How to make a Virgo passionate

I am a Virgo woman. I agree with the article. Virgo women don't just allow anyone to get our hearts. A man has to work over time to prove himself. We want to see that he is willing to jump all in and give 100% of himself before we even give him a little of us.

Once he does that it's like he is reassuring us. That helps with our security and the we know we can trust that man with our heart. As far as the sex is concerned I believe we are sexual creatures with the right person and we can be passionate. Me personally, I don't want any man just humping on me for no reasons. lol We do like sex with a man who knows what they are doing. And a must for us is that the man can not do anything to mess up our concentration. If you smoke, take a shower and get your breath intact. If not we can not perform, if our mind is stressed about bills, your body odor or your breath.

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Not easy to catch Virgo
by: Anonymous

For guys who want to involve with Virgo lady, be prepare. Your hygiene, appearance, and behavior.
Virgo is perfect; guy needs to meet her standard.
Persistence, patient, and polite. By nature, Virgo is nice but not easy to fall in Love or jump before leaping. Virgo is a criticizer but never holds to against with anyone. They keep to themselves because they are smart.
Good luck!!

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