How to be friends with a Virgo

by Shay

I go to school with this girl. She tries so hard to be my friend. She use these lame jokes and try to be this different person around me, than she would when she doesn't know I am around and watching her...I really don't see why she tries so hard. I like my friends: chilled, relax, and with a sense of humor.

So if your trying to be friends with a Virgo... just be yourself. It's funny how us Virgos could read people like a book just by observing them for an hour or two.

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How to be friends with a Virgo
by: Anonymous

Hay Shay, you are absolutely correct!! If someone wants to be a friend with Virgo, a person need to be himself or herself. Virgo will read a person as a book with an observe. I knew exactly; Virgo barely having a very close friends besides his/her siblings. But if anyone happens to have friend with Virgo, that person must be a lucky one; Virgo is very sweet and loyal among the 12 zodiac signs. That could be funny if anyone try to win Virgo; it never be happen that way. Virgo doesn't make believe. So be cool and real with Virgo; she/he will give friends the best supports and cares plus comfort in a good or hard time. Sort, Virgo is perfect; selfless; discrimination as by nature.
Please don't tell me that Virgo tries to please someone. No!!! Virgo does for non compliment and benefit. Heh, Heh...Once again, you will judge it correctly!
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wanna be friend with a virgo ? Accept criticism and dont be dump.
by: emie .

Im a virgo girl born under the sign of monkey. As for me if you wanna be friends with a virgo its a must that you could handle criticisms. I love to make joke with people but i hate it when they started to take my jokes seriously . I have a very close friend and she's a capricorn we got along very well . I dont know but, i cant really control myself to criticize and at times some of my friends said that im being tackless but only when i dont really like that certain person i criticize her in front of few friends but, virgos are not really that bad i can control my criticism inside myself . Lol i am friendly but i dont like to blend up with people and make them like me perhaps i'll just sit at the corner yet people come to me and talk with me . Haha so we virgos wont change ourselves just to impress the crowd and also i hate people acting so bossy for in fact they dont have the point to act like one . Lol so if u wanna be friends with a virgo try to open up with cuz we love giving advices then we are a good listener it may take time for us to open up but, when u really get along with us u can say we virgos are the best pal that you could ever have . And lastly people sometimes accuse me of being snob . But its not really like that we just dont want to make the first approach and dont act dump .

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