How to attract a Virgo woman

I'm a Virgo woman and I personally believe were as picky as they come. It takes years for me to find a guy who gives me that nervous feeling, in which I go by because Virgos are ruled by it, so when I'm with someone I actually care about my stomachs in constant knots. Be careful with short responses or things left open ended cause Virgos will analyze everything you could have meant till they come up with their own conclusion and they could think you meant something completely different.

Very ice cold exterior but when we open up we give constant assurance that we care. Were constantly analyzing everything so assurance is key but not over baring. The pickiest of the picky, and it's not a shallow or immature thing but we like men of power and high in the social chain cause we search for the ideal match. You have to be confident have a good job and good friends stability stability stability.

The littlest thing can turn us off, especially being rude in public cause were fans of manners. Tip well, be kind. Our sense of humor is really up there with a lot of wit. Our intuitions are always on point most of the time we know what's going on. Some are hypochondriacs such as myself, come up with crazy ideas constantly of new sicknesses haha just assure them they're fine and mostly well get over it. Sex is more of an art than anything, feel we have to be the best at what were doing. Virgos are excellent people to be around and pretty easy going all in all. Keep it a mystery with a bit of assurance and charm.

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A man of an Idealism-power and wealth
by: Anonymous

I agreed with you because your sound pretty much as Virgo. Virgo is more pickiest among those eleven astrology signs as in general. Virgo is very deep, cold as a Pluto planet, and hard. Virgo is very bright, well educated, and very blessed by nature- full of charm. Virgo wises and careful in using lyrics to open and closing-ended response. Also, it is very nice to have Virgo as friend... lover because Virgo loves with care. Virgo makes thing easy and less complicate; it doesn't matter what is a position Virgo does; she/he is excellent at it. She can see every thing through his/her analytic mind. For an Idealism match, she/he searches for a compatibility who has a higher standard, power, fame, and wealth. Also, Virgo is a materialism and very discrimination in selecting for a lover.
When it comes to sex, Virgo feels uneasy/shy but with the right and confident partner, she is very please, undeniable, and mix with him very well-hes,hes. Any guy, if they don't have those qualities to assure for what Virgo searches for, there is no wayy to win or attract her.
I was born on the six house-Mercury planet.

dont let her go!
by: Anonymous


"Preciou Virgo."
by: Anonymous

I'm 100% agreed with you. No one ever knows Virgo is precious until he LOOSE HER/HIM.
Virgo is very modest/good manner/intelligent/loves, and cares for her mate and love one. This one has a higher moral than the other signs in the Zodiac as I ever knew in my experience. I lost her because of I careless and have no determination toward her.
Virgo always give me a chance but I looked at her very light and missing all the detail of a qualities that she naturally blessed or born with it. I only blamed myself; though it is too late now. Virgo has been disconnected with me already.
If someone meet Virgo, keep her/him. She is your,"very PRECIOUS." I'm sorry that I never express my word to her that I LOVE HER.

I found many Virgo are attractive
by: Anonymous

I found both male and female Virgo are beautiful. Their personality and character are wonderful that I ever notice than the most. These signs are amazing. If you met him or her, don't loose him/ her. Virgo is pure, reliable, and very talented. Most of them are humble and modest but not easy for the matter of heart. Good luck to all guys and ladies!!!!!

Virgo insight
by: Virgo expert

Virgos are very lovely and can give you the entire world. They will always work hard to please their partners and loved ones and will find out why you like, remembering little details and making sure you are happy, well fed, and taken care of physically and mentally at all times. Though if you are unkempt, rude, disloyal, or simpleminded; just stay away. Virgos are sharp minded and intuitive and do not have time or want to play games. Be patient and reassuring and give love freely at all times and virgos will fall hard and fast. Good luck to anyone trying to land a Virgo and sorry to all who have lost this precious gem!

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