virgo likes to be in charge-the responsibility is very important to her/him and don't like to push. It depends on the situations/circumstances because Virgo able to change. If Virgo lets you win, you will but watch out at later time!!! Virgo is speechless/silence/detects every thing. So be very careful who involves with Virgo- Though Virgoan is very nice, loyal, and determine in the zodiac remarkable. Man and Women out there better love Virgo... :)

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