Understanding Virgo women

by Anon
(San Diego, CA)

I am a Virgo female, and the majority of what is written I agree. However, I am a type of Virgo who -- because I know my critical nature -- tries to give more positive, then negative feedback. While I am excruciatingly shy to initiate anything sexually, I am extremely affectionate, however. Sometimes, I am affectionate to the degree that it leads to sex. But I am too shy to be do something overtly sexual. Patience is the key! SORRY! :-) Dunno why??? Regarding criticism, we do mean well. We do mean well by nature. I think most of us are totally misunderstood. Others are downright mean; however, I truly think most of us really do mean well for those we care for. Have patience and understanding, and communicate with us (in our shoes) the way we see it. I think Virgos have this tendency to see things in a self-righteous light, without that shade of gray. We need to be shown that shade of gray. Thanks for that pretty fair and balanced analysis, and blessed be!

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by Anon (San Diego, CA)
by: Anonymous

That is naturally for Virgo. It doesn't matter what age as a Virgo. Virgo is the form of Virginity-petite in a good looking shape and naturally shy especially by the opposite of sex-gender. Virgo is slowly-careful or making a decision whether to open a heart or not; or to wait until she feels very comfortable and knowing well with someone who she/he decides to share the intimacy. Virgo is a critics and very analyze in every angle to avoid the mistaken and consequence which may lead to agonize.
Virgo doesn't want to rush for love or sex with the unknown. I, Virgo, honestly, don't trust man 100% in this generation. However, there is a man who is good in this world; still it kinds of hard to believe. So, your criticizes are good for the point; I knew you are smart,Anon, and you want every thing to be perfect; perfect is from a beautiful heart. You should be very proud as Virgo-you are blessed to be born on that Sun sign. Also, I want guys out there to know if you can wins Virgo's heart, you guy must be the lucky one. Virgo is very responsibly without worry you at home or work. However, it is depend on the Mars placement also. Zodiac signs-planets are important; it is design human as a DNA. A specialist of Astrology has the best answer for your information. Ask David, he is there to help.

Wish you good luck.


virgo confusion....
by: Anonymous

First odd I am a taurus so I know her & I are compatible. I found her via Facebook. She was my middle school crush. We instantly connected. We talked for about a week over email, until I met up with her. We watched tv, and later went to sleep. I stayed over. We kissed, cuddled and caressed but did not make love. A couple of days later we agreed that we wanted to see one another again- and we did make love. IT WAS AMAZING. Now she shows no interest in ever being intimate with me again. & the 2 times I have come over to help her with a task such as cleaning or helping her fix her hair I have wound up sleeping on the couch. Virgo Women: Have I lost my chance for good because we had sex too early? Or is there still hope? What do I have to do to get her interested in me once again? She flirts with me every now and than over text message...I hate that I've fallen for her...but I want to know for sure whether or not I should just let it go. Or if I can still hope that I will spend one more night in her arms.
(We're lesbians BTW)

to Virgo confusion
by: Anonymous

i think virgos tend to think SEX is a dirty business...n becoz u guys progressed so soon :S...it's almost like thas wy she wants to back off...coz she thinks its way out of line...i think u jus need to cozy up to her by being a good frd but along the way still let her know ur interest in her as more than a frd.

Answering Questions :-)
by: Anonymous

Hi there! Anon, again. Thank you very much, you both, first of all. Regarding the first, I think she (your potential girlfriend) is shy that she moved too soon. Personally, when Virgos are comfortable with someone right away, they do move just as fast, sexually. So, she may be ashamed that she did (We almost always feel it is out of character, instead of it being human nature for some reason, maybe it's the way we were raised, coupled with our sign?!?). IMPORTANT: Show her your intentions are honorable, and that you have a deep, potentially lasting attraction to her, not just sexually, but (IMPORTANT) intellectually, too! We head trip on being or feeling we are brainy on one or several areas. ;-) She will reconnect with you. Right now, it sounds as though she is testing the waters to see if you'll stay or if you intend on making this relationship more sexual, from my perspective. Good luck, and let me know your developments!

As far as "cozying up" I agree wholeheartedly!!!!! I had a Libra who came on too strong for me (plus, I was not attracted, at first. I had to look past physical attributes, and refocus on personal characteristics.). We like to talk a lot; sometimes, we go into monologue a lil' too much! ;-) We definitely like to "easy" on into a relationship. Personally, once I am very comfortable, I'm not a prude at all; however, I'm not dirty porn, either. Lol. I go with the flow for the most part, and see where it goes from there. Sexually, there have been far from any complaints. Now to find the right guy (*sigh*)...

Thank youuuuu
by: Anonymous

well we all went out tonight...i told my friend who is in a tough situation that we would all go out to chill and she'd meet the virgo i fell for. my friend is a leo. to make the story short. they were drunk and canced with eacother all night. left me out of the loop a little bit. smh...so idk...virgo barely spoke to me...i was the most sober one. but her and my leo friend hit it off really well. i still havent told the virgo girl how i feel, andbeing a taurus it's hard because bulls never want to show they are vulnerable. idk what to do. and to the chick that was ANWERING QUESTIONS...thank uuuuu ur soo sweet. i doubt it will ever happen tho esp now.

Cancer & Virgo
by: Anonymous

I am a Cancer and my spouse is an Virgo. We are very much alike. Even though at times she can be fussy, and sometimes over critical. Yet unlike like what most people say about Virgos being nonsexual is not true, well for my Virgo it isn't. She helps me with reality of life and brings me out of my shell. I help her with her fussy ways and make her feel complete. I think our relationship really balances out and I am very satisfied.

Happy Virgo
by: Anonymous

I'm a successful and proud Virgo. Some time I think of the word "PERFECT" that sounds weird to me. But that is absolutely right. Virgo aim very high to achieve it; every thing I do is just want it to be at least the better . This is come from being patient, organize, and work hard to get success. Virgo has a great vision, Devotion, and motivation drive from the inside. I considered this is the Bless for me as a Virgo person who were born in the right time with talent.
In Love relationship; personal, it is hardly for me to find a man or woman who has the quality to share of what I have for the present and the future. I'm willingly to give and Devote to the one I LOVE- which called One Love. I'm Virgo-not a lonely one.
Regardless of ordinary friends relationship, but those seem of the sleeping plants when the sun lights on, those are vanished. Some time I just feel better just to be alone instead to involve to the wrong/frivolous companion. As Virgo, I am very affectionate, loyal, and faithful 100% & more and expect these the same from a partner relationship. It depends-to give and to receive.
Best wishes to all.

about virgos
by: purplevirgo

Well, first im a virgo and i have to admit that we tend to be critical,exacting and perfectionist but rest assured we are more critical of ourselves.perfectionist because we want to do things as best we could and that includes organization and order. We are not prude and cold as others might think, we are just reserved and cool on the outside but we are so sensitive inside. The reason for that is we tend to see things in a logical way and we hate to dramatize small things of no consequence. So if ever you want to confront us, better be direct and honest. And also we are so sensitive and afraid to get hurt or other people will take advantage of us. In love, we are not as demonstrative with flowery words but with actions, small gestures, thoughtfulness and service. We are not clingy and of independent type. We're very loyal, devoted and affectionate. However, before we commit, the other half should have the patience to make us comfortable so that we can trust him/her. If that happens, we cross all the mountains and seas and do everything for the one that we love.

My Virgo Mother
by: Anonymous

My mother is a Virgo Sun and she is a complete nut case.
Alcholism and drug addiction is a dangerous thing for Virgo sun's. More so than any other sign. My mother has been self medicating as long as I can remember. She was an extremely abusive Alcoholic/Drug addict when I was a child. Needless to say I have emotional scares from her violent attacks, outbursts, Manipulation and criticisms. And she is extremely Jealous of me and resents the attention I get from anyone. The Bitch is crazy. When she dies I will be throwing a big party!!

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