Need advice for Capricorn lesbian.

by Vanesa

Okay It might be pretty obvious this girl likes me but I need confirmation from other female capricorns.

We're both lesbians. We met at a club and hit it off instantly and she came back to my house with her friends (we didn't do anything sexual other than kiss and the odd rub here and there). She left and we didn't exchange numbers. I had to ask a friend of a friend of a friend (we have lots of mutual friends in common) to get her number.

Anyway I get her number 4 days after that Saturday night we met and so I text her. I asked her if she was glad I got her number she said yes she was flattered. So everything is going well, we text during the week. Weekend comes I wanted to see her Friday. She couldn't she was working so suggested Saturday. I couldn't I had something on but we ended up meeting up Saturday night (we ended up being at 2 different clubs that were next door to each other). So her friends wanted to go home and mine did too. She didn't want to leave me and I was trying to think of a plan so we could spend more time together. Her two friends ended up coming back to my house again with my two friends. This time everyone went to sleep but her and I. We got home about 4am and stayed up till 11am talking, hugging and kissing. She opened up A LOT (we weren't drunk either) opened up about her past etc and told me all these deep personal things and then she was like I should shut up I'm saying too much lol. It was cute. I asked her "why are you here" as in why are you here with me at my house and she responded with "because... I like you".

So I know she likes me but I've been reading that with capricorns, they take relationships serious. BECAUSE she likes me and she is opening up (and has invited me out with her and her friends before) does this mean she is sizing me up for a potential relationship? Or is it just a fling?

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